domenica 12 aprile 2009

Il compleanno di Luigi Galli a Madeira

Le altre foto nel nostro album completo a questo indirizzo:
Per Antonellina. Ho delle idee mie e precise sulla morte e sull'AA. È un discorso importante e lungo. Lo farò prima della fine dell’anno, quando ne sarò costretto.
Di nuovo auguri a Tutti di una Serena Pasqua.
Ciro Discepolo

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Pino067 ha detto...

Faccio i miei auguri a tutte le amiche e a tutti gli amici del Blog!!

Niko ha detto...

Auguri a tutti di buona Pasqua da Niko

Celeste ha detto...

Molti auguri a tutti da Celeste!

BRUNO ha detto...

Buona Pasqua a tutti auguroni

manu ha detto...

Auguri a tutti anche da parte mia!
Un bacio!

bianca ha detto...

auguri a Ciro e a tutti gli amici del blog

bianca ha detto...

auguri a Ciro e a tutti gli amici del blog

Luigi Galli ha detto...

Mi unisco agli Auguri a tutto il blog.

Anonimo ha detto...

Appena in tempo...auguri di buona Pasqua e pasquetta a Ciro ed a tutti voi del blog.
Ed in più a Luigi anche auguri di buon compleanno!

Neena ha detto...

Respected Ciro,
I was working on astrology today and had some questions:
Let me first say that the Cocos island projection for my friend is absolutely flawless and a beautiful return. She looked up all the flights and decided that that location would be extremely difficult for her to travel to with her family. So, she is reluctantly planning on going to Nagpur,India which is the 2nd best choice available.
I have been reading several books on Solar Arc by different authors. And when I did the solar arcs of several of my friends with some birth time rectification, the solar arc always tells me the major incidents in the life of the native.
In case of my friend who is born in ambala, she has Pluto coming to the Ascendant in the year 2012. All the books claim that it will be bad year while the planet is within a degree of the Asc? Do you agree with this?
Kindly let me know your esteemed view on solar arcs and what you think about this.

Neena ha detto...

Respected Ciro,
THank you for your comments. Unfortunately I do not know italian and so I will not be able to benefit from the book that you have written. Can you kindly give an example maybe using the date of birth 19th November 1970 at 5:50am in Ambala,India.
How to use solar arc in coordination with your rules. And in this chart, what is the meaning of Pluto coming to Ascendant. Would she expect something bad or can something good also come out of this?