sabato 8 agosto 2009

Wellcome AnneMarie

I hope you will stay well here.

The Verbier (Switzerland) Aimed Solar Return is not possible because it has three celestials between the first and the twelfth Houses, like to say an Ascendant in the twelfth House. It is not important if the celestials are Mars and Saturn and Uranus or Jupiter, Venus and Mercury: the bad ASR doesn’t change. Yet Mars is too much closed to the sixth House’s cusp and if you were born only a few minutes early, you will have Mars in the sixth House.
One of the possible good Solar Returns for you is Yaoundé, Cameroon, with a splendid Venus on the 5/6 Houses’ cusp (if your natal birth time is correct) and a Jupiter near the AS, a very strong protection for your health.
Even the ASR of your mother is not possible because the Solar Return Ascendant is quite perfectly on the natal Descendant and it means that it works contemporarily in the sixth House and in the seventh House (the sixth House is very dangerous for the health), one of the worst Solar Returns Houses (the extension of a House is calculated adding, on the cusp, + or – 2,5°).
Besides Saturn is in the tenth House and it is not advisable because generally it can be a mirror of a bad step back in the life.
A possible solution for her (not the “only” solution) is Eureka, Canada, YEU airport code, 85°48’ W and 79°59’ N (!!!) with a splendid Venus on the 5/6 cusp (sons, love, entertainment, health, work, etc.) and a very good Jupiter on the 10/11 cusp. It is difficult to reach Eureka, but not impossible, at last flying on that sky by a little airplane of an aero club.
I have to add to these my considerations that I have answered to you immediately because your birthday will be next days. I am not available to search speedy and cheap solutions when these are against the safety of a person. Never I accept to make discounts in miles to a person, damaging his health.
I suggested to you, probably, the best. I am not sure that you will able to obtain a Cameroon VISA in a few days. I cannot study now other possible solutions, but I invite my colleagues/students to help you and your mother. My colleagues and my school students are very good astrologers that, never, could damage you forgetting the 30 absolute rules of an Aimed Solar Return.
Best regards and wishes.

Cari Amici,
come vedete si tratta di un caso urgente e dove le nostre nuove amiche potrebbero ricevere un danno non da poco per due RSM errate. Prego chi non sia andato ancora in ferie di aiutarle e prego tutti di correggere eventuali errori proposti da qualcuno.

Buona weekend a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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