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The First Foreign Section of Active Astrology Was Born in Chicago!

And it is driven by the colleague Roy Kirkland ( and 

As you can read in the two reviews written by him on Amazon and commented by me, he has read my fundamental books, has immediately realized that the system could work, has used it with a lot of people and the results into practice have been exceptional! Some clients and friends of his have suggested him, then, to open one detached section of Active Astrology, in Chicago. Roy has written me and I have immediately understood that he was spreading well the 33 rules and he was transmitting the techniques of the Aimed  Solar Returns, of the Aimed Lunar Returns and of the "Symbol Exorcism" in thousands of potential users of this school. Then I have immediately commented his two reviews and I have "blessed" this inauguration like the first of a long series.
Every day that passes the Active Astrology picks up many other students and users and he cannot satisfy all of our American cousins. Then the other colleagues of Dallas, of Berkley, of New York, of Minneapolis, of Oshkosh, of Vancouver, of San Paolo, of Buenos Aires, of Capetown, of Shanghai, of Moscow, of Melbourne, of Ibiza, of Paris, of Mexico City of Lecce and of thousand of other cities of the whole world can contact me "to baptize" so many other detached sections of Active Astrology. I travel a lot, as you know, and therefore I will physically visit sooner or later these sections for some lectures or for some seminars, welcomed by the "landlord" that, in our case, is the good Roy Kirkland first foreign owner of our beloved discipline.
Many wishes to Roy Kirkland!

Ciro Discepolo

P.S. In my website, in construction,, I will write the names, the email, the phones of the next owners of these detached sections of Active Astrology.

5.0 out of 5 stars A professional's viewAugust 16, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns (Kindle Edition)
I have been practicing astrology for a very long time, and generally avoid astrology books. When I discovered the work of Ciro Discepolo, and this book in particular, I was pleasantly shocked. Ciro's approach to working with clients is almost identical to my own. What I try to do with clients is to give them suggestions as to how to "ground out" or "discharge" the "difficult" planetary combinations. I have thought of hundreds of ways to help them do so, but Ciro probably has a hundred to every one I've thought of. Plus, he is the founder and foremost practitioner of "Aimed" return chart methodology in the world today. The clarity with which fundamental astrological principles shine through his writing is impressive, despite the translation. About that - if anyone has a hard time reading through the translation - study Hindu Astrology with the vow not to read a book written or co-written by a westerner on the subject.

Anyway, I've studied, used and taught many techniques of astrology (Sidereal, Hellenistic, Tajika, and others) in the past. I find Ciro's methods of "Aimed Birthdays" and "Symbol Exorcism" to be simple, succinct, direct and useful. Some of the suggestions may appear to be difficult, but the inconvenience is far less painful than accepting the worst possibilities of a difficult Solar or Lunar Return. This is my indisputable observation. My experience proves that these methods work, and I have several decades of it. Some may think this is an old-fashioned view of astrology. I don't really care, because I'm into what works. I look at the indications of the horoscope as being multifaceted; there are good and bad possibilities in everything. Generally, the undesirable possibilities have a tendency to manifest themselves more easily in our lives; that's how life is. Most professional analysts and therapists will tell you the same thing using different language. With Active Astrology, we use the chart in such a way that we give the unwanted possibilities something else to do, so that we don't have to suffer their imposition in our affairs.

I have written elsewhere that we have the fatalists and determinists of the past two or three thousand years to thank for coming up with reliable guidelines for quickly finding difficult astrological combinations. Mr. Discepolo's approach to "Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns" enables us to change our personal relationship to these combinations in order to moderate or antidote their worst possibilities. As opposed to the expensive and culturally dissonant "propitiatory" methods of Hindu Astrology (not to mention the almost indecipherable methods of "Lal Kitab"), the techniques of Active Astrology are almost universally applicable and produce startling results, without requiring a change in your belief system. And, more often than not, they are fun.

I must admit that I am rather excited about this method. I am in the process of developing a website to give people easier access to this technique. This project has Mr. Discepolo's "benediction", and we do correspond with one another. I am also somewhat of a minimalist as far as my artistic taste goes, and Active Astrology appeals to me in this way too, because it uses a minimum of simple astrological technology, and puts the emphasis on the experience. You can't control the wind, but you can control the sails, and the Solar and Lunar return charts, as described in his books, are one heck of a well-seasoned crew that can help you get your ship of life where you want it to go.

My comment on

Tomorrow, on my blog, I will write this news that is a world preview: Roy Kirkland is the owner of the detached section of Active Astrology in Chicago starting today, with my   "benediction". I am certain that he will know how to spread well the verb of this school because he has already tried its rules on a lot of people and he has gotten exceptional results!  
He could be the first one of a long series of owners of as many detached sections of Active Astrology in USA and in the whole world. Many wishes to the American colleague.

Ciro Discepolo
Napoli, 21th  August 2011

5.0 out of 5 stars Not for amateurs or the faint of heartAugust 21, 2011
This review is from: Transits And Solar Returns; A New System of Analysis for Two Ancient Methods (Paperback)
This is an excellent compilation of Ciro Discepolo's research. In it, he clearly describes the principles of his "Active Astrology" method. In that I have been an astrological practitioner for many years, it's easy for me to see that his descriptions are based on sound astrological principles. For some the translation into English might be a little difficult, but untangling some of the idiomatic expressions and metaphors he uses can be a lot of fun, in fact, I find his writing as enjoyable as his overall concept.

What makes this particular book unique is the clear explanation of the basics of the system he works with. Starting with certain fundamental axioms about the structure of the Solar Return chart, he makes it clear that you can actively change this structure and therefore change the indications for the entire year. This is what could be called (in a mixture of modern and Elizabethan metaphors) "tweaking the accidental dignities." Although he uses many examples to show that this is a verifiable principle, he doesn't go deeply into methods other than "aimed" Solar Returns, or traveling to the location of the best possible chart, for moderating the effects of transits. He has written other books that cover the subject in greater depth; please see my review of Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns for more about this. He does remind the student over and over again that the effects of a given transit are subject to the quality of the Solar Return in which they fall, and that's really important to the way this method works.

The reason I titled this review "not for amateurs" is simple. Someone who has not worked with astrological charts and predictive methods could be frightened by some of what he says, and when emotions get involved, the basic principles go out the window. Adding more on timing transits would be helpful for beginners as well. These additions would make it easier for more excitable beginners to relax and enjoy the writing as much as I do.

One more thing - these charts are calculated in the tropical zodiac without precession. I learned a number of years ago that this type of chart (which I refused to use for a number of years because my involvement with sidereal techniques and methods) can actually be very accurate if you base your interpretation on the planets in the houses.

The Aimed Solar Return gives an entirely new perspective as to what to do with this type of chart. Again, others may find plenty to criticize about the book, but I found it very enjoyable reading. I'm actually on my 3rd copy now, and still having fun with it. Aiming the Solar Return and "Exorcism of the Symbol" work. Period. This is a great book if you're interested in learning to use astrology in a proactive and preemptive way.

Cara Valeria, vedi che quando conti fino a tre sei "quasi umana"...? A parte gli scherzi, è così. Per quanto riguarda l'altra questione hai avuto una buona intuizione, da professionista, e questa è certamente la strada giusta, ma alla prima intuizione e alla prima verifica devi poi far seguire delle successive verifiche che quasi certamente cementificheranno la bontà del tuo ragionamento. Seguici di più perché non è tempo perso.

Per Giovanni
. Scusa, ma occorre chiarire una questione importante. Quello che mi chiedi non posso farlo. Tu avevi scritto che i calcoli del Grande Maestro erano sbagliati e io, con santa pazienza e con molto tempo che ti ho dedicato, ti ho guidato passo-passo a calcolare il vero ICP, quello senza "apporti fantasiosi e non funzionanti". Ora, però, tu dici, pressappoco: questo gelato mi piace molto; per favore controllami tutti gli altri anni... Forse, se io avessi da oziare dalla mattina alla sera (e spesso anche la notte) potrei accontentarti, ma spero che tu ti renda conto di quello che mi stai chiedendo: se io volessi dedicare ore a ogni blogger, non mi basterebbero giornate di 200 ore. Allora io ti ho mostrato come si fa, poi mi auguro che intanto tu abbia acquistato i libri di Astrologia Mondiale del Maestro dove, come nei miei di oltre trent'anni fa, è scritto che la prima bozza dell'ICP fu di Henri J. Gouchon e che poi la teoria fu perfezionata e resa perfettamente funzionante da André Barbault. Solo 2-3 astrologi al mondo non sanno ciò. In tutti gli articoli apparsi su l'astrologue ve n'è anche uno in cui il sottoscritto, quando regalò i grafici dei secoli precedenti al suo Maestro, commentò anche, e brevemente, i picchi di ogni secolo. Se tu ancora non ti trovi con i calcoli, puoi scrivere al sito e spero che qualche collaboratore di André Barbault ti possa rispondere. Credo, comunque, che lo stesso si arrabbierebbe molto se dovesse scoprire che non hai letto i libri dove egli spiega il metodo e se dovesse scoprire anche che, dopo avere affermato che i suoi calcoli sono errati, non hai porto le tue scuse al Maestro.

Per Antonio. Non saprei, dovresti chiedere a lui direttamente.

Caro Peninsula, anche in questo caso non posso accontentarti perché tu hai bisogno di un consulto completo e ben fatto. Qui ci limitiamo a dare consigli su aspetti molto tecnici, per lo più. Una descrizione del tuo Tema Natale la può redigere chiunque.

Molto bene, Vania Druskovich, aspettiamo la tua prossima visita. Auguri.

For all. This is not an important piece of news but I ask you to read it anyhow because it will explain, to some, the background noise which has been disturbing Astrology for some years (Per Tutti. Non è una notizia importante, ma vi invito a leggerla in quanto potrà spiegare, a qualcuno, il perché di un certo rumore di fondo che disturba, da qualche anno, l’Astrologia. Appena avrò un po’ di tempo, creerò altri tre o quattro blog per altre persone su cui vi state ponendo delle domande):

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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Anonimo ha detto...

Salve Maestro, una mia amica astrologa che venne anche al convegno di Milano lo scorso Ottobre si fa i grafici delle rivoluzioni solari a mano (doveva andare a Kuala Lumpur ma non è potuta recarvisi) ed asserisce che per il suo compleanno passato a Bari la Luna se l'è piazzata in 6^ casa di Rivoluzione, Urano in 6^, ma soprattutto l'ascendente le è caduto in 1^ casa e non in 12^ casa, è andata lì per questo, spostandosi ad Est lo ha spostato a suo dire, ma io facendo i calcoli con ed astrologiainlinea ho Luna cuspide 5/6 come anche Urano in 6/7 e l'ascendente che cade in 12^ come a Milano! Nel suo software quali posizioni le da, quelle indicate dalla Signora oppure quelle che ho reperito io? Fra l'altro si è anche adirata dicendo che i programmi non servono a nulla e solo a mano non si fanno errori, e comunque dopo averle dato ragione onde evitare il litigio ritengo che un ascendente in 1^ o in 12^ non è che differenziano tanto. Infine non capisco come mai interpreti le case anche a seconda del segno zodiacale in cui si posizionano i pianeti (esempio un plutone in 4^ nel Sagittario o altre combinazioni) e poi comunque gli orari siderali che mi indicava calzavano con quelli di, ma asserisce di avere l'ascendente a 14 gradi, insomma, mi aiuti lei a capirci qualcosa, comunque sia non dirò nulla a questa Signora, l'ho sentita molto scocciata :-)

nata a Milano il 15 Agosto 1949 alle 9:10 a.m. Bari luogo compleanno


Dopo le vacanze in Sardegna durate 12 giorni da dopodomani inizio il mio viaggio verso Mirnyy, la saluto tanto, a presto.


Giovanni ha detto...

Gentile Ciro,
dopo l'ultima sua replica ci tengo a precisare quanto segue:
1) mai scritto che i calcoli del Grande Maestro erano sbagliati anche perchè non sono a disposizione e nessuno si è mai dato la briga di pubblicarli. In caso contrario me lo faccia sapere e sarò felice di confrontarmi con quei numeri.
2) Lei ha solo pubblicato un esempio di calcolo per un anno dell'ICP e io le ho detto che lo calcolo esattamente allo stesso nodo seguendo le indicazioni del Maestro. Non esistono indici fantasiosi.
3) Non capisco perchè abbia montato tutta sta polemica quando bastava confrontare 3 numeri senza inventarsi questioni di lesa maestà del tutto fuori luogo.

Giovanni ha detto...

gentile Ciro,
mi spiace molto che la nostra discussione sia degenerata. Giuro che non avevo alcuno intenzione di mancare di rispetto a chicchessia. Se è successo me ne scuso.
Cordiali saluti

peninsula ha detto...

Gentile Signor Discepolo,
D'accordo, però lei non è ''chiunque'', ci tenevo ad avere un suo parere, tutto qua.
La Ringrazio.

Neena ha detto...

Respected Ciro,
As the time for my friend's birthday is approaching, I am debating again and need your guidance.
Date of birth: November 19th, 1970 at Ambala (5:50am),
First Return: Las Palmas De Gr, Spain (28N06,15W24). at 11:02 pm. Here Jupiter is conjunct which I like. Mars is in 2nd and not 1st. Saturn is 5 degrees aways from IC. However Pluto is in 5th conjunct 6th house(house of health and daily job activities) and Neptune is conjunct 8th house cusp.
Should I be concerned about Pluto and Neptune here? Ascendant falls in 9th.
Second Return: Lisbon, Portugal. Jupiter is 4 degrees away from MC but Asc is conjunct Mc and in 10th house. Mars in 1st(only negative that I see).
Which return do you prefer and why?
Please advise soon.

Giuseppe Al Rami Galeota ha detto...

ecco un link di sano relax:

alcune mie vignette per rispondere ai gattacci neri del web...

Giovanni ha detto...

Gentile Ciro,
la invito a rileggersi il testo del suo Maestro André Barbault "L'Avenir du Monde" Parigi 1993 tradotto in italiano col titolo "L'astrologia e l'avvenire del mondo" Xenia 1996 dove a pag 177 si legge :"Il prossimo sec comincia con un'ascesa che porta a un apice nel 2003...Dopo questo eccezionale balzo in alto assistiamo ad un calo dal 2004 al 2009 ....una prima importante crisi si instaurerà al primo avvallamento del 2010. Risalita fino al 2014...ecc "
Ogni ulteriore commento mi appare superfluo.
Cordiali saluti

Anonimo ha detto...

Dear Ciro (from Mordecai)

Roy Kirkland's new Active astrology section in Chicago is awsome news. I also loved and identified with his book reviews though I probably lack his astrological experience...
all the same, as far as Active Astrology goes, how one deals with a person already suffering from an ilness??
A younger cousin of mine had for many years (since 1988)intestinal problems (chronic), which was diagnosed as cancer when in surgery on Aug 1st, 2010... treatment enabled taming his ilness but couple of weeks ago around his birthday (Aug. 16, 2008, Tel Aviv 12:30 noon time according to his mother and closer to 13:00 according to his father... unfortunately, we just missed his birthday... anyway, how can we employ here the principles of active astrology...
Many thanks, Mordecai

Astrologer RAMESH BHAIRAV ha detto...

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