venerdì 3 aprile 2009

Maceió Brazil

For Neena. OK, now, with the right latitude and the right longitude we have the exact maps. They are, descending, Natal Chart, Durban 2009, Costa Rica 2010, Olinda 2010, Maceio’ 2010, Cocos Islands November 2009 and Nagpur Sonegaon Maharashtra 2009.
I confirm you that the very difficult moment of Ravi has a only single name: the Ascendant of Durban Solar Return in the first House of his Natal Chart.Your project for a new Aimed Solar Return in Costa Rica is no good because we have the Ascendant of the Solar Return in the 12th House of the Natal Chart of Ravi and three asters in the 12th House of the Solar Return.Instead you have my compliments for the Solar Return of Olinda: it is almost perfect!
You have only to move, toward west the planets, a bit, to avoid 3 asters in the 8th House, but saving Venus in the 8th that is good for money gains. You can obtain that in Maceio’, near Olinda.Now we observe the other your November friend. Please, hold strong your attention. I advice you two locations: Cocos Islands and Nagpur Sonegaon Maharashtra, India.
For both we have a good Jupiter in the tenth House. In Cocos Map we have Mars in the third House (a few damages) and a good Venus in the sixth House (a very well protection for health, work, work relations). In the Nagpur map we have Mars in the fourth House (more difficult respect the third House with a possibility of a hospitalization), but we have Venus on the DS line (minus of 2,5 degrees from the line that is the border sixth/seventh Houses, if the birth time is correct). This position is excellent because Venus is able to save, contemporarily, health, work, work relations, law, partner relations, love, marriage, commercial relations, audience… It is, in my opinion, one of the best positions in an Aimed Solar Return, probably the first in absolute!
I hope you are satisfied. Best wishes.

Prego nuovamente tutti di rendere più facile la mia assenza rispondendo a chi ha più bisogno di aiuto.

Buon pomeriggio a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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