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Which Place You Should Consider To Calculate A Solar Return

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I have the pleasure to introduce you, in world preview the day after Astrology 101, a chapter of one next book of mine that will be published soon in U.S.
I hope to make a thing that you will appreciate.
Enjoy it!

5. Which Place You Should Consider To Calculate A Solar Return

Which place should you consider when casting a chart of Solar Return? The place of birth or the place where the subject physically is in the very moment of the Solar Return? In my opinion this is a pointless and rhetoric question, but since someone did raise the issue, I try to give a detailed answer, supported by astrological evidence.
Since astrology exists, it has always been put in connection with the place and the time in which something is being born. There is an ancient saying: everything that is born can be born under a lucky or unlucky star. The horoscope, that is to say the birth chart, is a photograph of the sky at the moment of someone’s or somebody’s birth, and this photograph is always taken in the place of the happy event. Some might argue that the photograph should be taken in the place of conception. This is a mistake, because the astrology we all are practicing has been built on the relationship between birth and sky. This does not mean that –starting from today – we could begin to study a new astrology that deals with the terrestrial and celestial links with the moment of conception, provided that this can be determined accurately. So let us stick to the several-thousand-year-old astrology that we have been using for a lifetime. Our astrology theorizes that the celestial imprinting that you receive at the moment of our birth fixes on your person – exactly like silver crystals fix on a photographic plate – and that it will be ‘responsible’ for (or in ‘relationship’ with) your entire life. Those who do not believe in this, they do not believe in astrology either.
Now, we all know that cycles are extremely important in astrology. Great masters have made massive usage of cycles, such as André Barbault (who applies them especially in World Astrology), Reinhold Ebertin, John Addey, and several other authors. Your birthday is the beginning of a new cycle of life that lasts during a year until your next birthday. This is perhaps the most important cycle of your life, so there is no reason why it should be calculated considering the place where you were born decades ago, neglecting the place where you are today. Some ask, “Do not you cast the yearly chart when the Sun goes back exactly on its natal position? If so, the natal Sun was in the sky, not on Earth. Therefore, if the chart of SR is intended to recreate the same terrestrial-celestial situation of one’s birth, you should just cast the chart of SR every year considering only the place of birth. And by doing this way, all the Solar charts would be the same!”
No, dear readers, you ‘domificate’ (TN: i.e. you draw the Houses of) your chart taking into account the place where you are at the moment of your birthday – not that of your birth. To lead you to a thoughtful reflection that will confirm this fact, after having expressed my own opinion I list you that of great astrologers; then I will expose three practical and very enlightening cases. To those who still have doubts after reading the following pages, I suggest to go and read the example on Mata Hari's Solar Return, first published in my volume I transiti, Armenia Editore. Mata Hari’s Solar Return chart of 1898-1899 is an example of exceptional clarity, which should not leave even the slightest doubt in the reader’s mind. It clearly shows that a SR only works if it is ‘domificated’ (TN: i.e. cast, subdivided into the 12 Houses) considering the place where the subject physically is in that very moment. I accept any challenge on this point. If you can give me evidence of the opposite of what I write there, I am willing to change my mind about Solar Returns. But then, someone else should explain me why the Aimed Solar Returns that I have studied, cast and suggested to my counselees have always worked, in thousands of cases.

What great astrologers say about this topic:
In his book Astrologia Mondiale, Tommaso Palamidessi does not comment specifically about the place that you have to take into consideration when casting the chart of SR. However, he inserts two practical examples of SR in his volume – one of Benito Mussolini and one of Aldo Moro – and both charts are domificated on the place where the two had spent their birthday of that year.

This is what Henri J. Gouchona great astrologer of the 19th centurywrote in his Dictionnaire Astrologique, ed. Dervy-Livres, at page 535: “... Nevertheless, it must be noticed (for the sake of novices) that the position of the planets is always the same whatever area of the world the subject can be: only domification can change. Often, certain natives move away on the day of their anniversary with the aim of achieving a better position of the Houses.”

In his Practical treatise of astrology, Ed. Morin 1967, André Barbault takes a clear position. “What is a Solar Return? It is simply the classical chart of the sky, cast for a given year and for the place where the individual is at the moment of his/her astronomical anniversary, that is to say: when the Sun returns to its natal position.”

Once again, his is what Barbault wrote in his volume on Astrology and the forecast of future, published in Italy by Armenia editore: “Tradition is not formal with reference to the place for which the chart itself must be drawn: the place of birth or that of the anniversary, but moderns have unanimously adopted the second version.”

And above all Alexandre Volguine, the ‘father’ of Solar Returns, in his La Technique des Révolutions Solaires, Dervy-Livres, re-edition of June 1972, page 22, wrote: “Before starting the exposition of the technique of interpretation of Solar Returns, i.e. the subject of the following chapter, we must call the astrologers’ attention to the necessity of casting the yearly charts not for the place of birth, but for the place in which the native is at the moment of his/her anniversary.” (I would like to specify that the above sentence is printed in bold letters in the original.)
Let us now examine three practical cases that show – to those who do not want to be in bad faith – that the chart of SR should be drawn for the location of one’s birthday, not that of his or her birth.

Case #1 – This is the case of Greta Garbo, the great Swedish actress who died on the 15th of April 1990 in an apartment of New York City, where had retired ages before. Her natal chart is shown below. You can also see the two Solar Returns of her last birthday (1989): one has been drawn considering her birth place (Stockholm, Sweden), and the other one has been drawn considering where he had spent her last birthday (New York City, USA). As you can see, despite having an unfavourable conjunction in the first House, the RS of 1989 of Stockholm has its Ascendant falling in the actress’s natal 5th House, which could hardly be put in connection with a case of demise. I would like to remind to my readers what I have repeated in several parts of this volume: the position of the AS of SR in the natal Houses is by far the most important information that we can deduce from a chart of SR. This alone can be enough to write the ‘nine-column-headline’ of the ‘yearly newspaper’ of the subject. By contrast, the Greta Garbo’s SR of 1989, drawn in New York, has it AS falling in her natal 12th House, which is another key element of my way of interpreting the RS. Remember, in fact, that the Ascendant of RS falling in the natal Twelfth House is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Natal chart

SR 1989, Stockholm

SR 1989, New York

Case #2 – Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President was born in Hodgenville (longitude 85°43'W, latitude 37°33'N). He was shot on the 14th of April 1865. We can give virtually for granted that he had spent his previous birthday at the White House in Washington D.C., since at that time man travelled very little and, usually, for small distances. Below you see his birth chart (he was born on the 12th of February 1809 at 6:54 am) and the two charts of SR of 1865. The one drawn on his birthplace has the AS of SR in Lincoln’s natal 7th House, while the chart of SR taken in Washington returns the AS of RS in his natal 8th. Consider that with Venus conjunct the Descendant, the combination of AS of SR in the natal 7th cannot simply imply any deadly attack. I find any further remark superfluous.

Abraham Lincoln’s Natal Chart
SR 1865, Hodgenville

SR 1865, Washington D.C.

Case #3 – This is an unpublished and – in my view – a truly spectacular case. This is the case if my daughter Laura’s birthday of 2001, compared with that of her astral twin. We have been told that her astral twin – who is the daughter of a good friend of mine – was born in the same city, only twenty minutes after my daughter. Nevertheless, from reconstructions that I have made in retrospect, over the years, I think that the difference between the two births is of ten minutes only.
Laura was born in Naples, Italy, on the 27th of May 1975 at 11:25 pm. Had they spent their birthday in Naples that year, both charts of SR would have horrible, perhaps the worst that you can imagine. Their Sun conjunct Saturn would have been in the Twelfth House of SR; four celestials would have occupied the 12th altogether, and Mars would have been in the 6th. Both were warned and both were supposed to relocate their SR to Australia. In fact, my daughter went to a very special place called Monkey Mia. Despite the ‘simian’ name, this is a magical place with bungalows on the sea, where you can pet the dolphins coming ashore and ‘making friends’ with tourists. So, Laura spent her birthday there and two months after, she married. Then she settled down near my home; in April she underwent eye surgery to have her fairly serious myopia removed; then she started to get going into different directions to find a real job.
Let us give a conventional name to her astral twin, let us call her Ilena. Well, she could not leave for relocation and this is, in short, the story that Ilena herself reported of her annus horribilis. The day after her birthday, Ilena’s brother was hospitalized for an emergency caused by a severe acute disease. He remained one month there in a state between life and death. Ilena spent much time at his brother’s bedside. Three days after her birthday, she was having meal while one of her molars simply broke. She had to take antibiotics for a month because the infection caused by this event was not treated properly. Despite having been working for ages, she lost her job and was left unemployed throughout the year. After seven years of love story, her boyfriend broke with her and she fell into a period of depression.
Those who claim that it is necessary to cast the chart of SR considering the place of birth or that of the habitual residence of the subject, regardless of his/her actual location in the moment of the SR itself, are kindly required to step forward and explain this case, if they can.
Of course my friend authorized me, if needed, to provide Ilena’s full and true personal details in case that someone suggested that everything is invented, not having scientific arguments in opposition to mine.

Please note that the charts shown here were calculated considering Ilena’s officially recorded time of birth. However – as I have explained – I think that she was actually born at least ten minutes earlier. If so, her birth chart (and consequently, her chart of SR) is much closer to that of my daughter.

Ciro Discepolo

Laura’s Natal chart

Ilena’s Natal chart

Laura’s RS 2001, Monkey Mia

Laura’s BSR (Basic Solar Return) 2001

Ilena’s BSR 2001

Per Anonimo-Anonimo di Roma. Questa qui sotto può andare bene.

Caro Uranio15. Oltre gli ottimi consigli di Diocleziano, i primissimi titoli che mi vengono alla mente sono: "Io ti salverò", Hitchcock, "Psycho", Hitchcock, "Follia", David Mackenzie, "Shining" (a metà strada tra l'argomento psichiatrico e quello parapsicologico), Stanley Kubrick, "Lo strangolatore di Boston", Richard Fleischer, il grandissimo e recente "Shutter Island", Martin Scorsese, "Evilenko", David Grieco e l'elenco potrebbe continuare per settimane...

Per Stefanogerry. Anche a noi fa piacere che tu sia qui. Vedrai che imparerai molte cose. Nella mia lunga esperienza ho visto persone organizzare party perché convinte che non era accaduto loro nulla di tragico dopo avere fatto un pieno di valori di I, 6^ e 12^ Casa di ASR: in effetti avevano già un cancro che viaggiava dentro di loro o altre malattie serie che le avrebbero accompagnate per il resto della vita. L'astrologia è una materia seria e difficile e non si può praticarla alla Grazia Bodoni o alla Dante Vallante. A certi livelli di analfabetismo astrologico è meglio continuare a fare quello che si sa fare meglio: gli oroscopari stile Novella 2000.
Tornando a te, la differenza, se resti a casa, è che butti via un potente rafforzamento della tua RS che ti costerebbe due lire. Con molti auguri. Ovviamente, come ricordato tante volte: "Se ragioni in penny, otterrai penny, se ragioni in dollari, otterrai dollari...". 

Cara Danila,
siamo orgogliosi di averti tra noi!

Caro Marco Celada e che ne pensi di questa terza interessantissima sincronicità?

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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