venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

A news really nice!

My Russian publisher, in the person of dr. Strachuk Konstantin, this morning announced to me a good news that I am sure will make it more pleasant weekend for many: in a few weeks my book on Solar Returns, published in Moscow, has been sold for over one third of the copies, and my publisher is starting to translate my text on the Lunar and Earth Returns, again for a new edition in Russian!

For Neena. In the Aladino’s database there are 6 Macei, in Brazil, even very far the first respect the others. I have chosen one of them, but the result no changes because it is very dangerous the Brazil because a very very little difference in the birth hour can give us a stellium in the eight House, as to say an Ascendant in the 12^ House. You thought, rightly, to put a good Jupiter in the fourth House, but Uranus in the fifth is more dangerous for a probable fight in the marriage rapport.
I think that the best situation is in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatsky (if the first goal is money), were you have, even with a different birth hour more or less 15 minutes, a splendid second House (money) and a splendid fourth House with Jupiter. If we could avoid Uranus in the fourth House, it was better, but it is no possible and it is less dangerous respect the one in the fifth House.
Remember that Petropavlovsk is a cheap trip, cheaper than Australia and shorter (8 hours from Moscow with a direct flight and by a very good airplane).

Per Giovanni. Quando avrai un po’ di tempo mi interesserebbe sapere come hai fatto a scambiare un AS in undicesima con un AS in prima.

Per Al Rami. Va bene, siamo d’accordo. Nei prossimi sei-settecento anni, tienici informati, per favore, su tali sviluppi.
Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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