sabato 4 settembre 2010

Two New English "Pills of Astrology" of a New Series

These are in the page:

and, from today, I will produce them totally with my work, so, my dear friend Pino Valente, will help me for not routines works. I hope so, when I will be in a regular working schedule, to produce dozens of “pills” at month…

Ciro Discepolo - "Pills of Astrology" - Bad and Good Planets in the Same House of a
Solar Return or of a Lunar Return

Ciro Discepolo - "Pills of Astrology" - How a Stellium works in a House

Enjoy it!

Dear Neena, thak you very much for your wishes. This distance is too small. The minimum distance Saturn-MC have to be 12°, as written in my book "Lunar Returns and Earth Returns", pages 265-276. Have do you read this book?

I advise you, even, to look at the splendid news of the American Federation of Astrologers. here:

In the News

Dave Campbell, PMAFA, submitted this data for In the News:

Chelsea Clinton was married, princess-style, July 31, 2010 in New York; time is unknown, but photographs show daylight. Several chart factors show marriage (click here to see Chelsea Clinton's chart with transits and progressions for July 31):

Progressed Venus at 24 Taurus conjunct her Sun/Moon midpoint in the seventh house.
Progressed Midheaven at 23 Virgo 54 conjunct natal Saturn at 24 Virgo 48, with transiting Venus at 23 Virgo conjunct both.
Progressed Juno conjunct the midpont of Moon/Midheaven (a very public wedding), and transiting Juno is conjunct her Moon/Juno midpoint.
Progressed Venus in the seventh house opposition natal/progressed Uranus in the first.
Chelsea Clinton birth data: February 27, 1980, 11:24 p.m., Little Rock, Arkansas; source, Astrodatabank, A rating.

Dave Campbell, PMAFA is the author of Forensic Astrology: Solving Crimes with Astrology (click here to order Dave’s book); a data collector; and owner of The Astrology Store in Glendale, Arizona. He is frequently interviewed by the news media and regularly appears on television.


World Mysteries Conference

Stephanie Clement, LPMAFA will be a featured speaker at the October 9-11, 2010 World Mysteries Conference in Tempe, Arizona. She will be available for readings (send requests to in addition to presenting two workshops:

Saturday, October 9, 4:00 p.m.
How Modern Astrology and the Mayan Calendar Align

Sunday, October 10, 2:00 p.m.
Astrology After December 2012

Click here for more information about the conference.


September 2010 Horoscope

Click here to read the September 2010 horoscope
by Stephanie Clement, LPMAFA and Beth Rosato, LMAFA.


New in the Astrology Shop

Bonatti on Mundane Astrology is a translation of Guido Bonatti's Book of Astronomy, Treatises 4, 8.1, 10: Conjunctions, Revolutions, Weather. Translated by Benjamin Dykes, this book focuses on forecasting techniques used in mundane astrology, including how to judge the state of society over periods of time. $29.95. Click here to order.

Persian Nativities: Volume I, also translated by Benjamin Dykes, contains works by Masha'allah and Abu Ali. The Book of Aristotle by Masha'allah includes material from Dorotheus, and a method for annual predictions. Abu Ali's work focuses on natal interpretation. $45.95. Click here to order.

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Per Michele. Come ti ha suggerito un altro blogger, il momento elettivo è il timbro di accettazione della Segreteria. Ciò rende alquanto difficile l’operazione perché se tu punti ad un particolare orario e trovi una fila di un’ora davanti a te…
Privilegia il Medio Cielo e non l’AS. A scalare puoi anche accettare una Venere all’AS anziché un Giove al MC e via dicendo, ma non scalare troppo, altrimenti non serve a nulla. Io dovrei studiare per qualche ora, che non possiedo.

Per Antonello da Grottaglie. No, non ho dimenticato, ma sarebbe poco carino se io intervenissi dopo che lo ha fatto Pasquale nel quale ho piena fiducia. Del resto le perplessità di Pasquale sono sul tuo orario di nascita e neanche io le posso superare.

Buon weekend a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
viale Gramsci, 16
80122 Napoli - Italy
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