lunedì 16 novembre 2009

Some Solar Returns for Sarinda

Wellcome, Sarinda.
Under you will watch two my advises for your next birthday. Please, remember that, when in a Solar Return, Mars and Saturn are quite near to stay in the same House, it is very dangerous to put them in every House different the third or the ninth.
In my experience these two asters will make damages in every House, but these damages will be lower in the third or in the ninth House, even for the people that live abroad or that have a great necessity to travel a lot, like me.
If we will be lucky the Venus, in the Alaska map, will fall in the first House (if your birth time is previous, just a little) and it is very good for health, first of all.
Vardo in Norway is in the middle of the way going from USA to Bangkok and then the trip is not expansive.

For Barbara. Please, right with attention a my chapter in the book that you have where I explains that the Ascendant of a Solar Return is at the top, usually, in the tenth House of the Natal Chart, BUT NOT when Saturn is in the same House or when, during that year, Saturn or Uranus or Pluto… are square or in opposition to Sun, Moon, AS… in the Natal Chart. If you put a similar situation in act, you can get an inversion of the meanings of this House and the tenth House becomes the House of the falls for many things. For example: do you remember Lady Tatcher, the first minister of England Government, many years ago? Well, in the year that she had, contemporarily, an AS of Solar Return in the tenth House of Natal Chart and a bad angle between Saturn in transit respect her natal Sun, she was sent to home…

This is a short blog because I am travelling. At soon.
Best regards to all.
Ciro Discepolo

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