lunedì 13 aprile 2009

The Solar Arcs

For Neena. Yes, the geographical coordinates of the Cocos Islands are correct as you can see at page 24 of the our atlas that you have downloaded here:

After you ask my opinion on Solar Arcs. Under this name often many astrologers sum different systems of forecasts: Arcs of Directions, Primary Directions, Secondary Directions, Progressions, Symbolic Progressions and Symbolic Directions and many others also.
I think that the most important studies on these arguments were of Henri J. Gouchon (Dictionnaire Astrologique, L’horoscope annuel simplifié, ecc.) and Reinhold Ebertin (Cosmobiologia: la nuova astrologia, Ciro Discepolo publisher, and other publications).
Their teachings were very interesting: you proceed, with Solar Arcs, to rectify a natal time of a birth and after you will be able to forecast all the important facts in the life of a subject: fantastic!
Unfortunately this theory doesn’t work. You can check it.
If you get a very very precise hour of a birth, probably, you will be able to indicate the exact day of the marriage relatively to a subject. After you can verify that you are not able to indicate only one second important fact in his life: the parent’s death, a date of a heavy car crash, the date of divorce, and all the facts of his life.
For these reasons, after that I studied many years Solar Arcs, I studied a method to give a date to the events.
This method is described in one of my books: Nuovo Trattato di Astrologia, Armenia Publisher, about 800 pages, Italy, 2004, only in Italian.

In this book I have explained my method that consists reading, in a particular mode, contemporarily and in a strict way, the Transits, the Solar Returns and the Lunar Returns of all the family’s subject. For the forecasts that are of my great interest, usually I study even for weeks and usually I make forecasts precise a lot.
Buon pomeriggio a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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