venerdì 2 novembre 2012

Remembering Anne Frank

Anne Frank is probably the most universal symbol of the monstrous persecution suffered by the Jews. I dedicate this short piece of mine, written many years ago, to the Day of Memory.

All over the world, minorities are still vexed, tortured and killed because of that immortal germ that is part of human nature and that is inspired by the deep hatred produced by extreme and fanatic creeds. It is the case of South Africans in Pretoria, who try to dominate the black majority through the use of tanks; it is also the case of the Gaza Strip, where the once tortured Jews are now torturing the extremely poor Arab population that responds with stones to machine guns, thus giving life to Intifada. But it is also the case of the dramatic events we are witnessing these days – the massacre of Chinese students in Tiananmen Square. For these oppressed peoples of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and also to offer a lesson of Astrology, let us examine the little literary masterpiece (The Diary) and the dramatic story of the Jew teenager Anne Frank. She migrated to Germany in 1933, she lived with her family hiding for two years in a house in the city centre of Amsterdam with her family, and then she was found and arrested with her family by the Gestapo in early August 1944. She was detained in a concentration camp and died two months before the allies liberation. All the members of her family died except for her father who, going back to the house in Amsterdam where they had hid, collected her Het Achterhvis, the diary she had written between June 1942 and August 1, 1944. It remains one of the greatest accusations to the barbarity of the Nazi against one people, something which can be ascribable to the sign of Pisces, haunted since the beginning, since those famous days on Mount Sinai.

Here is a short passage from the Diary: “It is a huge miracle I have not given up all my hopes yet, just because it seems absurd and inescapable. I still keep them, in spite of everything, because I still believe in the inner goodness of mankind. It is impossible for me to consider everything in the light of death, of misery, of confusion. I see the world is slowly turning into a desert, I hear the thunder which will kill us all getting closer and closer, participating in the sorrow of millions of people, and yet, when I look at the sky, I think that everything will turn fine, and that even this cruel hardness will stop, that order, peace and tranquillity will come again.”

Commenting on these lines, the writer Natalia Ginzburg has argued: “Thus writes Anne few days before the Germans burst in her “secret lodging”. Words like these make her Diary something more than a simple human testimony; pages like these make us turn to this book again and again, overcoming the compassionate feeling induced in us by the innocent voice which was silenced.

We treasure the memory of the trustful and quiet vibration of this voice, its brave goodness that has overcome death”.

These short reflections by Ginzburg and the always fascinating re-reading of the diary of this girl whose voice was silenced for ever because she was wearing a star on her sleeve, invite on my part some considerations on censorship, and on good and evil, that however I do not wish to express here, in this necessarily restrained space. I hope I will be able to express my thoughts on this topic in a book of mine whose “voice”, hopefully, will not be silenced.

Anne Frank, according to the authoritative American colleague Lois M. Rodden, was born in Frankfurt on June 12, 1929, at 7.30 a.m. Her chart is shown in the table, with the Ascendant in Leo and Moon as well in Leo. This very Moon was closely conjunct to Neptune in the Second House, a little further away from Mars in Leo in the First House. Without much effort, at a first reading this could be interpreted – during the war and the Holocaust – as violent death, killing, murder for religious faith; it is of little importance that the German officers declared that she had died of typhus or, more easily, eliminated through a shower in the gas chambers and then cremated. The Moon in Leo, conjunct to Neptune in the Second House, has also left us the legacy of that diary of hers that, while from a literary point of view can be compared to the milestones of literature of all times and countries, on the other hand it is also one of the highest testimony of the tragedy of a people seen through the eyes of a little girl who had been walled in a house knowing she had to walk barefoot, that she could wash only in certain hours of the day, and that she could rarely speak, and always only after office hours. Anne Frank had a nice Sun in Gemini, conjunct to a lively Mercury, and in opposition to Saturn which satisfactorily explains her necessity to live as a forty-year old at the age of fifteen, always with a hand on her mouth, getting used to self-censorship even in the little moments of joy that her wretched life offered her, in the constant terror of being found. She, as well as her family, knew very well what would happen to her if a spy denounced her to the Gestapo. Actually she was probably sold for a few coins, as it had happened to someone else two thousand years before. Every time she heard a siren wailing in the neighbourhood her heart went mad and almost stopped to beat. Her “voluntary” imprisonment lasted two years, from June 1942 to August 1944. In her diary she expressed the hopes and the confessions of an adolescent who refuses to believe that she is experiencing the “real” side of humankind and that “later” that normality will be restored. She was also a Castor-type Gemini (very emotional and little active) and thus little shallow. She could have never been shallow due to the opposition to Saturn. In the few years of her life she also fell in love. Her Venus in Taurus in the Tenth House probably inspired the feelings of humanity and optimism that are usually not to be found in adult Jews who, in most cases, feel haunted – and they probably are, at least in the cases, as I have said, when they are not haunting themselves harmless peoples. This is a repeating destiny that would lead us to wider reflections on man and life that I cannot deal with in these few pages. The dominant of Anne’s Chart is Uranus, conjunct to Midheaven, almost in equal dignity with Pluto in the Gauquelin zone. The latter accounts for her segregation, her years of panic, her arrest, her deportation and her terrible death. Uranus accounts for the big blows of fortune in her life: her father was a very rich banker, her family had to flee from Nazi Germany and seek refuge in the free (for the moment) Netherlands; they subsequently hid in that sort of dark tunnel where they suffered from starvation and every kind of deprivation. Then came the arrest and, as I said, death.

In spite of everything, our Gemini with the Moon in conjunction to Neptune was very sweet and kind and firmly believed in friendship among men (important Eleventh House with Jupiter that in fact had a crucial role through the support that many friends gave them during the two-year period of clandestinity). Rather than of the book, this especially makes me think of some wonderful scenes in George Stevens’ movie by the same name. It is a black and white 1958/1959 movie where the protagonist is portrayed while, on a spring day, probably her last, she looks up to a patch of sky from the attic where she hid. In that radiant sunset she sees some swallows flying and is moved at the thought of her situation compared to their freedom. However, Anne always held that patch of sky in her heart, as well as the chirp of those swallows that, although saved on that occasion, often were, are and will be overthrown by the wickedness of men.

Anne started writing her diary in June 1942, with Jupiter transiting in her Sun. This year many Gemini complained that they have not gained anything from the very fast transit of the Great Beneficent, but quite probably Anne as well would have never thought, while starting to write her diary, that she was about to write an immortal book that by itself is more effective than a thousand stills showing how, after digging their own mass grave, millions of naked skeleton-men and women were barbarically killed. This happened following what a small Austrian military officer, Adolf Hitler, had theorized in his Mein Kampf: “The means that can earn the easiest victory on reason: terror and force”.

Anne heard for the last time the frightening siren of the Gestapo that was coming for her on that occasion: it was August 4, 1944. She listened with the heart in her throat the firm steps and the dry orders of Hitler’s Schutzstaffeln. Then came the sad epilogue. Separated from her family, she was brought on a truck to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen and there she died in March 1945. Her last Solar Return before the arrest, drawn for Amsterdam – but the differences would have been slight with the Frankfurt sky –, shows an important Seven House and this convinces me even more that this sector of the sky, in given conditions, can prove particularly ominous.

Today our children would watch Charlie’s Angels on TV rather than films like Stevens’ and I do not know whether this is good or bad. They probably think that the monsters they should defend from come out of insane technological cartoons, or from Hollywood or Japanese horror films. Far from willing to make any sort of pressure and/or violence, I believe it is our task as parents to instruct our children to feed on “real monsters” as well, because every historical moment hides them in great numbers, possibly dressed up as ecologic crusaders or as benevolent charlatans of every day life.

Ciro Discepolo

Taken from Ritratti di celebrità [Celebrity Portraits], Ricerca ’90 Publisher, 1991

Buona giornata

stellium di RS molto pesante in undicesima (mercurio,chirone,sole in pesci con venere e nettuno in acquario),una dodicesima casa con marte pescino e urano in ariete nona casa con plutone....

cosa potrebbe indicare?


grazie e salute

Anonimo 4-3-92;6.33 (VI)

Sì, anche, ma solo se la stessa viene indicata contemporaneamente in una trentina di cieli di parenti e amici prossimi. Buona giornata anche a te. 

Grazie mille allora!!! Mi organizzerò fin da adesso, anche per spendere di meno per il viaggio e per avere i documenti a posto!!


Carissimo Ciro,
ho letto la Tua risposta sicuramente Saturno in tarda età come logica può avere sicuramente questo Significato.BEH sono fiducioso!!!!
Ho letto anche il post della donna Tai, infatti il tipo sono Io, mi ricordo quel giorno al Tempio mi fece pareccchie domande ma a me risulta dal mio archivo che lei è uno Scorpione non un Ariete ho 4 Novembre 1978, alle 20,30 boh....
Ha un potente stellium in 5a casa con Urano congiunto a Venere,,
Va beh nell'attesa dell'incontro di Rimini
Un Caro Saluto

Caro Angelino,
anche io ho avuto il dubbio, ma siccome la lettera era scritta in Inglese, ho letto la data nel modo inglese...

Dear Mr. Discepolo,
thanks very much for your prompt reply, but Sorry i am Scorpio i was born 4 November 1978 8.30 Buriram-Thailand
Sorry yesterday i wrong my our of birth.
anycase i don't want disturb you and thanks again, Delhi is always good location for me for love affairs?
Nam from Thailand

Dear Nam you have written me your letter in English and I have read the date in the English format. Besides, also being a good astrologer, I could not imagine that your birth time would be changed of 1 hour in a day. Nevertheless there is no problem and, as you can see from the figure under, the place of the world where you could have, contemporarily, job and love is the island of Saint Cruz de Tenerife, In Spain. Many wishes.

Vorrei aiutare un mio amico nato il 23 dicembre 1948 a Verbania, come si può vedere ha una rivoluzione solare disastrosa. Vorrei indicargli una meta possibile, non ha esigenze particolari, certo gli piacerebbe migliorare il lavoro e la situazione economica, anche cambiare casa, ma non sono veri problemi, il vero problema è evitare questa catastrofe.



Preciso: nato il 23 dicembre 1948 a Verbania alle 19

Questa di Nain, New Foundland, Canada, può essere buona. Molti auguri.

"Astra Veritas" by karmiko69 ha lasciato un nuovo commento sul tuo post "Some Questions From Thailand":

Oltre dodici anni fa, mi suggeristi di leggere questo libro:
Il tuo suggerimento era uno spunto sulla più profonda conoscenza dei "caratteri saturniani" (leggi Capricorno). Ora, a distanza di oltre 2 lustri, il mio Sole in X^ e con Saturno in 9^... credo di aver colto il senso ultimo della tua dritta! CMQ... un po' tosto da mandare giù ma utile.


Sì, Saturno è tosto e Alfred Adler, nel suo "Il temperamento nervoso", pur non essendo astrologo descrisse nei minimi dettagli la psicologia del Capricorno... Un caro saluto.

x Gabriele Paganella....
grazie x la notizia, ma chiedo: in quale periodo hai volato? perchè fine dicembre non è una passeggiata !! comunque ci sto provando....anche se sta nascendo una buona dose di rassegnazione che mi lega a casa mia Firenz,e e magari penso anche alla Astrologia attiva x minimizzare di IPA negativo 96, se ben mi ricordo, non è uno scherzo da poco! saluti a tutti
Perla da Firenze

juk da Bastia


Caro Juk,
io credo che tu non debba comprare altri libri e credo che tu abbia compreso benissimo i concetti che hai espresso. Ora devi cercare di dar loro un'attuazione pratica. Allora andiamo per gradi e cerchiamo di calarci nel pratico, lasciando da parte la fanta-astrologia.

1) Il discorso figli è troppo delicato e puoi decidere solo tu se vuoi correre questo rischio. Io ti sconsiglio di avere figli e con questo pareggi i conti con Saturno.

2) Il discorso amore. Hai compreso che la rilocazione, di cui oggi, parliamo di ottobre/novembre 2012, i nostri nemici che l'hanno combattuta per una vita intera scrivono come se fosse una cosa ovvia, può neutralizzare, insieme ai compleanni mirati e scegliendo una donna con un punteggio elevato, la brutta posizione di nascita. Se ci aggiungi il teorema Jeoffré, puoi pareggiare i conti e, seppure limitatamente a una sofferenza specifica, puoi essere felice in amore.
Facciamo un esempio. Ti sposi una donna di cui sei innamoratissimo e che quando state assieme vivete momenti indimenticabili, ma lei è separata e - ipotizziamo - a giorni alterni deve vedere e stare con il figlio che negli altri giorni sta con il padre.
Ecco come applicheresti il teorema Jeoffré: un giorno sì e uno no, offriresti a Saturno l'agnello di essere messo da parte perché questa donna si dedicherebbe solo al figlio. Ma al 50% vivresti un amore bellissimo.
Io ti ho fatto un esempio, ma sono certo che hai compreso il principio e potresti trovare mille forme diverse per far vivere il teorema Jeoffré. Ti mando un sincero augurio di cuore.

Per Tutti. Non è una notizia importante, ma vi invito a leggerla perché potrà spiegare, a qualcuno, il perché di un certo rumore di fondo che disturba, da qualche anno, l’Astrologia:

For Everybody. It is not an important news, but I invite you to read it because it can explain, to someone, the why of a certain noise leading that disturbs, from a few years, the astrology:

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo


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