sabato 9 aprile 2011

Today Holiday

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Ludovico ha detto...

Molti cari auguri a Daniela da parte mia e di Simonetta.

mariolina ha detto...

tanti Auguri di Buon Compleanno a Daniela anche da parte mia

Anonimo ha detto...

Un caro augurio alla consorte arietina del Maestro che ha in comune con me il grande amore per l'Africa.

Giuseppe Al Rami Galeota ha detto...

Buon compleanno anche da parte mia.

Réka ha detto...

Dear Ciro Discepolo,

Spring is arrived (Have a nice spring!) and I would like to ask you where should I travel for my birthday 2011 if I would like mostly to find a/the companion.

What do you advise, please?

Thank you very much,
all the best,


(30. July,1978 at 5:55(morning)
in Keszthely, Hungary)

Georgiana C ha detto...

Thank you for your answer. Is it the same for the relocation? You recommended Chicago as the best option for the relocation. Would Atlanta or Memphis be as good as Chicago, given the fact that the difference between these charts are minimal?

Best regards,