domenica 15 novembre 2009

Some Solar Returns for Barbara

Wellcome, Barbara!
Generally, all us, when made the first Aimed Solar Returns, watched very near to us… After, we thought that the advantages of a good Aimed Solar Returns are many times better than our expenses in energies, days and money. I hope, for the future, that you will watch always the most far locations… However I think that it is a free choice and then I advise to you some different solutions. When you pass your pointer mouse on a map of this page, you can read, under the page, the locality or the goal chosen. If you desire a very strong improvement in your life, you can go to Bangalore, India. If you desire a good year for money, the right locality is Narssarssuaq, Greenland.
If you want only avoid the bad positions of Manistique (Saturn in the tenth House, with the Ascendant of SR in the natal tenth House is a very bad situation with a list of back-steps in your life) you can go to Billings Montana that has, over all, only two advantages: to avoid Saturn in the tenth House and to put Venus on the cusp fourth/fifth House. When a celestial is at a distance less than 2,5 degrees from a cusp, this aster will live in both the two Houses. Probably, if you will chose the Billings solution, you could get a very good solution in a real estate situation or in every kind of home affair. But, attention: when we put the Sun and a stellium (three or more celestials) in the fourth House, quite certainly, we will have a surgery during the year or a hospital recovery. To try avoiding that we can choose to make, with our will, a surgery from 30 to 40 days after the birthday: remember that the 20 days before and after a birthday are quite dangerous, for all, but we cannot watch to a period too far from the birthday.
After you ask to me who is the best place to live, in a probable relocation: I think that it is Cedar Rapids, your natal city, where Jupiter was closed to the FC in the exact moment of your birth.
At last, you write: “You did not mention conjunctions, for me, transiting Uranus is conjunct my Mercury in 2010”.
Where I wrote it?

In the next four days I will travel for a very long trip. I don’t know when I will be able to answer to you questions and I pray, than, my good colleagues of this space answering to all.

Per Laura. Sì, come avevi intuito, le posizioni descritte nel mio libro Astrologia Attiva, si riferiscono non soltanto ai transiti, ma anche alle ubicazioni all’interno delle Rivoluzioni solari e delle Rivoluzioni lunari.

Per Anonimo Moro. Chiedi: “Può essere che il 2009 sia per chi è nato come me il 28 luglio 1977 alle 12 e 55 , un anno difficile, quasi bisesto se mi si consente il gioco, dopo un quinquennio di successi? Oppure, semplicemente, è colpa solo mia?”.
Le colpe, se ci sono, oltre a eventuali errori da parte tua, vanno ricercate nella mappa della tua ultima Rivoluzione solare.

Buona domenica a Tutti.
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