martedì 14 aprile 2009

Previsioni molto precise

For Neena. Yes, I know the situation. Unfortunately it is a book of almost 800 pages and I don’t know if a day, in the future, an American publisher could be interested to print it.
Yet, in this book are many examples to learn dating the events that you can read even in my books that you have.
One of the many examples regards the death’s saga of the Gandhi family: the homicide of the Mahatma Gandhi, the one of Indira Gandhi, the violent death of Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi… About 80 pages of the book, 105 astrological maps and all the explanations to know because they dead in those precise dates. I studied some weeks to write this paragraph.
The same thing was made for the explanation of my forecast about my mother’s death: over one year before, I announced to my closed relatives that my mother would have left us thirteen months later, between December 25th and December 31th, 1996. My mother, in that moment, was not sick. My mother died in the night between 25 and 26 December 1996. I departed with this anguish watching a position in my Natal Chart. After I studied 2-3 weeks, all the astrological situations of my relatives, living and died, the their Transits, the their Solar Returns, the their Lunar Returns. I studied every situation separately and after mixing all information. Every my student that red my books on the Transits and on the Solar and on the Lunar Returns could obtain the same results.
The forecasts of a death, I think, are not correct and we can study them only for us: never for others.
I cannot made examples for your friend or for other peoples because it needs a lot of time, at last two weeks of work and I have not a quantity of time like it for me or for others.
But I am sure that if you will follow the rules, the precise rules, of my school, you will be able to do any exact forecast.

Per gli altri Amici. Appena tornate dai Caraibi, fatevi vivi.

Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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