venerdì 14 maggio 2010

A Solar Return for Ayesha Zaman from Pakistan

Welcome Ayesha Zaman from Pakistan!

I think that it is very dangerous for you moving next birthday because the range of your birth hour is too large and it is not possible, in an Aimed Solar Return chart, to place Mars and Saturn in the same House when this House is not the third or the nine.

Unfortunately it is not possible to correct your birth hour departing from the list of events that you sent me. I advise you to study the entry of Mars in every House of your Natal Chart. This protocol, useful if you will apply it for three years, can suggest to you the right correction of the birth hour because, when Mars enters in a House, it is as a bee puncture. For example: when Mars enter in your fourth Natal Chart you, the same day, will have some problems with your parents or with your home or with your hard disk and then, studying with a lot of attention, you can be able to correct your birth hour. You can read the meanings of Mars in the Houses in the my book “Transits and Solar Returns” that you can buy here:

For this year you can test, but with a lot of risks, and working on 14.45, a birthday in Panjigur, Pakistan (watch the charts that you can enlarge clicking on them).
Best wishes.

For All. I thank All because every day I receive some invites to add my name to several lists as Unik, Facebook and others: it is no possible, for me, because this blog take the my quasi-full time.

Per Tutti. Ringrazio Tutti perché ogni giorno ricevo cortesissimi inviti ad iscrivermi a liste come Unik, Facebook e tante altre, ma questo blog assorbe una parte molto rilevante delle mie energie e del mio tempo e ciò mi impedisce di frequentare altri spazi virtuali.

Per Niko. Il nostro incontro di Sant’Agata dei due Golfi durerà dalle 14 di venerdì 18 giugno alle 12 di domenica 20 giugno. In quella sede decideremo, in piena libertà, quando riunirci per il seminario e per il resto.

Caro Giuseppe, il reparto più utilizzato, purtroppo, in tutto il mondo, è quello “Religioni”.

Buon pomeriggio a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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