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Astrology Essays: Storia Dell'Astrologia In Italia Dal 1970 A Oggi (5) (Italian)

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I am happy to announce my next book:

Ciro Discepolo and Danila Madau Perra

Evaluate Your Synastry

How To Improve Your Chances To Keep Your Couple Relation

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Sono lieto di annunciarvi il mio prossimo libro:

Ciro Discepolo e Danila Madau Perra

Valuta La Tua Sinastria

Come Migliorare Le Tue Chanches Per Mantenere La Tua Relazione Di Coppia

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Linear Interpolations and non Linear Interpolations

What are interpolations for? Let’s make an example. We know that the ADSL line to surf in the Internet, allows download at an average speed of about 80 KB/sec (I am referring here to the performances, on December 2002, of the TIN − an Italian provider − ADSL in its fast version). Now we would like to know at what speed we could surf with, instead, a much faster optical fibre line of another provider.

Let’s set a mathematical proportion of this kind:

If, with a theoretical declared speed of 640 Kb/sec (kilobit per second, not to be confused with KB/sec, kilobyte per second) we surf at the average speed of 80 KB/sec, using another theoretical speed of 10,000 Kb/sec, let’s calculate at how many KB/sec we will able to download files.

Hence the formula:

640 : 80 = 10,000 : X

From which X = (10,000x80)/640 = 1,250 KB/sec

It is evident, I think, that we are calculating linear mathematical functions, that you can observe in  the drawing below:

Now, let’s imagine, instead, that we want to make some calculations related, for example, to the movement of the Sun, seen from the Earth, in a part of the mean solar day. We can express our question with the following drawing:

Now, it is equally clear, I think, that we are in completely different situations from those of the previous example. In fact, in Astrology or in Astronomy applied to Astrology, the movement of asters is governed by curves and not by straight lines: more exactly we generally refer to elliptical orbits that indicate to us, for example, that in the orbit of Mars, at the aphelion (i.e. in the farthest point from the Sun) the speed decreases, while at the perihelion (the nearest point to the Sun) the speed of this planet increases. This means that an average speed of revolution of Mars around the Sun exists, but that in realty the speed is different in every single arc of the circumference in which we can represent the revolution movement of the ruler of Aries around the Sun.
Then, if we proceed to an interpolation and apply the system of the mathematical proportion as in the example of the speed of navigation with the optical fibre, we will make a little error, precisely because we are referring to a circular-elliptical movement (with some speed variations) and not linear (at constant speed).  

Where do I wish to get with all this? I want to claim that many times some of my readers ask me: “How come, using your interpolation tables (for examples the ones included in my “The Transits”, Armenia publisher) to calculate the return moment in a Solar Return, I read some values slightly different from the ones that I can get by a computer?”.

Well, the answer is quite simple: the computer calculates the precise point that is in our interest, while with the interpolation tables we make a proportion that – in this case – not being referred to a linear system but to a circular or elliptical system, gives us a very slightly different result.

This does not change practically anything for practical purposes, but for the lovers of a mathematics with a large number of figures of precision, the excellent Luigi Miele prepared a specific webpage where it is possible to make interpolation calculations at a very high precision.

This page is and in it it is also possible to proceed to make addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations by sexagesimal numbers, with a very high precision, as it is explained below (we will report the text of this page):

This interactive page allow you to make calculations with sexagesimal numbers. You can sum, subtract, multiply and divide values expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds or in hours, minutes and seconds. What is it for? Let’s make a little example. Imagine that we want to know the mean  hourly pace of the Sun for a certain date , the April 15th 2009. Let’s take an ephemeredes volume and let’s read that on April 15th, at the zero hours, 2009, the Sun will be at 25° 09’ 42” in Aries and on April 16th, at zero hours, the Celestial will be instead at 26° 08’ 25”, in Aries again. The first operation to make, then, is the one of subtracting the two numbers to know how many degrees the Sun has gained in 24 hours:

26° 08’ 25” – 25° 09’ 42” that, with the help of this page, will be 0° 58’ 43”00 (hundredths of seconds).

Now, to know the mean hourly pace of the Sun, we have to divide this number for 24:

58’ 43” : 24

That, again thanks to our algorithm of conversion, gives us: 0° 02’ 26”79 (hundredths of second)

What could be the use of the mean hourly pace of the Sun? For example we can calculate a Solar Return chart. Imagine that we are referring to a birth happened in Treviso, Italy, on April 16th 1955, at 12.25 pm, and we want to calculate for what time (Greenwich Mean Time) the Sun will return on its radix position in 2009.

We know that the radix longitude of the Sun of the subject is 25° 42’ 05” and that his astrological/astronomical birthday, in 2009, falls on 15th and not on 16th of April. But at what time?

The Sun, at 0 hour of the 4/15/2009, is at 25° 09’ 42” in Aries and to reach 25° 42’ 05” it has to move of 32’ 23”.

From here we can set the following linear proportion:

If every hour the Sun progresses of 0° 02’ 26”79, how many hours will it take to reach 32’ 23”?

02’ 26”79 : 1 = 32’ 23” : X

From which: X = (32’ 23” x 1)/0° 02’ 26”79

At this point you will have the following possibilities:

1)     Use a precise astrological software which can make all the necessary calculations.
2)     Use the Tables of Interpolation from my book “The Transits”, Armenia publisher.
3)     Use the webpage indicated in this chapter and its algorithm for interactive calculations.  

The result will be 13 hours 14’ 11”75 (hundredths of second), which means that the subject will get his Solar Return at 13.14 Greenwich Mean Time.

With the same procedure you can also easily calculate Natal Charts, Lunar Returns, Primary Directions and all that interests you and that has to do with degrees, minutes and seconds or with hours, minutes and seconds.

As you will have understood, we have utilized a mathematical interpolation in an elliptical system as if it were a linear system, but with a greater precision than the Tables and, therefore, we have further reduced the error, which, however, albeit in a very little measure, still exists. 

Ciro Discepolo

From the book “Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia”, Armenia publisher, Milano, 2004, 790 pages. 

As for my book "The New Guide To Astrology", as Mordecai wrote yesterday, I forgot to include a few lines at page 212. We are just reprinting the book with these lines and it will be available in about 3 weeks. Now you can get the missing part here:


The Moon in Gemini

It lightens people’s character, making them more open, bright, and friendly. At the same time, it also makes them somehow superficial; but also versatile, creative, imaginative people, who possess a wonderful capacity of imitation. It also inclines them to reading (especially novels) and provides artistic skills. If negative, these individuals may tend to dishonesty, deceit and duplicity, as well as nervousness and instability at various levels.

Thanks to her Moon in Gemini, the woman of chart #46 does not possess the typical characters of closure, sadness, graveness that her ruling Saturn (conjunct to the AS) should give her. Brigitte Bardot’s (chart #70) Moon in Gemini clearly shows her ‘eternal youth’, her girlish temperament that characterizes her even at an older age.

The Moon in Cancer

It makes people romantic, sentimental, sensitive, loving, childish, capricious, fickle, fanciful, dreamy, impractical, indolent, and self-indulgent.

It is positive in those birth charts in which the element Earth or Fire prevails, because it makes the individuals more vulnerable, therefore reducing their arrogance. On the contrary, you should consider it unfavourable in the charts where the Water element prevails, because it may exacerbate the sensitivity of those individuals, saturating their sentimental permeability. In women, it exacerbates their maternal instinct and their desire of protection.

The homosexuality of the subject #19 is also in connection with his Moon in Cancer, which devitalizes his ego, enriches his fantasy, and exposes him to be influenced by others. The woman of chart #43 feels that she has realized her potential when she became a mother. In chart #59, the Moon in Gemini exacerbates his childishness, already evident in his birth chart.

The Moon in Leo

It makes people proud; unable to humble themselves, to ask, or to beg for favours. It leads them to develop a feeling of grandeur, and to indulge in exaggerations, in excessive expenses, in grand gestures, in luxury, in obtaining the best in every field. It also gives the talent of commanding, leading the others. Typically, these individuals are generous; they also show a good breadth of vision.

Despite living in dire straits, the woman of chart #34 refuses any sort of aid because she feels like begging for charity.The doctor of chart #63 is strengthened by a blind trust in his own capabilities. Also consider Claudio Villa’s (chart #73) theatricalism.



It's me "Miss"... :)

Best regards,


Dear Kathy,
I perhaps have understood, but not everything.
Do your birth data are those of Miss (Kuala Lumpur), therefore? It is all right.
But we come to your questions. You say that you have hypothesized an Aimed Solar Return for Scotland: but had not I recommended you another place? I don't like this ASR because Saturn is close to the Ascendant. You, however, worry yourself about Mars in the third House: why? In 42 years that I plan, for me, Aimed Solar Returns I always try to put Mars in the third or in the ninth House. Yet I have Mars of birth in third House that forms angles with almost all my Natal Chart: the result has been that I have published almost 70 books. Don't you think that it is a good thing? Please, explain better me all your problems and I will try to find the best ASR for you for next December. Best wishes.

Da Marcello da Torino.
Buongiorno Ciro.
Ho predisposto il viaggio a Tauramena in Colombia come da tuoi suggerimenti. Partiro' il 16 e tornero' il 26 gennaio. Ho ricevuto alcuni tuoi libri e con grande interesse ho iniziato la lettura seguendo le tue indicazioni.
Nel frattempo ho guardato le mie passate rivoluzioni solari dei precedenti compleanni ed ho notato alcuni particolari che mi sono sembrati interessanti per la sola posizione delle case di rivoluzione relativa a quelle natali, prescindendo dai pianeti. In particolare quelle degli anni 1987 (Torino) e 2006 (Key West, Florida) rivelatisi eccellenti dal punto di vista economico e sociale, ma anche per gli altri aspetti della vita, nonostante le posizioni celesti che alla luce (poca) di cio' che inizio ad apprendere, non mi sono sembrate ottime, come il Sole nella prima di rivoluzione e Marte o Saturno in ottava.
Se le mie osservazioni hanno qualche rilevanza, posso trovare fra le tue pubblicazioni e studi qualche trattazione specifica delle posizioni relative fra le case natali e di rivoluzione oltre alla posizione di Ascendente e Medio Cielo, a prescindere dai pianeti?
Sempre, mi scuso per disturbarti nonostante la mia imperizia.

Con simpatia e riconoscenza

Marcello da Torino

Caro Marcello,

buon viaggio e buon compleanno!
Nella mia lunghissima esperienza, basata solo sulla pratica e non sulle teorie, non ho mai visto corriepondenze interessanti o ripetibili Case-Case tra i Solar Returns e il tema natale. Lo stesso dicasi del MC che qualcuno tenta di leggere, con cattivi risultati, nelle Case di nascita. Se hai interesse per questi due item, puoi leggere qualcosa, molto poco, in qualche libro che tratta le RSM da un'angolazione esoterica. Molti auguri.

Buongiorno a tutti, studio astrologia da svariati anni ma non sono riuscita ancora a capire se la posizione di giove natale in settima casa sia da ritenersi protettiva e positiva per il matrimonio o invece sia soggetta al fenomeno da lei descritto denominato "effetto bistabile".
Come regolarsi?
Grazie e complimenti vivissimi per questo bel blog.
buon pomeriggio

Cara Cristina,
l'effetto "relè bistabile" - come sai - riguarda i transiti e le ASR e le ALR. Tu mi chiedi come leggerlo nella settima Casa di nascita. Ti invito a leggerlo nei miei libri e poi a confrontare quanto descritto con il contenuto di altri autori. Personalmente dico due cose importanti di esso, credo: chi ha questa posizione avrà molte occasioni concrete, nella vita, di fare un ottimo "matrimonio", per ceto, per denaro, per prestigio, ecc. In secondo luogo, in altissima percentuale questa posizione porta ad almeno una causa legale importante nel corso della vita. Spero di esserti stato di aiuto.

Ciao caro Ciro,sono Patrizio da Orvieto.Per il mio compleanno avrò dei problemi,forse dovrò rimanere a casa.Proprio in questo momento,ho ricevuto una notizia,riguardo la mia attività,che devo lasciare come ti avevo spiegato,costringendomi a rimanere per forza ad Orvieto.Volevo chiederti,ringraziandoti sempre,per la tua disponibilità,rimanendo ad orvieto,come vedi la mia RS,con un marte in 10 casa di RS e un saturno in 12 casa di RS.Ti dò i miei dati:4-3-62 ad Orvieto alle ore 20:30.Ti chiedo scusa,ma per me questo anno,è molto importante,ti chiedo aiuto,perchè so che sei una persona molto sensibile e sei un grande.Ciao da Patrizio

Caro Patrizio,
io penso che la tua ASR per Orvieto non sarà terribile, ma sarà molto più dannoso quello che lascerai dove saresti dovuto andare, proprio perché ti trovi in un momento di passaggio in cui sarebbe stato assolutamente necessario partire. Ti farò una piccola confidenza: la quasi totalità delle persone che ho spinto a partire, il primo anno non sono mai partite perché le resistenze interne sono troppo forti. Personalmente parto anche quando ho la febbre alta o il colpo della strega... Ti auguro di trovare dentro di te la forza per partire.

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gianni ha detto...


gianni ha detto...


Anonimo ha detto...

Ciao caro Ciro,ti ringrazio tanto della tua disponibilità nel rispondermi,ma purtroppo si è verificato un problema inprovviso con il negozio e sicuramente non potrò partire per motivi economici.Se all'ultimo potrò risolvere il tutto,allora prenderò questo mio volo per Circle,altrimenti farò il mio compleanno ad Orvieto,ecco perchè volevo sapere come poteva essere la mia RS,stando a casa.Ti ringrazio sempre,per la tua gentilezza e la tua pazienza.Con molto affetto ti saluto e ti faccio i complimenti per il tuo nuovo libro.Che Dio ti protegga sempre.Ciao,Patrizio da Orvieto.

Anonimo ha detto...

Dear Sir,

Yes, I'm "Miss". Sorry about that. I should inform you earlier in my previous post. I received your book (Transits and Solar Returns) that I purchased online yesterday and stayed up all night reading it. All I can say is WOW !!! The book is brilliant and a great read.
About my next ASR in December, I recently use to calculate my SR and chose Glasgow ( Sun in the 2nd house, SR Asc in the 9th natal, Mars in the 3rd house). You did mention in your book "In the Third House of SR Mars-mostly announces an accident with the car...". I'm a very very very Bad driver !!! The last thing I ever thought would happen is to get involved in a car accident. Maybe I'm worried too much :) I understand better now about Mars in the 3rd house of SR after your explanation.
As a new leaner in astrology especially SR, your book and your blog are are the best tools for me to learn as much as I can. I really appreciate your advice and your help.
Sir, I'm going to start my new job soon. Could you please find the best place for my next ASR in December?

Look forward.

Grazie Mille


Giuseppe Al Rami Galeota ha detto...

Tantissimi auguri per la prossima pubblicazione del maestro e dell'amica Danila Madau Perra. Sono sicuro che si tratterà di un successo editoriale a livello planetario. Piacerebbe anche a me, un giorno, pubblicare assieme al maestro. Tanti tantissimi complimenti.

Danila Madau Perra ha detto...

Grazie Giuseppe,
io vedo un brillante futuro davanti a te, soprattutto perché sai voler bene alle persone con tutto il tuo cuore e questo, per molti studiosi, di qualsiasi materia, sembra un fatto superfluo. Il punto è che noi siamo al servizio degli altri e non loro al nostro servizio, ti pare?
Se desideri pubblicare con il Maestro ci riuscirai sicuramente, anche perché lui ti stima molto. (Ma che rimanga tra noi... Ahahah!!)
Un abbraccio.

cristina ha detto...

Grazie, glielo chiesto perche ho un amico con tale posizione che si sta separando e non è mai stato fortunato nelle relazioni di coppia.
Ma come sappiamo bisogna valutare la sinastria e i pianeti personali del soggetto per poter prevedere un futuro roseo e fortunato con il proprio partner.
Comunque grazie per la sua risposta.