venerdì 24 giugno 2011

A Very Interesting Example of Relocation

Who is Cesare Battisti? A vulgar murderous, even if he definishes himselfes a "communist fighter." He was born in Cisterna of Latina, Italy, December 18th 1954, at 01.00 am, according to the certificate of birth. In the years when the Brigate Rosse have committed many crimes in Italy, Cesare Battisti has killed four unarmed citizens during robberies in shops or in the bank. In the last robbery he killed a jeweler and he seriously hurt his son that since then, over twenty years, alive on a wheelchair.
The Italian Justice has found him guilty of many crimes, among which these four homicides, and it has sentenced for him an imprisonment at life. He has succeeded in running away in France where he has lived many years, protected from the "decree Mitterand" that it gave political asylum to the political refugees, but when the sentence has been definitive and this sentence has been for common crimes, France has expelled him  and he is sheltered in Brazil where few days ago, in Brasilia, was rejected the Italian request of extradition and, then, now, in Brazil, he is a free man that lives with the young fiancée in this Country with which we Italians have always had ties of blood and friendship.
Our blogger, the international writer Paola Calvetti, during our conference of few days ago, has had the idea to push me to study his AstroCartoGraphy, and here are the results.
Meanwhile two words on his Natal Chart: there are no traces of political motivations (for example a strong Neptune in aspect to the luminaries or to the Ascendant or to Mars). But his hold conjunction Venus-Saturn, to 0° degrees, in Scorpio and in his radix Second House speaks to us of his true motivations when it used the machine gun: the money!
And we come to his relocations, very interesting.
In France, to Paris, we find the Sun to the FC: a good place of reception, but not exceptional.
To Brasilia, instead we find the maximum one for the physical and mental comfort: Jupiter tightened to the Ascendant. Could we ask to the stars to be clearer?
Nevertheless the history is not ended and being also Uranus close to the Ascendant in Brasilia, this it makes me think about sensations for he that he is not waiting, despite the benevolence and the protection of the President Lula: in the future he could be also victim of a banal robbery and stricken being him, this time, from a hit of a gun...

Dear Georgiana, you will have an extraordinay powerfull astrological situation for your surgery. Istanbul is quasi-neutral. In the future, for a surgery that we hope will be never, choose Jupiter or Venus close to the Ascendant on the relocated chart. Best wishes.

Benvenuta Anna! Faremo tutto il possibile per l'amico Felice D'Ascenzo, ma se tu posterai anche tutti i dati completi di tua sorella, il nostro lavoro riuscirà meglio.

Per Antonio. Ricorda: i Transiti esistono soltanto in rapporto al Tema Natale. Non esistono transiti sulle ASR o sulle ALR.

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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