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Now Available The Book "The Reading Of The Natal Chart"

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It is indeed a great pleasure, for me, to announce that within few weeks one of my more important books will be published in USA in a revised and enriched version in comparison to the Italian one. I consider this book fundamental for a reading of the Natal Chart based on the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung and keeping in mind several factors that, if missing – in my opinion – would not allow to my colleagues astrologers to get a good interpretation of the Natal Chart: the symbols, the archetypes, the mythologems, the address of the libido, the compensated signs, the sign that corresponds to the House occupied by the Sun, the Dominants, the true meaning of the Houses and a lot of other things. The book has been enriched by over 50 examples of reading of Natal Charts of famous people.

I believe that it will be essential for all readers that follow my school of Active Astrology.
Enjoy it!

È davvero un grande piacere, per me, annunciare che entro poche settimane uno dei miei libri più importanti sarà pubblicato in USA in una edizione rivista e arricchita rispetto alla versione italiana dello stesso libro. Considero questo testo fondamentale per una lettura della Carta Natale partendo da basi di psicologia junghiana e tenendo conto di un insieme di fattori che, se assenti, non permetterebbero ai colleghi astrologi, nella mia opinione, di interpretare bene un Cielo Natale: i simboli, gli archetipi, i mitologemi, l’indirizzo della libido, i segni compensati, il segno corrispondente alla Casa occupata dal Sole, le Dominanti, il vero significato delle Case e molte altre cose ancora. Il libro è stato arricchito da oltre 50 esempi di lettura di Cieli Natali di personaggi famosi.

Credo che esso sarà indispensabile per tutti quei lettori che ritengono valida la mia scuola di Astrologia Attiva.

Spero che esso sarà apprezzato da molti di voi!


To my Students; to the better ones as well as those who strive to be so; to 

them, who have believed in me and have supported me in my effort of renewing 

an important portion of the Art of Urania; so that, they can assert of being 

themselves part of this reviewing of Astrology

Ciro Discepolo

Know thyself
Motto written on the temple of the oracle of Delphi

The wise man rules his stars
Incipit of undetectable historical-philosophical origin

If you know the language of the stars, you know your neighbour
Ciro Discepolo

1. Preface

The key: does a key really exists? Perhaps there is one; or perhaps no key exists; or maybe one hundred thousands of keys exist – depending on the legitimate opinion of everyone. I personally believe that innumerable keys can exist that help you read the truth. Perhaps it is sufficient to keep listening, and to be able to observe the signs. A policeman has his own particular view of life, an entomologist may have another; a philosopher may have a third different way of considering things. Each of us, according to our own experience of life, can try to read the truth from our own angle of vision. It is my opinion that we astrologers are particularly lucky people, insofar that Astrology is a key that allows you to open the gates of the universe within a human individual and get to know him (or her) in depth very quickly. Psychologists too can do the same; for example through the interpretation of dreams, or the inkblots of a Rorschach test, or the free associations of given words and your immediate answers to each of them; but their analyses demand longer times as compared with astrological reading. However, it is also my opinion that we astrologers should try and use many other techniques besides Astrology. One of them could be physiognomy, or the so-called Herskovits Enneagramm test; or by studying one’s behaviour through the tests developed by Hans J. Eysenck, and so on. But I think that you should work on the symbol above anything else. Both astrologers and psychologists are lucky enough to be able to make proper use of this extraordinary universe of the symbols that discloses the others as well as ourselves. Let me give an example that – perhaps – will make what I exactly mean to express more clear. 

Last summer I was on my way to reach Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka, when I resolved to repeat a small experiment that I had already deployed several times before. 

I was in terminal 1 of Sheremetyevo Airport, waiting for the call to board the flight to the far East of Siberia. I resolved to try to guess which of the passengers in the waiting lounge would sit beside me in the aircraft. Let me underline that I do not have any psychic power. On the contrary, I believe that anybody in the world could do this, by simply giving a little attention to observing what is happening around them. It is not necessary to be either a psychologist or a skilled detective – even less a clairvoyant! Nor is it necessary for you to be in a state of constant alert. In fact, I am able to do so even when I am watching a film. Someone could say that I am unable to sit down and relax, not even when I watch films; but this is not true, because I do amuse myself very much by watching films – I could not be more relaxed, in fact. It is the symbols, the details, the subtle connections between things that simply strike me like a swelling stream. I simply have to let them flow into me without putting up resistance… The same can be told of the experiment that I am going to describe in these lines. It is based on Jung’s principle of synchronicity, which is something that really does work in deed: it is not a mere theoretical exercise. 

In other words, I am convinced that your unconscious and the symbols themselves act so as to signal to you well in advance who would be the person to be seated beside you during the travel. You have nothing else to do than accepting the fact that such symbols enter into you. So, I was in the waiting lounge of the airport. Before embarking I had noticed several persons of all kinds: women, children, aged people... You might think that somebody should catch your attention in particular, but it is not so. For if it were so, my attention would have been attracted to certain indeed wonderful, eye-catching ladies who were sitting there. No, things usually turn otherwise. As soon as I entered the metal detector area where security controls are carried out, the lady who was queuing before me with her husband and two little children took her trouser belt off. This somehow captured my attention, for I happened to consider that not in every airport are you compulsorily asked to remove your belt and your footwear. This was only the first event, to which I did not give any particular meaning. I mainly noticed her belt – a simple belt made of pink nylon. Later on, I noticed a security policewoman passing by, carrying that pink-coloured belt in her right hand. She was staring at all the women in the lounge. I mentally connected the two events, but even in this case I did not give an excessive importance to any of them. For I am convinced that if a symbol talks to us, it will talk again and again, in one way or another. Thirty minutes later, a policeman scanned the lounge with the same belt in his hand; he too was watching all the women there. In this case it almost seemed that the symbol was willing to underline something to me, because the policeman stopped exactly in front of me; he was waving the belt just in front of my eyes while having his back to me! It was then when I began to give importance to that. A few minutes before embarking, I saw the lady wearing that peculiar belt once again: at that moment I had not the least doubt that she would be my neighbour during the flight. We eventually embarked. When everybody had taken their seat, I realized that the lady was sitting two rows before me. Then I said to myself, “Ciro, this time you got it wrong.” While I was saying so mentally, yet ‘aloud’ in my mind, I realized that it was me who was sitting in the wrong place. In fact, on Russian aircrafts the seat number is written on the back of the seat, not on their side, so one can be mistaken quite easily. So, I stood up and went to occupy my proper seat. And one of the lady’s children was sitting on my right side while his mother was on the seat right beside him. Midway through the journey, though, the child wanted to change place so that the lady with the pink belt eventually sat down next to me – thus fulfilling my prediction. 

This sort of thing can work also in the other direction, i.e. ‘rewinding the tape’. In fact, during the journey from Munich to Moscow on the day before, I had a French gentleman sitting next to me. I had noticed him simply because he was having trouble with the language, and I had assisted him a little – just enough to help him fill up his entry form to Russia. That same evening I was in the hotel – one of the many hotels in Moscow. I went to the bar and sat down on a stool to have a drink. I turned my face and noticed that French man sitting next to me. He also recognized me and waved at me. 

The example that follows describes what happened later during the same trip. I tried to perform the same experiment of guessing my seat-companion-to-be on the return flight from Petropavlovsk to Moscow. That morning at the hotel I got up early. I was just going out of my room to have breakfast, when I noticed a gentleman come out from the room next to mine with two or three suitcases. I happened to think that he would probably take the same flight as mine. In fact, I saw him once again at the airport, which strengthened my opinion that he would be my neighbour-of-seat in the next flight. On the other hand, another gentleman attracted my attention at that time. He was queuing before me, but did not step further despite our queue definitely advancing towards the metal detector. I found his behaviour a little bit irritating: he was simply standing in our queue, without stepping forward. At that moment, I only noticed his red jacket. I eventually checked in (for in some Russian airports you must first pass the security checks and only afterwards can you check in) and had a brief chat with an assistant. Then I could hear a gentleman next to me grunting with aversion, “Here in Kamchatka we speak even in English.” I turned my face: it was the passenger with the red jacket. At that point I had detected two possible ‘candidates’ as travelling companions on my flight back to Moscow. But I also wanted to rely on logic, which led me to think that my companion would be the latter gentleman, rather than the former: in fact, the latter had checked in virtually as the same time as me – and in a plane of about 350 passengers, this more than likely meant that he would occupy a seat next to mine. In fact, shortly after I again saw the gentleman from the room next to mine at the hotel: he was taking the flight before mine, which departed from the same gate. Once aboard, I turned again and saw the man with the red jacket sitting in the same row, four seats to my right. However, some other gentleman would eventually take the seat beside me, whom I had not noticed before. But I am quite sure that the ‘fault’ was certainly mine, only mine. In fact, I am sure that there must have been plenty of symbols and references that had pointed to him before, and if I had not been able to recognize those signs, it was only because of my own distraction. 

In short, I would like to reiterate that what I have just detailed to you in these lines is no magic. Being able to understand – even by hours in advance – who would be sitting next to you during a trip is only a matter of mere rehearsing. Of course, this technique does not only help you understand who would occupy the seat beside you in the plane. It can also be used to perceive whether later in a given evening you would receive good or bad news; whether you would be able to make an important phone call or not; whether it would be a positive or negative day, and so forth. 

So, assuming that the symbol is not a simple mark written with a pen on a white sheet of paper, I think that by means of that fantastic code called Astrology you can slightly open the gates of the unique human mystery that is hidden behind each natal chart. 

Naples, on the 17th of December 2006

The jacket

The interpretation of the natal charts (that is to say, of the drawing representing the celestial positions of our solar system at the moment of one’s birth) is probably the milestone of all Astrological Knowledge. It is the point of confluence of the science in which – in a mass of fascinating synergies – disciplines such as astronomy, astrology, mythology, psychology, and a hundred other forms of Knowledge converge that together form what should be understood for Holistic Knowledge. 

The master of astrology, enriched by multi-decennial experiences, has the gift of synthesis, the ability of photographing in a moment all the Microcosm-Macrocosm that encloses past, present and future of every human being through the glyphs of planets, the Houses, and the angular aspects among the elements of the chart. 

This volume represents the University of Astrology. It is not coincidental that its Author, who is one of the most accomplished astrologer of the world, sought to engage in the writing of this short treatise, about the same time of the turning point of his own professional jubilee (defined by the number of works that he has published so far). 

With the simplicity that distinguishes him, on this occasion too, Ciro Discepolo has been able to present to both neophytes and the more experienced readers the most difficult concepts in a direct, simple, immediately usable way, revealing previously unpublished details, new knowledge that he has meditated for long before writing about it, and even small secrets of what must necessarily be called the Interpretative Art of Astrology. 

As is his custom, the Author offers over fifty examples to support the explained theories. They consist mainly in the natal charts of celebrities, completely revised compared to past editions, or interpreted now for the first time for the delight of his students.

Some bio-bibliographical notes about Ciro Discepolo

An astrologer, journalist and writer, he was born in Naples in 1948 (on the 17th of July, at 5:40 am)

He worked for twenty years for the most popular daily of Naples, Il Mattino, writing articles on science, medicine, informatics, literature and astrology. He has always refused to cast the so-called ‘horoscopes of the solar signs’ for that newspaper, as well as for any other newspaper or magazine.
He worked (at the age of 20) for five years at the CNR (National Research Council) as Research Helper and, for two years, as Electronic Measures Laboratory’s head in the Istituto Motori of Naples, CNR.
He has been dealing with astrology since 1970. He has written over 70 books, most of them best-sellers in Italy as well as abroad (France, the United States of America, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Russia) and he has published over 1,000 astrological lessons on YouTube and about 150 short Astrology Essays on Google Books. In 1990 he founded the quarterly Ricerca ‘90, which he has been editing and publishing since then.

He has been doing statistical researches from the very beginning of his interest in astrology.
During the early ‘90s, he obtained brilliant results with researches on astral heredity on a sample of over 75,000 subjects, in different years and always under the control of different experts of statistics among which also teachers of the University of Naples.

The astrological rules #1 and #2, published in his Transits and Solar Returns but already described decades earlier in other publications of his, have been statistically demonstrated by Didier Castille – the greatest astrological statistic researcher in the world – on the entire French population, and this is probably the most convincing evidence in Astrology of the possibility to statistically demonstrate some astrological items. These rules were also demonstred in over 40 years of studies by some researchers of the Zurigo University and it they are the only sentences of an astrologer, of every time, demostred by the Official Science.

He has been holding seminars, courses and lectures in different universities and cultural centres in Italy and abroad.
He particularly deals with Predictive Astrology, Aimed Solar Returns and Aimed Lunar Returns. According to many colleagues, he may be considered the greatest living expert of this area of study. Not only has he written many texts on this specific segment of the art of Urania – he can also rely on the experience of more than 25,000 aimed birthdays (covering the years 1970 to 2012). The outcomes of these aimed birthdays have been recorded and analyzed by his consultants and himself at the end of each year after the consultant’s departure for the aimed birthday.

He has developed extremely advanced software packages for the study of Predictive Astrology, also projecting an innovative algorithm which is particularly useful for the dating of events within one year, for individuals or groups of people.

He is deeply interested in informatics. Astrologically speaking, he followed the school of André Barbault.
He founded the school of the Active Astrology.

Active Astrology

Active Astrology is a school of Astrology founded by Ciro Discepolo in the early 90’s, based on researches that the Author has carried out from 1970.
It relies on two main subjects: Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns and the Exorcism of Symbols.
The main notion to which Active Astrology is anchored is that the beneficiary of this school strives to mitigate the so-called ‘negative influences’ that supposedly arrive from ‘dissonant’ positions of the Celestials in our solar system at the instant of the Solar or Lunar Return and also to potentiate the positive implications for the subjects who are examined every time.

An Aimed Solar Return consists in changing one’s place of staying on the day of his or her birthday every year, thus relocating the Solar Return according to Discepolo’s consolidated rules, and spending one day only (a few minutes in reality) in an accurately chosen place; which may be different for each year.

The Exorcism of Symbols, on the contrary, relates to the possibility of activating a symbol and therefore discharging it, according to the school of Carl Gustav Jung.

Main works

Nuova guida all’astrologia (4th edition, revised) - Armenia, Milan, 817 pages, 1998. First edition 1979
Transiti e Rivoluzioni Solari [Transits and Solar Returns] - Armenia, Milan, 508 pages, October 1997
Nuovo Trattato delle Rivoluzioni Solari [New Treatise of the Solar Returns] - Armenia, Milan, 216 pages, September 2003
Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia [The new Treatise of Astrology] - Armenia, Milan, ca. 800 pages, February 2004
I Fondamenti dell’Astrologia Medica [The Basics of Medical Astrology] - Armenia, Milan, 246 pages - end of January 2006
L’Interpretazione del tema natale [The Interpretation of the Birth Chart] - Armenia, Milan, 336 pages, September 2007
Effemeridi e Tavole delle Case [Ephemerides and Tables of Houses], many volumes, different publishers
Astrologia Attiva [Active Astrology], Mediterranee, Rome, 144 pages, autumn 1998
Traité complet d’interprétation des transits et des Révolutions solaires en astrologie - Éditions Traditionnelles, Paris, 504 pages, December 2001
Transits and Solar Returns - Ricerca ‘90 Publisher, Naples, 560 pages, September 2007
365 nap alatt a Föld körül a szolárhoroszkóppal - DFT Húngaria, 190 pages, May 2006
Temelji medicinske astrologije - Založba Astrološkega inštituta, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 260 pages, March 2007
Prontuari di calcoli, atlanti geografici ed esercizi vari [Prontuari di calcoli, atlanti geografici ed esercizi vari] - many volumes, different publishers
Recherche astrologique sur la schizophrénie - Psychologie et astrologie, Numéro 38 - 1977 de l’astrologue - Éditions Traditionnelles
La libido et l’investigation astrologique - Psychologie et astrologie, Numéro 47 - 1979 de l’astrologue - Éditions Traditionnelles
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Nouvelle enquête sur l’hérédité astrale - Statistiques, Numéro 67 - 1984 de l’astrologue - Éditions Traditionnelles
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L’Hérédité astrale sur 50000 naissances - Statistiques, Numéro 106 - 1994 de l’astrologue - Éditions Traditionnelles
Astrologie activiste - Réflexions sur l’astrologie, Numéro 125 - 1999 de l’astrologue - Éditions Traditionnelles
Transits et Révolutions solaires - French edition of “Transits and Solar Returns” - 466 pp., 2008
Die Transite und das Solarhoroskop, German edition of “Transits and Solar Returns” , 646 pp., 2008
Tránsitos y Retornos Solares, Spanish edition of “Transits and Solar Returns”, 664 pp., 2009
Lunar Returns and Earth Returns, 304 p., 2009, English edition, modified and expanded,  of “Rivoluzioni Lunari e Rivoluzioni Terrestri”
Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns, 220 pages, 2009. It is possible to buy it here:
Новый трактат о Солнечных РеволюцияхЧиро Дешиполо (Ciro Discepolo), 208 pages, June 2009. Russian edition of “Nuovo trattato di astrologia”. See here:
The New Guide to Astrology. Casting, Analysing and Reading the Birth Chart, Vol. 1, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 424 pages
The New Guide to Astrology. Casting, Analysing and Reading the Birth Chart, Vol. 2, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 500 pages
Astrologie Active, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 190 pages
Astro&Geography, written with Andrea Rossetti, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 135 pages
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Solar Returns, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 226 pages
The Protocol for Correction of Birth Time, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 155 pages
The Fundaments of Medical Astrology, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 236 pages
Evaluate your Synastry, written with Danila Madau Perra, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2012, 158 pages
Relocating Solar Returns, written with Luciano Drusetta, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2011, 133 pages
The Reading of the Natal Chart, Printed in the USA, Ricerca ’90 publisher, 2012, 404 pages

Main seminars

La soggettività e la oggettività nelle scelte di indirizzo astrologico [The subjectivity and objectivity in the astrologically oriented choices], paid seminar at the University of the Studies of Padua, Faculty of Sciences of Communication, in the course conceived by Professor Maurizio Barbagallo, 9th of May 2001 (Link where you can download the relevant video, ca. 80 Mb:
Miti, simboli, archetipi, astrologia, letteratura [Myths, symbols, archetypes, astrology, literature], University of the Studies of Naples “L’Orientale”, Department of Comparative Studies and Italian Institutes for the Philosophical Studies, edited by Professor Vittorio Marmo and Professor Anna Maria Pedullà, 9th of May 2006 (Search on the link where you can download the relevant audio file)
Miti, simboli, archetipi, astrologia, letteratura [Myths, symbols, archetypes, astrology, literature], Budapest University (ELTE BTK Romanisztikai Intézet), 10th of October 2006 (;;;;

Astrologia: sì o no?[Astrology: yes or no?], Italian Institute of Culture, Budapest (1088, Bródy S. u. 8.), 12th of October 2006 (see

A very short selection of the works in which Ciro Discepolo’s works are quoted

Italian Institutes for the Philosophical Studies - managed by Gerardo Marotta - Palazzo Serra di Cassano - Naples, Annuario 1975-2000. In the premises of the Institute
(it quotes three conferences and a seminar held by Ciro Discepolo in different years)
L´uomo che sa leggere nei segreti delle stelle, [The man who can read in the secrets of stars] by Mimmo Carratelli, La, 4th of February 2007 (
The only guest in the TV programme GAP (Generazioni alla prova), broadcast by RAITRE on the 16th of April 2004 on the subject: The young and the astrology. The program GAP is part of Format, a television space edited by Giovanni Minoli. You can download the video of the program (ca 80 MB) from
Guest, together with the president of CICAP Steno Ferluga, of the radio program La notte dei misteri, broadcast by RAI Radiouno on the 8th of August 2002 (it lasted all night long), hosted by Gabriella Vasile and Elio Cadelo.
Giorgio Galli - Stelle Rosse, Astrologia neo-illuminista a uso della sinistra [Red Stars - Neo-Enlightenement Astrology for the use of the Left wing], 374 pages, Alacràn Edizioni, Milan, 2006, ISBN: 88-89603-24-0
A letter of Piero Chiara to Ciro Discepolo (
Camilla Cederna - Casa Nostra [Our Home] - Mondadori, Milan, 1983
Luciana Marinangeli - Risonanze Celesti [Celestial Resonances] - Marsilio, Venice 2007, 334 pages
André Barbault - Un siècle de statistiques astrologiques, Éditions Traditionnelles, Paris
Astrologia e Informatica [Astrologia e Informatica] - Magazine BIT, Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, Year IV, number 19
Third Eysenck Research Seminar in Astrology - edited by Professor Hans J. Eysenck, former holder of the chair of Psychology at London University, known for having created psychological tests named after him, Museo Villa Pignatelli di Napoli, 3-4-5 of June 1988. Edition sponsored by the Regional Authority of Campania.
Contributions to the correction of data relevant to the various time zones (
If you search Solar Returns (the astrological subject to which he is mostly committed) on, his name appears in the first six documents in a list of about 37 millions (
A nice André Barbault’s letter (
A preface of André Barbault to a book of Ciro Discepolo (

Ciro Discepolo’s birth chart:

402 Pages - $ 14.99


Cari Amici,

uno splendido tempo atmosferico ha accompagnato l’edizione 2012 del nostro convegno del terzo weekend di Giugno nella stupenda cornice del Grand Hotel Due Golfi a Sant’Agata dei Due Golfi. Quarantacinque persone giunte da ogni regione d’Italia e anche due dall’estero hanno dato vita a una full immersion – ma davvero assai distesa e riposante – in cui sono stati analizzati dai presenti temi natali di altri presenti. Si è discusso anche di argomenti di grande attualità come la crisi economica mondiale letta alla luce dell’Indice Ciclico Planetario, delle curve di AstralDetector, dell’ingresso di Plutone in Capricorno e degli angoli problematici che lo attendono con gli altri protagonisti celesti di questo momento storico particolare.

Come sempre abbiamo goduto della presenza di alcuni dei migliori astrologi italiani, di un pubblico colto in materia astrologica e in generale (con la simpatica partecipazione di due docenti universitari).

Gli scambi culturali sono stati numerosissimi, i rapporti cordiali e sereni, l’ospitalità sorrentina come da mito e… le foto parlano molto di più delle parole. Al prossimo incontro della terzo weekend di ottobre in luogo da decidere!

Un caro saluto a Tutti.

Alcune foto del maestro Pino Valente.

Click on the picture to enlarge it - Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla

Click on the picture to enlarge it - Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla

Click on the picture to enlarge it - Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla

Altre foto di Luigi Galli, Numero Cinque, Ciro Discepolo e Daniela Boscotrecase

Click on the picture to enlarge it - Clicca sulla foto per ingrandirla

Due belle foto di Giovanna Bianco e di Pino Valente (con Massimo Davascio)

Una simpatica foto di Paola Urbani e di Luigi Galli

Ciro Discepolo con Laura Discepolo e con Daniela

Un bel primo piano di Marina De Chiara e di Massimo Davascio

Ottimo sorriso del dr. X

Gabriella Napolitano pensierosa...

Francesca Mola rilassata e serena

Con Pina Grasso e in mezzo a tante donne...

Paola e Francesco

Rossana Lachesis e Vania Druskovich

Ludovico Bramanti e la sua signora

Roby Casbarra (a sinistra), Rosina Perri (a destra) e tanti altri...

Grace (a destra)

Antonella (di profilo) e Beppe Felice

Un bel primo piano di Marina e di Antonella (dove si era nascosto Marco Celada?)

Anonymous from New York with another question....
It is impossible for me to go to Alaska for my solar return which is what i think you are suggesting. What do you think of these places:
New York coast, Virginia, Dominican Republic or Vancouver, Canada

birth details: Lynchburg, Virgnia July 12, 1968 11:00am

Dear Anonymous,

I am sorry that you cannot go to Nightmute. We hope that next year you can go where the stars recommend you. Don't suggest me other locations to make a test because this thing doesn't work in this way. As you can see from the map, Anchorage is far from Nightmute only about 600 kilometers and it is not good. Therefore don't speak of Vancouver or of the Dominican Republic. I regret it. Many wishes equally.

Caro Ciro innanzitutto le faccio i miei complimenti per la sua bravura nelle spiegazioni astrologiche che offre,io sono solo un po incuriosita da questa disciplina. Sono nata l'8 maggio 1976 alle 6 del mattino e quest'anno fino a pochi giorni fa avevo giove nel segno, ma nn ho riscontrato molti benefici come invece altri astrologi sbandieravano. Le chiedevo è perchè ho il mio giove sole e venere in dodicesima casa? e quando saturno mi andrà in opposizione allora sarà ancora peggio...La ringrazio anticipatamente.Fiduciosa Daniela Spagnuolo.

Benvenuta Daniela Spagnuolo!

Se posterai di nuovo i tuoi dati di nascita completi di luogo di nascita e di dove hai trascorso l'ultimo compleanno, sarò lieto di risponderti. 

Signor Discepolo,
volevo sapere se, a suo parere, i modelli astrologici hanno una rilevanza nella lettura di un tema natale e, se si, i possibili effetti dei transiti sul cosiddetto "punto vuoto" (empty leg) di un modello "quadrato a T", che sia di nascita o di rivoluzione: i transiti enfatizzano le quadrature e l'opposizione, o ne ammorbidiscono gli effetti?
E soprattutto se il punto focale, il pianeta che riceve le 2 quadrature, e' da considerarsi una parte importante nella lettura del tema.



Cara Opicia, a mio avviso non ne hanno affatto. Nell'ordine conta la dominante o le dominanti, il segno corrispondente alla Casa occupata dal Sole, la verifica se parliamo di un segno compensato o no, gli stellium nei segni e nelle Case, gli aspetti angolari molto stretti... Buona giornata.

A tutti voi amici del blog di Ciro,che siete a Sant'Agata,un grosso abbraccio.Mi dispiace molto non essere lì con voi,speriamo un giorno di poterci incontrare e conoscere di persona il fantastico Ciro.Un saluto da Patrizio-Orvieto.

Caro Ciro, volevo ringraziare te e tutti i partecipanti all'incontro di Sant'Agata per la bellissima giornata che abbiamo passato insieme a voi sabato scorso.
L'incontro è stato, come sempre, molto interessante e mi ha permesso di imparare nuove cose.
Grazie ancora e un caro saluto a tutti i partecipanti al Blog.
Pino Valente

Caro Ciro, cari amici,
anche quest'anno ho passato delle bellissime ore insieme a voi tutti... questa è una grande e bella famiglia allargata!!!
Un forte abbraccio a tutti voi intervenuti nello splendente scenario di Sant'Agata!


Caro Patrizio, speriamo che a ottobre tu possa essere con noi!

Caro Pino,
sono io che ringrazio voi per avermi donato tre giorni di simpatia, amicizia, benessere, ottima astrologia, contatto con persone intelligenti... Un abbraccio.

Caro Roby,
hai ragione: questa è davvero una grande e bella famiglia!

Buonasera Dott. Discepolo,
la ringrazio di avermi dato la possibilità di postare qui la mia domanda,che mi da parecchia preoccupazione in questo periodo, in quanto riguarda indissolubilmente me e mia figlia Claudia.

Io sono nata a Bologna , 8/6/1954 ore 2,25 am.
mia figlia nata a Faenza(ra) 5/7/1981 ore 2 25 am.

Da 5 anni siamo titolari con soddisfazione di un locale a Brisbane Australia. Io, per gravi motivi di famiglia da 2 anni sono dovuta tornare in italia, mentre lei, claudia, gestisce tutto il locale da sola.
Ora abbiamo messo in vendita da tempo, ma non siamo riuscite a concludere nulla. Claudia è veramente disperata dalla situazione, vorrebbe vendere per potersi dedicare al suo sogno, fare la regista, professione per la quale ha preso una laurea proprio a Brisbane.
Se non riusciamo a vendere , io non posso fare nessuna attivita' qui, e lei non puo fare la sua strada, in quanto i soldi sono legati al locale.
Che prospettive abbiamo? Claudia dove dovrebbe andare a passare il suo compleanno per poter ottenere finalmente che la sua viata vada nella direzione che spera?.

la ringrazio infinitamente per la risposta, se le è possibile.

Benvenuta Angela,
sono tempi difficilissimi in cui vendere immobili è quasi impossibile. Se siete disposti a partire entrambi per i compleanni mirati, e se siete disposti a effettuare anche alcune RLM, allora riscrivimi di nuovo tutti i dati e ti darò dei consigli. 

Buona domenica a tutti, Ciro, in attesa di vedere le foto del vostro incontro a S. Agata, volevo dirti che sono riuscito ad acquistare il biglietto per la prossima RSM! a presto.


Molto bene, Niko, e auguri di buon compleanno!

Caro Ciro, grazi per le tue precedenti risposte.La mia Luna e la mia Venere congiunti a Saturno, oltre che il mio Nettuno in I perfettamente opposto al mio Giove in VII sono un chiaro segno si solitudine affettiva e di divorzio e fin qui ci siamo.Mi hai detto che potrei aiutare la mia situazione esorcizzando i simboli ma io credo di averlo fatto eccome:Lune e Venere congiunte a Saturno: ho sofferto da cani nel mio matrimonio, ci siamo lasciati, non ho avuto nessun altro uomo in 5 anni e mi avvio ad un divorzio.Più di questo che devo dare a Saturno?Tenendo conto di questo, l'opposizione tra la I e la VII sarà permanente per il resto della mia vita?Sono davvero angosciata, mi chiedo come mai donne più scialbe, meno interessanti e anche meno belle di me abbiamo così tante opportunità con gli uomini mentre io resto sola? E sarà così per il resto della mia vita? Dal mio oroscopo come si può evincere se avrò o meno un altro matrimonio?
(2.3.1965 ore 23.00 Lugano).
Mi sento disperata, vedo intorno a me persone soddisfatte, accoppiate e invece io resto sola, ogni giorno questa consapevolezza mi attanaglia sempre più. Il mio quasi ex marito si è rifatto una vita, ha persino fatto un altro figlio seppure siamo ancora sposati e io sono sola, sola, sola. Mi sembra di avere addosso una sorta di maledizione.
Non posso credere che passerò il resto della mia vita da sola:non ho fratelli né sorelle, i miei genitori sono anziani e ho due figli maschi che lasceranno il "nido" prima o poi e alla fine allora io che farò, resterò sola con i miei libri,i miei diari e i mie sogni mai realizzati? Mi aspetta davvero una vita, una morte solitaria?
Sono così angosciata che non hai idea, forse lo sono di più perché in questo momento ho Saturno quadrato alla mia Venere ma mi sembra di non vedere più la Luce e di essere nel buio completo. Ho dato a saturno anche una figlia bellissima, stupenda, che devo dare ancora? Ho dato tutto quello a cui tenevo di più e ancora Saturno non mi molla, condiziona la mia vita e il mio futuro.
E' logico pensare che dopo tutto questo in qualche modo io abbia placato un poco la sua "sete" e adesso possa godere della sua benevolenza?

Cara Bajema,
anche se ho risposto diverse volte alla parte essenziale di questo post, lo farò ancora una volta. Io non penso tu debba gettare la spugna, anche se sei nata con degli astri molto duri.
Ritengo che non puoi tentare di risolvere soltanto con l'esorcizzazione dei simboli, ma dovresti aiutarti prima di tutto partendo ogni anno per ottime Rivoluzioni Solari Mirate e non commettendo errori gravissimi come andare, quest'anno, a New York a mettere Saturno in X Casa. Inoltre si dovrebbe fare prima un lavoro di correzione della tua ora di nascita. Sono certo che la tua qualità di vita possa migliorare molto!

Caro Ciro

molti complimenti per il tuo lavoro e per questa tre giorni di discussioni astrologiche che hai organizzato.

Io, dal mio canto, sono alle prese con gli esami dei ragazzi a scuola, e sono tornato una settimana fa dalla mia RSM a Kirkenes, viaggio che si è svolto perfettamente pur essendo pianificato sul filo di lana (devo dire che la SAS è una compagnia che letteralmente spacca il minuto!)

Auguro buon proseguimento a te e a tutti i blogger presenti a Sant'Agata.
A presto

Un caro saluto


Caro Michele, molto bene e auguri posticipati!

A tutti gli amici bloggr presenti a Sant'Agata in compagnia del grande Ciro, un grosso abbraccio e buon divertimento.
Peccato non poter essere lì con Voi. Nunzio

Caro Nunzio,
speriamo di vederci al prossimo incontro!

Caro Ciro,
Grazie tante per l’affettuosa attenzione com cui mi hai risposto ed aiutato.
Cercheró di trovare il modo per raggiungere la meta che mi hai segnalato (Toquerville, Utah), o quantomeno di approssimarmi il piú possibile.
In effetti quello che volevo dire e chiedere quando ti ho scritto era legato alla mia difficoltá di sentirmi attiva e determinata come vorrei (o penso che dovrei) essere.
Pensi che questa difficoltá possa esorcizzarsi in qualche modo?

Grazie ancora, e molto.

Micaela da Lisbona

Cara Micaela, certamente: compleanno dopo compleanno mirato. Tanti auguri!

Caro Ciro,
è pericoloso o maldestro piazzare Sole Marte e Plutone in 3a casa?Sole non fa aspetti di congiunzione nè con Plutone nè con Marte!!
Grazie della tua pronta risposta

Caro Angelino,
credo proprio di no, anche se non vedo il grafico. Lo hai mai letto in un mio libro?

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo


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