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About The Kidnapping Of Michaela Joy Garecht

Sharon Murch is one colleague of ours that moderates the newwsgroup Astrology 101 from the California. She suffered a terrible tragedy: around 22 years ago her daughter Michaela was abducted and Sharon never had her news. Here what he writes in the Michaela's blog:

"Most of the important things in the world
have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying
when there seemed to be no hope at all."
Dale Carnegie

On November 19, 1988, my nine-year old daughter, Michaela Joy Garecht, was kidnapped, the victim of a witnessed stranger abduction.  She has never been found, but we have never stopped looking for her.   Over twenty years later, I must salute the Hayward Police Department and the San Francisco FBI for carrying on still today an active and caring investigation into Michaela's kidnapping.  It has never become a "cold case."

I am filled with a desire not only to continue the search for Michaela, but to keep her alive by keeping her memory alive. Michaela was a bright and shining light in the world, and I am determined that her light will never go out.  In her honor, I offer you this website.

And I offer you my heart.  It is battered and bruised, and it has, in the time since I lost my daughter, journeyed through the darkness, but it has come out again on the other side.  Although the sorrow and grief will never end, although many questions yet remained unanswered, there are some very important questions that have been answered.  If I can share some of those, through my writing and speaking, if I can touch the lives of others who struggle with the questions of grief, loss, and evil in the world, then my daughter's life and suffering will not be without meaning.  I carry her with me always in my heart, her sweetness as well as a sorrow that is so deep and so profound it has taken years for me to be able to actually reach out and touch it.  But in giving myself over to the tenderizing experience of grief, I might be able to reach out in compassion to others, to help bring healing and faith.

To my visitors, welcome, and I hope you will take time to visit all our pages, as well as my blog.

And as always, I reach out to that one special visitor:

Michaela, if you are out there, if you are reading this, please come home.  I love you, and there is nothing that could have happened to you that could ever change that.  Call 911 and ask them to contact the Hayward Police Department, and they will bring you home.

Sharon Nemeth Murch

Michaela's mom

If you have information about Michaela
If you have tips or information regarding Michaela's kidnapping, please contact Inspector Robert Lampkin at the Hayward Police Department:

(510) 293-7079

Now follow some my short astrological considerations published on Astrology 101:

Please do forgive me, Sharon, if – unwillingly – I might cause the slightest offense or pain to your sufferings with my writing, for I imagine they are really terrible.

My way of doing astrology is direct, thus I would never lie to you; on the other hand, I know that sometimes my way of writing may hurt the reader. So please accept my apologies in advance, if it is the case with my following words too.

You will read things that do not correspond either to your studies or to those of thousands of other U.S. colleagues. This is due to the fact that I have been studying Astrology with deep intensity for 41 years now. I have been mostly spending 14 to 18 hours a day. Five years ago I stopped making counselling, but at that point I had already studied more than 100,000 individual cases. I had ‘sent’ more than 20,000 people to relocate their Solar Return – which I call ‘aiming their birthday’ – virtually in any corner of our planet. So I believe I have discovered certain realities that are still unknown to most of our colleagues.

However, I beg you to gloss over certain points that you may not understand because they are an integral part of my school of astrology. This is not a challenge; it is simply a study that I have conducted with the sincere hope of being able to provide you with some useful information. So, please take it fairly, even if you disagree with its contents.

Let me underline once again that for this analysis it would have been important also to have access to the data of birth of Michaela’s father. I have also studied – a little – the charts of Michaela’s brothers, but they might be important only if all of them would also go for an aimed birthday along with the relocation that I am going to propose to you for your next SR – and which I hope you are going to accept and put into practice.

What are the objectives of my study?

- Trying to understand the nature of the kidnapping

- Trying to detect the places where Michaela has been taken

- Trying to understand when you may receive news about Michaela, and trying to potentiate (i.e. enhance) the effect of good transits with an excellent Aimed SR. In fact, in my experience the SR is much stronger than the transits, regardless whether they are positive or negative.

Of course, unluckily I am absolutely unable to say whether Michaela is alive or not. My hope is that on the dates that I will tell you, someone might be arrested who confesses having kidnapped her; or that, perhaps, someone sentenced to death for other crimes tells the true story of Michaela’s kidnapping before being executed. On the other hand, I would not absolutely exclude the possibility of a happy ending as in the case of poor Austrian girl Natascha Kampusch.

My prediction techniques, which is the basis of my school called Active Astrology, is based on the parallel examination of two-three or more close relatives (the most representative ones in a family), by analysing their transits, their Solar Returns, their Lunar Returns, and the relocation of their birth charts.

In my school of Astrology the ASR’s (Aimed Solar Returns) and ALR’s (Aimed Lunar Returns) are much more important than transits.

In fact, I consider that a Solar and Lunar Return is always ‘aimed’ – even if you decide not to relocate, but spend it in the place where you usually live.

Here are the results of my study.

Michaela’s transits, ASR and ALR covering the day when she was kidnapped, let me guess what the purpose of her kidnapping was. The Second House and the Fifth House have much do with movies, filming, camerawork, shooting scenes and so on. In my opinion this is what we must consider:

- Michaela is gorgeous. She is a girl of rare beauty. In his natal sky there is a powerful 2nd House and a similarly strong 5th House, both containing celestials that allow thinking about problems related to a possible relationship between Michaela and filming.

- Her SR of the year of kidnapping has a terrible 2nd House containing Mars, Saturn and Uranus, which may have caused to her negative and exceptional visibility to the eyes of dirty people who were precisely looking for victims of this kind. Also, the Ascendant of SR falls in her natal 2nd House. When a celestial or the cusp of the AS are within an orb of tolerance of + or – 2.5 degrees from a cusp, I consider them to be ‘working’ in both the previous House and the following one.

- The LR covering the day of the kidnapping is very detrimental. Three celestials are in the 6th House, which is one of three Houses that my long professional experience has led me to consider as really malicious Houses in the charts of both Solar and Lunar Return. This implied a very tough month for her, either at a physical or a psychological level, or both. There is a recurring element: the Sun and the Moon in the Fifth House. It is as if the stars were willing to say that she has been filmed a lot (obviously, against her will).

- I told you that I do not know if Michaela is alive, but if she had been killed shortly after her kidnapping, such LR would tell us also some important things:

- Mars in the 9th House: the aggressor (or the aggressors) came from ‘far away’.

- The Ascendant of LR falls in the natal 11th, which – in my experience – refers to mourning even more that the 8th House itself.

- Jupiter in the Eleventh House tells us that if the captor or captors had taken her life away, this would have happened in a fairly painless way for Michaela. (Neptune in the 6th House suggests so, perhaps they used barbiturates?)

The sites

Looking at the charts of all of you as well as that of Michaela, I think that the location of the kidnapping and imprisonment is to be found somewhere between Hayward and Los Angeles. In fact, if you relocate Michaela’s birth chart in Los Angeles, you find Saturn at about one degree from the relocated Ascendant.

If you relocate your birth chart in Hayward, the very narrow conjunction of Mars and Saturn gets very close to the IC. Perhaps you remember the case of Gianni Versace, the famous Italian designer who was killed on the 15th of July 1997 in Miami Beach. He was born in Italy, but he had a house in Miami Beach expressly built for him. And if you relocate his birth chart in Miami Beach, you find his Mars exactly placed on the Imum Coeli. Back to you, moving away from Hayward – which is the almost certain place of the kidnapping – your conjunction Mars-Saturn also moves away from the IC. But in Los Angeles, Pluto gets much closer to the Ascendant. (Please, look at all the charts carefully.)

Now let us see your SR and LR concerning that terrible day.

As you have noted – which is also consistent with my own experience – the close conjunction of Mars and Saturn is a really hard one; and when it occupies the 12th House, it is almost always related to a great trouble that one must overcome sooner or later in his or her life. Your stellium in the 12th tells us what follows. 1) Mars is the dispositor (ruler) of the 5th House. Since it is in the 12th, it may imply great suffering for a son or a daughter and also, perhaps, for things related to the cinema. 2) Saturn is the dispositor of the 2nd House. Since it is in the 12th, it may indicate possible great suffering proceeding from things related to the image, including cinema. It should be noted, however, that you have a beautiful natal 2nd, which makes me think that you are a very photogenic person. Perhaps as a child you wanted to work in film or theatre, maybe you are also very good at photographing (you can be also a musician or a singer). 3) The Moon is the dispositor of the 8th House. Since it is in the 12th, it can also mean a lot of suffering for fear of somebody’s death.

Your SR covering the day of the kidnapping has its Ascendant falling in to your natal 12th House. This is one of three most detrimental conditions in a chart of SR: combined with heavy transits, any of them may herald very extensive troubles. Your SR also has Mars in the 1st House: an almost certain indicator of great suffering. In addition, there may be the confirmation of the reasons for the kidnapping, which I mentioned earlier. In fact, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune of SR were in the 2nd House of SR. Neptune must be considered in the 2nd because it is virtually over the cusp between the 2nd and the 3rd House. The LR of the 9th of November 1988 is just as bad, with a stellium of four celestials in the 6th. The Ascendant of LR is in your natal Seventh House. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune of LR are in the Seventh House of LR. All these combinations are completely consistent with an action of ambush, where somebody lies in wait of you or of one of your loved ones. The Eleventh House, in terms of aggression and violence of others, is similar to the 7th but it tends to express in a weaker tone, I would say: at a lower octave. And Mars of LR is in there.

We must also note that your natal Jupiter is in the 7th, which is often about people who – for any reason – may have something to do with the law, and for a very long time.

Now let me give you possible good news. As you have already written here, in the coming months you will receive two positive transits. If you read them together, they could act as a positive little ‘boom’. I refer to transit Pluto on your natal Sun, and Jupiter on your Descendant. If you be willing to travel and relocate (‘aim’, as I prefer to say) your next birthday, you could potentiate these transits by more than ten times. You should spend your next SR in Nikolski, Alaska. There, Jupiter of SR would be placed very close to the Midheaven of SR, potentially implying possible huge growth and/or emancipation of any kind. Also, Venus of SR would be ‘glued’ to the Descendant of SR – indicating possible important news from authorities, police, etc...

You should be there on the 31st of December 2011, at 6:06 am London time. You can remain there only just fifteen minutes, if you wish, and then leave.

With all my heart I do hope to have been helpful and I apologize once again, if instead I have inadvertently caused further suffering to you.

With my best wishes,

Ciro Discepolo

Caro Maestro,
Ieri era il compleanno di Bob Dylan!!!!
Un caro saluto.

Mercurio O Il Segreto Dell’Eterna Giovinezza 
Bob Dylan, icona musicale americana, ha compiuto settant’anni e continua a suonare e cantare. Il Poeta folk non ha ancora appeso la chitarra al chiodo e posato l’armonica. Genio indiscusso del panorama musicale internazionale, uno dei suoi ultimi album, “Modern Time” (2006) è salito in vetta alle classifiche immediatamente alla sua uscita, quando il suo autore aveva da poco compiuto sessantacinque anni e il “Never Ending Tour”, nome con cui viene popolarmente chiamata la sua tournée, è iniziato il 7 giugno 1988 con una band in continua evoluzione e non accenna a concludersi.

Robert Allen Zimmerman, nato il 24 maggio del 1941 a Duluth, nel Minnesota alle 21.05 ha un Sole in Gemelli in casa 6°: Dylan è un Gemelli che si comporta da Vergine: tali caratteristiche, proprie dei due segni governatori del signore alato, sono rinforzate dallo stesso pianeta Mercurio, che si trova anch’esso in Gemelli, congiunto al DISC.
Giove è in Toro tra la 5° e la 6°, Saturno, Luna e Urano al centro della 5° sempre in Toro.
Un bellissimo Nettuno in 9° (in Vergine) in aspetto armonico con i quattro pianeti del quinto campo offre l’ispirazione artistica combinata alla vocalità.
Grandissimo conoscitore dei brani folk della tradizione musicale americana ha composto centinaia di canzoni che scriveva dappertutto, fermando sulla carta le ispirazioni che lo coglievano costantemente, influenzando con i suoi testi più di una generazione. Alcune delle sue canzoni hanno rappresentato un’epoca di grandi cambiamenti e rivoluzioni culturali e sono diventate veri e propri inni dei movimenti pacifisti e per i diritti civili (ASC Sagittario).

Un brano che caratterizza in pieno la sua dominante planetaria è “My Back pages” (traducibile con Le mie pagine passate) tratto dall’album “Another Side of Bob Dylan”, pezzo composto all’età di ventitré anni.
Mercurio, l’eterno giovane, si manifesta qui in tutta la sua pienezza: il distacco dal passato emerge specialmente nel leitmotiv del brano “Ah, but I was so much older them/ I’m younger than that now” (ero molto più anziano allora, sono molto più giovane adesso), nella capacità di separarsi dalle cose appena fatte, dal passato appena trascorso. E’ come dicesse: “Sono stato questa cosa ma ora non lo sono più, non sono quello che voi avete pensato e sperato, le mie pagine passate sono passate. Ero così vecchio allora, sono così giovane adesso. Se avessi vissuto come gli altri volevano che vivessi il mio cuore sarebbe morto”. Dylan ha dato innumerevoli addii, scrivendoli nei suoi testi, per un continuo divenire e per diventare altro da se stesso. Per decenni ci ha indicato la via ad accogliere il cambiamento e continua a farlo.

Bruce Springsteen disse bene: “Dylan ci ha liberato la mente così come Presley ci aveva liberato il corpo”.
A giugno i suoi fan, vecchi e giovani, lo potranno riascoltare a Milano, nell'unica tappa italiana del suo tour.

Danila Madau Perra

NdR: Secondo alcune fonti, in quell'anno vi era l'ora di guerra o estiva a Duluth e il suo grafico di nascita sarebbe questo. Secondo altre fonti non vi era il daylight saving time e il suo Nettuno non sarebbe dominante.

Benvenuta Alessia da Roma! Temo proprio che non potremo aiutarti. L'AA è basata, fondamentalmente, sui viaggi nel giorno del compleanno. Solo poche volte capita che occorra spostarsi di poco. Il più delle volte si tratta di voli intercontinentali. Oggi esistono buone cure contro la paura di volare o impedimenti più o meno fisici a volare: se vuoi metti prima a posto questa cosa e poi ci risentiremo. Va da sé che un solo compleanno mirato non risolverebbe il tuo caso che, comunque, è molto più di competenza della psicologia che dell'astrologia.
Molti auguri. 

Grazie a Luigi Galli per le sempre preziose informazioni sui viaggi. Vorrei aggiungerne un'altra consigliata da chi scrive a molte persone: un volo Roma-Buenos Aires (e dunque diretto assolutamente a Sud) e poi un altro verso Nord o Nord-Est dove non ci sono blocchi da parte delle compagnie aeree.

Grazie a Luigi Galli, a Pino Valente e ad altri per gli auguri relativi al mio nuovo libro americano che, per numero di pagine e per il grosso formato, è probabilmente il tomo di astrologia più "poderoso" oggi venduto in U.S. Sono certo che ciò, oltre al sottoscritto, farà piacere a molti connazionali. 

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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