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A Very Deep And Articulated Georgiana's Review on

Aimed Solar And Lunar Returns


I went to different astrologers to receive answers on my life and get cure for the problems that I faced. They all indicated with precision the problems that I had and offered only psychological counselling, like try to be more flexible, think positive, concentrate or wait ten more years and maybe you will get what you are looking for. Others even comforted me with the karma: "I'm sorry for you, but now you are paying for the wrong things you did in a past life" or even menaced "Stop all these things that you are doing now or you will pay double in a future life". Tired of all these "pieces of advice", I decided to find somehow a different approach in Astrology.

Luckily I discovered Ciro Discepolo's books on Solar Returns. This truly changed my outlook in life. His work on Solar Returns indicates exactly how to attain positive situations in life using Astrology. His book Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns shows in the purest way how to use the transits together with the Solar Returns in order to protect ourselves from the bad celestial influence and even achieve our goals in life.

I discovered that it is in our power to change bad situations into positive ones. We only need to understand the meaning of the aspects and transits and act accordingly to their nature. Ciro Discepolo explains all these aspects in his book and offers many examples. It is easy and important to identify problems on a chart, but it is more important and vital to find real solutions to these problems, otherwise Astrology would be useless. Mending trough personal actions challenging celestial influence defines Active Astrology. The individual no longer waits for bad events to arrive, not even confronts them, but manages to avoid or even eliminate them. This is simply wonderful!

This book, together with "Transits and Solar Returns", is a masterpiece of Astrology and the work of a genius. No one, until this point, has ever interpreted the Solar Returns and Transits this way before. This astrologer not only tells people how to get rid of forthcoming problems and disasters ("Transits and Solar Returns"), but also indicates, in this book, how to confront bad aspects and transits and manage to make it through.

Ciro Discepolo writes in a very direct manner, the journalistic style, and this makes the information very accessible to the reader. Anyone can understand how transits and Solar Returns truly work by simply reading Ciro Discepolo's books. He brought Astrology close to people that want to make a difference in life by manipulating good or bad astrological aspects.

Anyone should read this book, whether they are professional astrologers or regular people. "Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns" could be interpreted as a very strong and useful conclusion of a lifetime passionate research in the wonderful field of Astrology. Her author dedicated more than 40 years of his life studying hundreds of thousands of charts and doing researches on Solar Returns and transits, so this is 100% an authentic Astrology document.

Ciro Discepolo started a new era of science in Astrology seen eyes wide opened. There is no longer place in the field of sciences for philosophical or metaphysical Astrology. Traditional philosophical Astrology can only be read as a very good piece of literature that enriches ones vocabulary, but is not able to empower people to forecast and ease their future. We need straight answers to our concerns and substantial solutions to our endeavours for a better life. Encouraging and nice words like "the Sun in the 12th house of the Solar Return will make you grow spiritually" won't stop the unpleasant events to take place. A Saturn will always bring difficult situations or will completely block ones actions, even with good aspects. So, it is useless to promise spiritual growth, maturity and stability just for the sake of optimism.

It may seem that positive situations are difficult to achieve. It is true, but since we have this powerful tool called the Aimed Solar Return, we will finally be able to decide ourselves what to improve, achieve and, moreover, when. 
Best regards,
Georgiana Costescu

Is A Good Aimed Solar Return Van, In Turkey, For Giulia?

Benvenuta Giulia da Ferrara che scrive: "Buongiorno Ciro, leggo ogni giorno il suo blog e i suoi articoli con sempre più interesse e anche per mio studio personale.Per il mio prossimo compleanno mirato avrei individuato la città di VAN in Turchia. Cosa né pensa?
sono nata a Ferrara il 29-10-1954 alle ore 15.45
Grazie infinite e tante care cose.

Penso che Marte in VII e Saturno in 8^ siano alquanto pesanti. Molto meglio Moala alle Fidji oppure Luxor in Egitto. Molti auguri.

Bene, Marco, ti aspettiamo.

Per Peninsula. Penso che potresti avere un'ottima carriera musicale, ma penso anche che faresti meglio a dedicarti alla musica per passione e ad un'attività medica o paramedica per professione. Molti auguri.

Per Gabri. Non esiste alcun posto al mondo, sulla terra ferma, dove puoi piazzare Giove al Medio Cielo del tuo amico. Prova un'altra architettura e se ti possiamo aiutare...

Ciro Discepolo 

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