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The Best ASR and The Best Choice Of Time For A Surgery

For Georgiana C that asks

Thank very much you for your pieces of advice. I am still under pre surgery orthodontic treatment, so I cannot have it done these days.I am supposed to undergo this surgery somewhere in August, September or October.When would it be the right time?Was wondering whether a Venus in 12th would protect me.It is a risky surgery for the facial and dental nervs, but also for the vocal cords as it implies a tubular insertion next to the larynx.The recovery is also extremely important as it takes several months.I also have another question: How important is the Moon phase(moonrise/moonset)for a surgery?

For 2012 I want to relocate to US. If the transits are not very good, then I will leave it for 2013, the latest.I want to benefit of Jupiter's transit through the 9th to the full.It will also trine my natal Sun and Venus.Would Vienna/Budapest be a good choice for the 2012 SR?
I would concentrate more on my musical career.I somehow put it on 2nd place by now.Love is also extremely important, but I guess it comes together with art.

Up to your next birthday, as you know, you are protected from the best position that exists for a maxillofacial surgery. But us, inside this, have to keep on choosing the most correct moment. This is, according to my experience, few days after your ALR of September 22, lived home. In fact there we have a Sun in 10 ^ House that allows you to get an emancipation; Jupiter in sixth protects your health and Pluto and the AS will be are in the second House: a big help for the aesthetics. Few days later you will have Venus of transit on the cus between the First and the Second House: this, believes, picks up the maximum one of the maximum one for your purpose.  
In my book "The Fundamenths Of Medical Astrology", that you can find on, I have inserted a brief chapter on "Surgery and Active Astrology." In this chapter I explain that the old rule of Ptolemy to operate with the decreasing Moon, to avoid hemorrhages post operating, is not right to be anymore, for the contemporarely progresses of the surgery and of the pharmaceutical science.  
For your ASR in the 2012 Vienna and Budapest go against your projects to move yourselves to USA because you would place Saturn in 10^/11 ^ and Mars in the House of the foreign countries, joined to the Mid Heaven.   
Cold Bay, in Alaska, is the best!

Quattro "Pillole" sulla Bilancia:

Ciro Discepolo - Poche note sulla Bilancia  1- "Pillole" di Astrologia

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Per Danila. Cara Danila più sotto vedrai il grafico che chiedi e posso dirti che la cuspide della 6^ Casa è a 28°45'27",4530. Ti confermo la giustezza dei ragionamenti e del procedimento e ti invito ad osservare, tuttavia, che non era necessario scendere alle 2h31' per avere tre astri in sesta e un Saturno molto vicino all'AS. 
Anche io avevo letto di quelle statistiche: figurati se, allora, oltre a essere sardi, si è anche una maestra Yoga come te e si pratica, in aggiunta, l'AA...

Per A.P., speriamo.

Anche io, Uranio15, non credo che i libici sbarcheranno a Trapani. 

Benvenuta Giuliana da Trieste! Non credo che le tue due opzioni vadano bene. A Helsinki avresti tre astri tra 12^ e I^ Casa e l'AS in 6^. A Porto ti prenderesti Marte in I^. Credo che una buona ASR per te sia quella che vedi sotto e che puoi ingrandire cliccandoci sopra con la freccia del mouse: Kuusamo, Finlandia. Auguri.

Per Scara. Se ho compreso bene la tua domanda, ti confermo la mia risposta di ieri (l'edonismo, l'autoindulgenza, attuata anche attraverso una ricca attività ludica e ricreativa, possono, per determinati soggetti, essere anche essere curativi).

Per Valeria. Penso nulla di pericoloso per te.

Per Karmico69. Incrociamo le dita...

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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