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For Neena. Your book was shipped yesterday. Thank you.I answer to two questions of your.1)What is the effect of having Sun conjunct the Desc, especially +-2.5degrees.

Let me, first, precise what means 2,5 degrees. It means 2 degrees and one half of degree, that is 2°30’ and not 2°50’ : it seems obviously, but it is not.The Sun cannot stay on the cusp of DS because, if the Sun stay on the DS line, +/- 2,5 degrees, it works contemporarily in the seventh and in the sixth Houses: the Sun in the sixth House is one of the worst positions in a Solar Return Map.

2) If mars is conjunct the IC, greater than 2.5 deg and less than 5 deg, what is the effect? Is it same as having Mars in 4th or does it do more damage?

If Mars is in the third House, greater 2.5 degrees distant from FC, it is only in the third House without influences in the fourth House. If Mars is in the fourth House with a distance, from FC, greater then 2,5 degrees, it works only in the fourth House. I take this occasion to explain a thing: in another your post you wrote that I consider Mars always negative, in every House. It is almost exact, but not completely exact. For example Mars in the tenth House pushes the efforts of the subject to find a greater emancipation, in that year, and than it could be very good, for example, to learn a new language. Yet it is even true that in that year, almost surely, the subject will have problems by his mother or by his mother in law. Attention: his mother will have not problems because his son placed Mars in the tenth House. We can, putting Mars in the tenth House, increase our sensibility toward our mother problems, but we cannot increase the ones (in a different way it could mean that we are working with the Black Magic).

As you know I am travelling, but I am sure that many our friends, on this blog, will be in competition to project the best SR for your friend of January 4th (è vero Luigi, Marco, Pino, Elisabetta, Pasquale, Manu e tutti gli altri? Mi raccomando).

Buona domenica a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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Neena ha detto...

Thank you Sir Ciro. I wish you a pleasant journey. I look forward to hearing from our friends in this blog about their opinion on my friend's SR.

Unknown ha detto...

Dear Neena,
I am pleased to help you with your 4th Jan 1968 friend; unfortunately his natal chart is very disadvantaged about children and family matters (Saturn 5th and Mars 4th house), and last transits (Uranus 4th and Pluto 2nd) surely worsened the situation.

Next year SR 2010 in Vishakhapatnam is to avoid totally, but also the Port Blair solution could be very dangerous, because of Mars cusp 7-6th ( great bad emphasis on this sectors could give him health and justice problems), and Saturn 8th plus Uranus 2nd that is a money loss for sure.

As this conditions apply for any place in India, I kindly suggest you to persuade your friend to relocate elsewhere (low cost airfares can be easily affordable nowadays): you could have a look on the fareast, and consider Tokyo...

All the best,


pasquale iacuvelle ha detto...

Ciao a tutti,
complimenti ancora a Ciro per la pubblicazione in Russo.
Delle mie amiche in Russia la settimana scorsa mi hanno detto che il libro era disponibile per fine aprile,forse intendevano in libreria o anche on line?

Today I'm traveling to Dubai as soon I can I try to find a solution for Deva If someone could help her before will be nice ciao,

Luigi Galli ha detto...


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Anonimo ha detto...

I bumped into an article you have on Solar Returns and enjoyed it very much.
I am not an astrologer , though know enough about it that I usually take matters
into my own hands each year and do my own and husband's solar returns.
I am particularly concerned with the next upcoming return for both of us, in 2010.
I would be greatly appreciative. There is no one I know who can help, and the few that
offer a service, now charge hundreds of dollars (which I personally think is unfair).
Birth- March 28, 1958
8:46 pm
Place of residence now- Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada (or Parksville as the town)
Birth-March 31,1959
Same place of residence.
Best Regards and many Thanks.