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A New Review of Georgiana Costescu Rich in Intelligence and Culture

5.0 out of 5 stars The Bible of Solar Return Astrology, June 21, 2011
This review is from: Transits And Solar Returns; A New System of Analysis for Two Ancient Methods (Paperback)
This is definitely the Bible of Solar Return Astrology, pure essence of this field. One could read this book only and manage to understand what the Solar Return is and how it works. The information is very concentrated and stresses on the most important elements that should be regarded in a Solar Return chart. 

The genius of Ciro Discepolo consists first of all in his ability to extract the 33 essential rules of the Solar Return. No other astrologer before has ever had either the courage or the ability to even name a few DON'Ts that should be considered in making a Solar Return. 

All the previous work on this subject talks only about how the individual grows and evolves with every Solar Return that passes over, no matter if bad or good. Traditional Astrology doesn't care about the individual's agony through the carousel named "life". It is just fine with them to talk about "the great developmental cycle". We are tired of all this beating about the bush and pampering of the bad celestials or of the astrological aspects. 

Ciro Discepolo gives straight answers and directions. No doubt "Transits and Solar Returns" is a revolutionary book that highlights what should be truly considered in any Solar Return. From now on, we have the Guide that shows exactly which path to follow when we forecast and what is really important. There is no point in stressing on how a Mars in a fire sign could make our actions or activities more direct or energetic, since this Mars lies menacingly in the 12th house of the SR. Thus, we could expect to be robbed, attacked, injured in accidents, suffer complicated surgeries, etc. This is the great error of the Traditional Astrology: it concentrates too much on the details and looses the essential. Why should we fill pages on how a Solar Return Ascendant in Taurus makes us more practical, predictable, drawn to arts or willing to start a business, since it lies gloriously in the 12th house? It is like buying an ice-cream just for its color and not for its taste. 

The 33 rules presented in the book definitely are the pillar of Active Astrology. I noticed on blogs and in some reviews, that many argued about the most important rule of the Solar Return: 1st, 6th and 12th houses together with Mars are extremely damaging when highlighted. I have to confess that, after reading the book, I made all the Solar Return charts that me and my family had by now, just to see if it applies. I was amazed. The rule is very true. 

Ciro Discepolo clarifies that "Anytime we face a disgrace in our life, at least one of the 3 malefic houses (1st, 6th,12th) is involved in the SR!" and not the other way round as it has been speculated (Anytime the 3 houses are involved, we face a disgrace). Well, to me, bad things happened every time I had Mars or the 3 houses highlighted. I even noticed that the disgrace and damage is even higher when at least 2 of the 3 malefic houses are empowered. 

I would like to give a few examples. In 1994, when I was 8 years old my parents gave me a cute little kitten as a pet. I loved her so much and played all day with her. One day of this horrific year, while I was playing, I mistakenly stepped over the little kitten's head and she died in my hands. All my tears and cries were not enough to help her. I was in shock for a few months after seeing the blood and dead body of my beloved friend. It was a terrible accident that marked me for life. Looking at the Solar Return chart, I see the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in the 6th house and the AS in the dreadful 12th house. Venus didn't have any benefic power and was not able to protect the 6th house of the pets, while facing the 2 bad sectors, 6th and 12th. 

Another example would be the death of my grandpa, my mother's father. My mother had a very serious argument with her father a few weeks before he died. She didn't speak to him anymore and couldn't forgive him for the things he had said. At the same time, he had suffered an ulcer surgery that weakened him a lot. He eventually ended up in hospital. She decided and went to see him, but with a casual attitude. The last image of her father alive was him staying at the window of the hospital and waving his hand to say goodbye. After grandpa died, she suffered a great shock and fell into depression. She didn't have the time to say "I forgive you, father". The image of her father waving his hand at the window of the hospital still appears now in her dreams and hunts her. She knew that his waving meant "I'm sorry", but she couldn't wave back at him. The AS of the year (2004) lied in her 12th house. Jupiter in the 1st house simply couldn't have the power to create a positive year. With all that, Traditional Astrology still argues that anytime Jupiter is in the 1st house, the year is benefic. To turn the page to another disputed rule, guess how my SR looked for 2004? The Sun was in my 1st house (burdensome year) and AS in the 4th (family). To complete, the AS of my sister was in the 11th house (mourning). 

I will give another example that proves the 1st house is a malefic sector in the SR. I was 14 when I was accused unjustly by some envious school mates, of placing chewing gum on the chair of a teacher. Even some colleagues that I considered friends of mine, lied and showed their hate towards me. A great pressure was unfairly put on me and had to bear a lot of malicious attitudes. It was a very treacherous year that marked my personality and development in a damaging way. I had a stellium in the 1st house of the SR, together with the Sun. 

I will end the list of examples with the story of a friend of mine. My friend had a very bad year in 2010. He confesses to have had in fact the worst year of his life: he was fired from work, his girlfriend left him, the owner of the apartment where he stayed with rent ended the contract and his beloved grandma which he loved and trusted even more than his parents, died. His grandma had raised him. His AS for that year was in the 10th natal house and the Sun formed a stellium with Mercury and Saturn in the 1st house of the SR. 

I have so many examples that prove the authenticity of the 33 rules. My examples only, would fill hundreds of pages. What I need to say, is that these awful years, somehow, expand their damaging influence over many years ahead and, sometimes, even manage to spoil the great things we achieve with many efforts during years. The evil events usually mark us so bad that we never recover. So, where is the evolution or the spiritual development that the Traditional Astrology is talking about? 

"Transits and Solar Returns" of Ciro Discepolo is a very precious book that needs to be read carefully. There is no need to judge the rules and try anxiously to repel them when it is obvious that they work perfectly. They are, after all, the scientific result of a lifetime research in practice, not just in theory. Time will prove that the Active Astrology practice is the only one able to offer straight answers and predictions for our future. This is just the beginning of this New Era of Astrology.

Georgiana Costescu, Bucharest

Per Valeria. Cari Amici, su, datevi da fare a trovare un'ottima ASR per la dolce metà di Valeria. Se non lo farete, studierò io la cosa nei prossimi giorni.
Cara Valeria, non conosco i dati di nascita del sindaco De Magistris, ma non mi preoccuperei perché lui ha ripetuto continuamente, in campagna elettorale, che con o senza camorra, con o senza l'aiuto di Governo, Regione e Provincia, avrebbe fatto diventare Napoli, in poche settimane, pulita e fiorita come l'isola di Madeira.

Dal Corriere della Sera di ieri, la storia di questo grande Premio Nobel che è un nostro collega astrologo!

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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