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To my wife Daniela, the best example of how the skilful use of
Elective Astrology can make you find the best partner in the
world in an ocean of false and evil people

Success in war is so inextricably linked to quick survey and to a
specific moment, that the battle of Austerlitz, won in such a total
way, would have been lost if I had attacked six hours earlier.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The jacket:

This short volume condenses the Author’s 42 year-long experience in the field of Elective Astrology, meaning by this that branch of Astrology aimed at choosing the best moment to baptize – in an astrological sense – the birth of a new business, or the living in a new house, or the beginning of a new love affair, or the signing of a contract before a notary, or the start in a good way of anything we care about. This book was published for the first time in Italy in 1988 and re-published in the same place in 2002. However, the Author has saved only about ten pages of that book because in all these years he has realised that he was making some methodological mistakes that later he has been able to correct through a long experience of direct consultations, having thousands of people asking him for the right day and hour in which they could give birth to something. For this reason the book is completely different from the Italian edition and he purposefully wanted to stop before he reached one hundred pages because he followed that conviction of his – which has always been much appreciated by his readers – that an example is worth one thousand words. The Author has thus tried to eliminate any repetition, addressing directly the core of practical problems that are useful for students in Astrology as well as for his colleagues.

Preface to the First Edition

Anyone who writes the history of twentieth-century Italian
Astrology at the end of the second millennium, will not fail to
remember that, having been dependent on foreign authors in
the Sixties and until the early Seventies, it soon freed itself
from them and emerged as an adult national astrological
movement of great originality.
I have observed it while going as an invited guest to several
Conferences in Italy, where I collected valuable friendships
and where these facts happened almost in front of my eyes.
However, the merit of this well-achieved growth shoult be
first of all given to a core group of enthusiasts, gathered by
or around the C.I.D.A. [André Barbault is mentioning the
first C.I.D.A. of Federico Capone and later of Serena Foglia,
editor’s note], an Italian astrological association which is much
more representative than other analogous European
associations, and the publication of “Linguaggio astrale” is
its happiest evidence.
It is precisely in such a background that I met Ciro [the
then vice-president of C.I.D.A., editor’s note], whom I
immediately saw as a fervent bearer of the future.
I started by appreciating his prudence. He certainly was
not one of the many agitators who want to revolutionize
everything, absolutely ignorant of where they are acting -
heirless miscarriages of venture. If you want to shake the
fruit tree, first of all you need to learn to do so because you
can’t go into the Palace of Urania in your slippers. Nor did I
miss to understand his vocation, his demand, his search for
“something else”, since he was no slave to tradition. So, I
understood that for him too, things were not that easy.
On one hand, the spirit of kinship “ especially when
you are a Cancer “ is an advisor. Of course, tradition,
supported by a “we”, gives the impression that we passively
follow a vast and blurred droning of a great family of noble
lineage whose knowledge is stammering. However, it is
not less necessary to be inspired by this vehicle of
collective memory, because a word from the past is not
overcome if it remains alive and if the trunk of our tree still
remains strong. On the other hand, those who do not go
through this path, eat a sour fruit which sets their teeth on
edge, and the solitary man who wants to go along this
warpath again in one life, then rediscovering all by himself,
condemns himself to fabricating his own myth. It is so
much wiser, then, to listen to the ancients!
But on the other hand, and so much so with great Uranian
values, shouldn’t we liberate Astrology from a superego of a
fossilizing tradition? Should we eternally run in circles, to do
again in the twentieth century what Ptolemy had done in the
second, Giuntino in the Renaissance and Morin in the
seventeenth century.
Let’s beware from bending to the mentality of the past,
from lining ourselves on the ancient, from being towed by
the already done.
If Astrology possesses a part of truth that is based on a
reality, it is immortal. But it is not alive in the sense that it
follows mechanically the beats of time, if it is able to reinvent
itself, reincarnating itself in the spirit of the men of every
epoch and remaining fecundated by such renewal.
Paradoxically, I got to say to myself, reading the
Tetrabiblos: what does it matter what Ptolemy thought about
what I find, since what I find helps me to understand and
improves my knowledge.
Ciro is exactly the kind of free spirit who looks for a new
way in modern thought. Searching for the strength of the
right track, he very soon became sensitive to the charm that,
at that time, “Symbolic Astrology” was beginning to hold.
Astrology that, giving itself back to its psychic field, finding
again its psychological function-virtue, re-gained its
justification to also become an avant-guarde knowledge.
In his astrological track, he then rooted himself to the values
of modern psychology. A strong position that, for example,
today frees him from the sirens’ song of a Reincarnationist
Astrology which goes along a crazy path diving into something
that we cannot know. However, his mental opening is equally
great: this I criticize of Statistics, the practice out of the need
for scientific nature, knowing well that you need to do it but
without making too many illusions. It is never in vain that we
clash against the core of one’s intellectual needs.
Everyone knows that Ciro “he first in Italy” launched
himself in the venture of information technology and his
important electronic tools, with the first researches, helped
by a small team of collaborators, locates him today at the
vanguard on the international Astrological scene.
Such a rare generosity for the cause lets us hope that he
will reach his aimed target: giving an order to an Astrology
which is not yet judged for what it is, but for what it is believed
to be, or for what we would want it to be.
This enthusiast, already made strong by a huge work, leads
us contemporarily in a particular adventure: that of the expert
who dives, with his sleeves rolled up, in the practice familiar
to his cabinet of consultation. The expert is completely at
ease and does not hesitate risking even before the field of
“elections”, so dear to Morin, a field in which conscience
clashes on the border of where you can go without going too

But, in the right distance between “pianissimo” and
“fortissimo”, who will complain for his excellent company?


Table of Contents:

Some bio-biographical notes of the Author:

An astrologer, journalist and writer, he was born in Naples in 1948 (on the 17th of July, at 5:40 am)

He worked for twenty years for the most popular daily of Naples, Il Mattino, writing articles on science, medicine, informatics, literature and astrology. He has always refused to cast the so-called ‘horoscopes of the solar signs’ for that newspaper, as well as for any other newspaper or magazine.
He worked (at the age of 20) for five years at the CNR (National Research Council) as Research Helper and, for two years, as Electronic Measures Laboratory’s head in the Istituto Motori of Naples, CNR.
He has been dealing with astrology since 1970. He has written over 70 books, most of them best-sellers in Italy as well as abroad (France, the United States of America, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Russia) and he has published over 1,000 astrological lessons on YouTube and about 150 short Astrology Essays on Google Books. In 1990 he founded the quarterly Ricerca ‘90, which he has been editing and publishing since then.

He has been doing statistical researches from the very beginning of his interest in astrology.
During the early ‘90s, he obtained brilliant results with researches on astral heredity on a sample of over 75,000 subjects, in different years and always under the control of different experts of statistics among which also teachers of the University of Naples.

The astrological rules #1 and #2, published in his Transits and Solar Returns but already described decades earlier in other publications of his, have been statistically demonstrated by Didier Castille – the greatest astrological statistic researcher in the world – on the entire French population, and this is probably the most convincing evidence in Astrology of the possibility to statistically demonstrate some astrological items. These rules were also demonstrated in over 40 years of studies by some researchers of Zurich University and they are the only statements of an astrologer, of every time, demonstrated by Official Science.

He has been holding seminars, courses and lectures in different universities and cultural centres in Italy and abroad.
He particularly deals with Predictive Astrology, Aimed Solar Returns and Aimed Lunar Returns. According to many colleagues, he may be considered the greatest living expert of this area of study. Not only has he written many texts on this specific segment of the art of Urania – he can also rely on the experience of more than 25,000 aimed birthdays (covering the years 1970 to 2012). The outcomes of these aimed birthdays have been recorded and analyzed by his consultants and himself at the end of each year after the consultant’s departure for the aimed birthday.

He has developed extremely advanced software packages for the study of Predictive Astrology, also projecting an innovative algorithm which is particularly useful for the dating of events within one year, for individuals or groups of people.

He is deeply interested in informatics. Astrologically speaking, he followed the school of André Barbault.
He founded the school of the Active Astrology.

Active Astrology

Active Astrology is a school of Astrology founded by Ciro Discepolo in the early 90’s, based on researches that the Author has carried out from 1970.
It relies on two main subjects: Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns and the Exorcism of Symbols.
The main notion to which Active Astrology is anchored is that the beneficiary of this school strives to mitigate the so-called ‘negative influences’ that supposedly arrive from ‘dissonant’ positions of the Celestials in our solar system at the instant of the Solar or Lunar Return and also to potentiate the positive implications for the subjects who are examined every time.

An Aimed Solar Return consists in changing one’s place of staying on the day of his or her birthday every year, thus relocating the Solar Return according to Discepolo’s consolidated rules, and spending one day only (a few minutes in reality) in an accurately chosen place; which may be different for each year.

The Exorcism of Symbols, on the contrary, relates to the possibility of activating a symbol and therefore discharging it, according to the school of Carl Gustav Jung.

Main works



-      Ciro Discepolo, Astralités d’Alberto Moravia, Etude de thème, l’astrologue, Numéro 54, Éditions Traditionnelles, 1981

-      Ciro Discepolo, Un millénaire de conjoncture mondiale - Astrologie mondiale, l’astrologue, Numéro spécial 61, Éditions Traditionnelles, 1983

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Luigi Galli and Ciro Discepolo, Geographical Atlas for the Solar Returns, Ricerca ’90 Publisher, 2001, 136 pages.

-      Ciro Discepolo, Treatise on Solar Returns (In Hungarian Language), DFT - Hungaria 2006, 190 pages.

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-      Ciro Discepolo, Lunar Returns; the many things you should know about this fantastic tool of forecasting, Ricerca ’90, 2010, 240 pages.

-      Ciro Discepolo, The Protocol for Correction of Birth Time; a Practical Method to Correct Your Birth Time, Ricerca ’90, 2011, 156 pages.

-      Ciro Discepolo, Solar and Lunar Returns; many exercises, Ricerca ’90, 2011, 154 pages.

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-      Ciro Discepolo, The Reading of the Natal Chart; the secrets of interpreting the Natal Chart illustrated with simplicity and clarity, Ricerca ’90, 2012, 402 pages.

Main seminars

La soggettività e la oggettività nelle scelte di indirizzo astrologico [The subjectivity and objectivity in the astrologically oriented choices], paid seminar at the University of the Studies of Padua, Faculty of Sciences of Communication, in the course conceived by Professor Maurizio Barbagallo, 9th of May 2001 (Link where you can download the relevant video, ca. 80 Mb:
Miti, simboli, archetipi, astrologia, letteratura [Myths, symbols, archetypes, astrology, literature], University of the Studies of Naples “L’Orientale”, Department of Comparative Studies and Italian Institutes for the Philosophical Studies, edited by Professor Vittorio Marmo and Professor Anna Maria Pedullà, 9th of May 2006 (Search on the link where you can download the relevant audio file)
Miti, simboli, archetipi, astrologia, letteratura [Myths, symbols, archetypes, astrology, literature], Budapest University (ELTE BTK Romanisztikai Intézet), 10th of October 2006 (;;;;

Astrologia: sì o no?[Astrology: yes or no?], Italian Institute of Culture, Budapest (1088, Bródy S. u. 8.), 12th of October 2006 (see

A very short selection of the works in which Ciro Discepolo’s works are quoted

Italian Institutes for the Philosophical Studies - managed by Gerardo Marotta - Palazzo Serra di Cassano - Naples, Annuario 1975-2000. In the premises of the Institute
(it quotes three conferences and a seminar held by Ciro Discepolo in different years)
L´uomo che sa leggere nei segreti delle stelle, [The man who can read in the secrets of stars] by Mimmo Carratelli, La, 4th of February 2007 (
The only guest in the TV programme GAP (Generazioni alla prova), broadcast by RAITRE on the 16th of April 2004 on the subject: The young and the astrology. The program GAP is part of Format, a television space edited by Giovanni Minoli. You can download the video of the program (ca 80 MB) from
Guest, together with the president of CICAP Steno Ferluga, of the radio program La notte dei misteri, broadcast by RAI Radiouno on the 8th of August 2002 (it lasted all night long), hosted by Gabriella Vasile and Elio Cadelo.
Giorgio Galli - Stelle Rosse, Astrologia neo-illuminista a uso della sinistra [Red Stars - Neo-Enlightenement Astrology for the use of the Left wing], 374 pages, Alacràn Edizioni, Milan, 2006, ISBN: 88-89603-24-0
A letter of Piero Chiara to Ciro Discepolo (
Camilla Cederna - Casa Nostra [Our Home] - Mondadori, Milan, 1983
Luciana Marinangeli - Risonanze Celesti [Celestial Resonances] - Marsilio, Venice 2007, 334 pages
André Barbault - Un siècle de statistiques astrologiques, Éditions Traditionnelles, Paris
Astrologia e Informatica [Astrologia e Informatica] - Magazine BIT, Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, Year IV, number 19
Third Eysenck Research Seminar in Astrology - edited by Professor Hans J. Eysenck, former holder of the chair of Psychology at London University, known for having created psychological tests named after him, Museo Villa Pignatelli di Napoli, 3-4-5 of June 1988. Edition sponsored by the Regional Authority of Campania.
Contributions to the correction of data relevant to the various time zones (
If you search Solar Returns (the astrological subject to which he is mostly committed) on, his name appears in the first six documents in a list of about 37 millions (
A nice André Barbault’s letter (
A preface of André Barbault to a book of mine (

Ciro Discepolo’s birth chart:

Caro Ciro,

grazie per la stima e la fiducia.
Posterò la risposta ad Angelino59 in un'altro commento, per motivi di spazio.

Ti faccio i complimenti per le foto di tua figlia Luna.
Hai delle figlie bellissime e, pur non conoscendole di persona, sono certo che sono delle persone veramente speciali.
Degne figlie di tanto padre!
I migliori auguri a Luna per le difficoltà che sono certo riuscirà a superare.

Vorrei farti due domande:

1)Mi incuriosisce molto il tuo nuovo libro inglese sull'astrologia elettiva:
si tratta di una traduzione del tuo testo italiano del 1988con degli ampliamenti e aggiornamenti?
O è un testo a se stante?

2)Riguardo alla correzione dell'ora di nascita nel mio caso stavo osservando l'entrata di Marte in decima; 9 giorni prima della data attesa mi telefona mia madre per dirmi che avevano operato mia nonna per la cataratta. Appena operata mia nonna si è trasferita a casa da noi e ci è restata per un mese intero, durante il quale mia madre ha dovuto occuparsi di lei, applicandole più volte al giorno diversi tipi di collirio. Veramente un bell'impegno, considerando che di solito durante il pomeriggio mia madre deve badare almeno a due dei tre nipotini!
Impegno che continua anche ora che mia nonna si è trasferita a casa sua.
Mi sembra una simbologia calzante con Marte in X!

La mia domanda è: come ingresso di Marte in X vale il giorno in cui ho ricevuto la telefonata, o il giorno in cui effettivamente mia nonna è stata operata?
Io propenderei per la prima delle due, cosa ne pensi?

Ti mando un caro saluto

Con stima e amicizia

Michele Pellegrini

Caro Michele,
ti ringrazio per gli apprezzamenti alle mie figlie: è vero che sono belle dentro e fuori, due ragazze pulite, dai sani sentimenti, orientate all’amore, mai spinte dall’odio o dall’invidia, ma - ovviamente - spesso vittime dell’odio e dell’invidia di persone piccole piccole piccole...
Ti dirò una cosa che tu sai già, che gli astrologi sanno già da sempre, che il grande Kepler teorizzò in maniera precisa e che altri (il sottoscritto, Didier Castille, professori universitari...) hanno potuto anche dimostrare con il metodo scientifico oltre che con la pratica astrologica: l’ereditarietà astrale è un fatto incontestabile. Applicando questa grande verità a una sola caratteristica delle mie figlie, noi vediamo che nel lato maschile della mia famiglia (il mio bisnonno, mio nonno Ciro, mio padre, io e mio fratello Bruno) non abbiamo mai fumato. Nel ramo femminile della mia famiglia fumavano quasi tutte: ebbene, io non ho mai detto a Laura e a Luna di non fumare, ma è bastato il mio esempio, vedermi per tutta la vita mai con una sigaretta in mano, che tanto è stato sufficiente a non far nascere mai in loro il desiderio di fumare, tanto meno quello di farsi delle canne o altro.
E veniamo alle tue domande.

Elective Astrology ha preso solo 10 pagine dal mio testo italiano Astrologia Applicata e poi è stato riscritto completamente. Al contrario del mio libro di circa un mese fa (The Reading of the Natal Chart, 402 pagine di medio formato), questo primo dono del mio compleanno (nasce oggi, 8 giorni dopo il mio compleanno) è un libretto agile di circa 100 pagine perché io ho descritto, a mezzo di esempi e di 22 regole guida, le varie situazioni che possono capitarci di voler promuovere o difendere: l'acquisto di una casa, l'entrata in possesso di una casa nuova o di un'auto nuova, la data giusta per sposarsi o per inaugurare una mostra, la scelta del giorno per una operazione chirurgica importante e via dicendo.
In ogni mio libro ho sempre scritto degli errori commessi in passato. Su questo argomento credo che la pratica mi abbia dimostrato di averne commessi più della media e quindi ho riscritto tutto d'accapo lasciando anche le sole prime 10 pagine dove in una nota preciso che oggi non avrei scelto in quel modo e ho voluto mostrare come sbagliavo quando venivo guidato da poca pratica. 
Tra i brevi, ma credo istruttivi capitoli del libro, ve n'è anche uno particolarmente interessante: quello che parla delle Solar Returns come "regine" di ogni inaugurazione. Ho inserito due esempi che, a mio avviso, dimostrano in modo schiacciante che la Rivoluzione Solare cosiddetta del MezzoPunto è un enorme falso, teorico e pratico, che non produce alcun risultato neanche lontanamente credibile. 

Relativamente alla seconda domanda. Avrei bisogno di avere molte più informazioni e di condurre un interrogatorio nei tuoi confronti. La telefonata di tua nonna potrebbe essere la puntura d'ape che segna l'ingresso di Marte in Casa X. Ma potrebbe anche essere uno dei tanti piccoli danni provocati dal passaggio di Marte in nona (se per esempio la telefonata proveniva da un'altra regione italiana) che può durare anche mesi e che colpisce varie volte, non soltanto il giorno del suo ingresso nella Casa. Un caro saluto. 

Per Angelino59:

Caro Angelino, mi hai fornito degli spunti interessanti e ho scritto un altro articolone!
Non posso incollarlo qui nei commenti perché contiene molti grafici e un paio di tabelle.

Ti posto il link:

Naturalmente l'invito a leggere e commentare è esteso a tutti!

Un saluto

Michele Pellegrini

cricriczak ha lasciato un nuovo commento sul tuo post "Exercises In Aimed Solar Returns 30 (English)":

Dear Ciro
I am just changing my professional life right now (new job which just began on July 20th 9h00), and after inquiry on your astro-geo risk software, I noticed that I have a high risk to stay in Paris for my Birthday, (natal date = Dec 11, 1959, 9h30, Limoges - France), with 66 score negative.

This new job is very tough, (and I have been suffering from my Mars square Pluto enough in the past), so it is important to optimize my SR. Going somewhere out of Paris is the key, but where?

Anyway I have read your book about what to do in case I cannot leave, but I have no time for gum or plastic surgeries in 2013, and would highly prefer to have fun a few days somewhere instead.

I tried several destinations with your software, but is there a way to calculate the best place?

I have read all André Barbault’s litterature, and am wondering if he is on a good shape right now, as I haven’t seen anything published by him on his website recently?

all my best
Christine from Paris

Welcome Christine from Paris!

Dear Christine,
to find a good Aimed Solar Returns you can use the 30 rules of the book of mine "Transits and Solar Returns" with the aid of the Index of the Year Risk or you could use the fantastic Aladino (but I don't sell it abroad) or you can ask a consultation to a my student or colleague or you can ask, for free, a my advice here.
I advice you Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico that is not wonderful, but that is, in my opinion, the best for you next birthday, with Jupiter in the X House and Venus on the 3^/IV Houses' Cusp.
Best wishes. (click on the picture to enlarge it). 

Si, i dati sono quelli che aveva memorizzati, comunque se vede nel commento li avevo ripetuti, infatti lei stesso li ha riportati :-)
ad ogni modo grazie mille per la risposta, gentilissimo come sempre!


Caro Ciro,
ti ringrazio davvero, anche se il paradosso vuole che masochisticamente esulti mentre me la vado a cercare in quel di Potenza!... :-)
Piuttosto, come verifica già attuabile, che ne pensi di valutare anche gli accadimenti avvenuti negli ultimi mesi? La pratica dei diari fatta per 3 anni con Pino Valente ha fatto si che abbia continuato a registrarli e quindi potrei essere operativa da subito.

Grazie come sempre di esserci ...

Bene, cara Diapason. Relativamente alla tua offerta penso che non sia una buona idea: come ho spiegato molte volte, i tentativi di correzione dell'ora di nascita si fanno quasi esclusivamente sul futuro e non sul passato. Un caro saluto. 

Buongiorno Ciro

Sto attendendo con "la bava alla bocca" il libro Elective Astrology che hai menzionato sul blog.
Sulla base delle regole apprese seguendo i tuoi innumerevoli consigli sto via via ampliando la mia pratica su questo tema anche nelle piccole cose quotidiane. Sarà certamente un ulteriore strumento fondamentale dell'astrologia attiva.

Alessandro Franchi

Caro Alessandro,
allora spero che ti piacerà e spero di leggere una tua recensione su Amazon americano... 
Un caro saluto. 


Carissimo Ciro,
grazie per l'informazione, acquisterò sicuramente il Libro, magari faccelo saper sul Blog quando sarà in vendita!!
Ci sentiamo presto , presto!!

Accontentato all’istante...

Spero di non avere dimenticato alcunché. 

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo


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To post a question or a comment, visualize the page with the blog of that day and go under to the whole page. Then enter the writing “Sets a Comment” or “Tot Commenti” and leave the black little ball on Anonymous. Then write the message and, after having signed it with your own name and last name or with a nickname, send this message. It always needs that you add place, day, month, time and year of birth. I answer usually in the blog of the day after.

Per vedere bene i grafici zodiacali e le foto, occorre cliccarci sopra: si ingrandiranno.

To see well a graph, click on it and it will enlarge itself.

Passando il puntatore del mouse su di un grafico, leggerete, in basso a destra dello schermo, il nome della località consigliata. Se ciò non dovesse avvenire, vi consiglio di usare come browser Chrome di Google che è gratuito e, a mio avviso, il migliore.

Where it will be my birthday?
Passing the mouse pointer on a graph, you will read, in low to the right of the screen, the name of the recommended place. If this didn't have to happen, I recommend you to use as browser Chrome of Google that is free and, in my opinion, the best.

A che ora sarà il mio compleanno? (At what time I will have my Solar Return?):

Qual è l’Indice di Pericolosità del Mio Anno?
CALCULATE, FREE, YOUR INDEX OF RISK FOR THE YEAR (as explained in the book Transits and Solar Returns, Ricerca ’90 Publisher, pages 397-399):

Quanto Vale il Mio Rapporto di Coppia?
Test Your Couple Compatibility:

7 commenti:

Pino067 ha detto...

Caro Ciro, molti complimenti e auguri per la tua nuova pubblicazione in lingue inglese, Ad Maiora!

Ludovico ha detto...

Stupendo Ciro, il nuovo libro !
L'ho già comprato: non vedo l'ora di leggerlo ! (e non vedo l'ora di leggere la "Revisione dell'Astrologia"). Complimenti !
PS quando avrai tempo di riprendere le pillole ricordati di una mia vecchia richiesta sulla congiunzione Giove-Saturno nelle case di nascita.. Grazie mille di tutto!

Luigi Galli ha detto...

Vivissimi complimenti a Ciro per il nuovo libro.
La valanga avanza...

Michele Pellegrini ha detto...

Caro Ciro,

credo proprio che il tuo nuovo libro entrerà a breve nella mia biblioteca di astrologia.
Sarebbe il secondo in lingua inglese, visto che ho inaugurato il mio kindle proprio con "The protocol for correction of birth time".

Cose meravigliose!

Quanto alla seconda domanda, ho ricevuto la telefonata di mia madre dalla Puglia, vivendo io in provincia di Milano.

Cari saluti


Anonimo ha detto...

Caro Ciro, volevo dei consigli circa libri di altri autori (che mi ha già indicato nella sua risposta) ma anche altri suoi libri utili all'interpretazione del tema natale, come le ho detto io ho comprato nuova guida all'astrologia, ci sono altri libri, sempre composti da lei, in cui affronta l'ambito del tema natale? Si sono d'accordo con lei circa l'essenzialità, infatti ho precisato che un libro esige una maggiore sintesi rispetto a un video in cui si può anche divagare in maniera utile. Forse dipende dal fatto che avendo ancora letto poco e essendomi avvicinata alla sua scuola da poco, non ho una buona visione d'insieme, e nelle pillole lei cerca di dare tale visione d'insieme, mentre dalla lettura del libro lei analizza i singoli aspetti e poi la visione d'insieme bisogna costruirla da sé. Magari leggendo altri suoi libri posso migliorare questa visione d'insieme, intendevo questo, non volevo criticare, anzi la stimo molto, e ho notato la validità delle sue idee. Capisco anche che a tal proposito influisce l'esperienza che io non ho. Ad esempio ho trovato qualche difficoltà per quanto riguarda l'ambito della dominante, quali sono gli aspetti che più la determinano? la vicinanza agli angoli del cielo? Grazie per la sua precedente risposta e per la sua pazienza.

Anonimo ha detto...

Caro Ciro,
complimenti per il nuovo libro e a presto

Anonimo ha detto...