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Astrology Essays: Marilyn Monroe (Italian)

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Dear Friends,
I am travelling and where I am I have some problems with Internet, incluse the censure. If the others our friends bloggers will not answer to you, please post again after April 11th. Thank you and best regards.

Cari Amici,
mi trovo in viaggio e ho problemi con la connessione Internet e con la censura politica di dove mi trovo. Se gli altri blogger non risponderanno alle vostre domande, ripostatele, per favore, nuovamente, dopo l'11 Aprile. Grazie e cari saluti.

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Anonimo ha detto...

Please help, I am a 35 year old mother in US and currently have SRasc in 6th house. I did not know the many health problems that would surface. I'm not doing well and have been looking for another location to spend my next birthday in 2012 (if I am able to travel physically). I do not know how to read SR myself so I have been ordering them online and I have picked over 10 places! All of them have many houses in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses. Can you please help me choose the best location for me where I have the best chance to recover in the coming year?
July 17th, 1976 12:58am Kokomo, Indiana US
I have uranus in 6th house natal. My health problems that have just surfaced are with my nervous system and brain.
thank you so very much for your time and I enjoy reading your site!

Giuseppe Al Rami Galeota ha detto...

per viola57: ti sono grato per le belle parole nei miei confronti. Spero di riuscire a rispondere alla tua domanda nei prossimi giorni perché in questo momento sono subissato da molti altri impegni che mi impediscono di dedicarmi con calma alle richieste dei consultanti. Un abbraccio.

Vorrei segnalare che a partire da martedì prossimo sarò anche sulle frequenze di Radio QUINTA RETE, leader in Campania.

Deva123 ha detto...

hi 35 year old mother from US,
I would suggest quebec city, quebec, canada. In that chart, you will have both jupiter/venus in 6th protecting your health, sun is in 7th instead of 8th, and mars and saturn are in 9th, but that's providing if your birth time is 200% correct, saturn is in 9th house a little more than 3 degree away from MC, I know Ciro would say keep saturn as far away from the MC as possible, but in that case keeping jupiter/venus in 6th will probably mean you need to go to a small city, accessible by ground transportation only. And I'm no expert in locating and searching all the little cities.

Another note is that by looking at your previous solar returns, and suppose you were in Kokomo in 2009 and 2010, the things that lead to your pathology may have started in 2009, you have SR ascendant in 12th in 2009, and the sun is in 12th house in 2010, for me personally, I am definitely scare the 12th more than the 6th, for me, 12th house makes one lose control over things, also you do things thinking they are beneficial to you but they actually pose a serious health risks to you, while the 6th house one seems to be more conscious they are doing things that are bad for his/her health, but one is doing it anyway for whatever reason.

Niko ha detto...

To Anonymous from Kokomo (USA): For your next ASR, you can choose Nuuk (Greenland), with Jupiter and Venus in the tenth house! Ascendant and Sun in the Eleventh House.