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Why my Aimed Solar Return totally failed?

Welcome Liza Franklin from California!

You was able to place a wonderful Venus on the 5^/6^ House’s cusp.
Unfortunately you placed also a Solar Return Ascendant in the 12^ House of the Natal Chart.
Let me show to you.

In Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, you got an Ascendant at 25°49’ Scorpio
Your Natal 12^ House’s cusp is at 26°56’ Scorpio
26°56’ – 25°49’ = 1° 07’ that is less 2,5 degrees

When you put the Ascendant at less then 2,5 degrees from the 12^ House, you put the Ascendant in the 12^ House!

It is very terrible. Please, read down.

At page 338 of my “Transits and Solar Returns”:

Ascendant of Solar Return lying in the Twelfth House of the birth chart, or stellium, or Sun in the Twelfth House of the SR chart

A SR with a strong contribution of this House would make you understand how false are those allegedly wise astrologers who claim that the 12th House is not so bad: in fact – they say – it promotes the individual’s growth and evolution. I consider this point of view a little bit pharisaic, in fact no doubt that troubles and miseries make people grow and become better from the spiritual point of view – but if you could choose, would you really prefer to grow because of a tumour, a period of seclusion, the death of your son, the divorce from your spouse and so on, or wouldn’t you rather prefer to avoid all this and not to grow at all? It seems to be that certain astrologers do not deal with terrestrial clients, but with aliens from outer space. Do you think that people who address you as an astrologer would accept the theory of the 12th House being a good sector of the Solar Return after all? Or would not they complain to you instead after twelve months, reporting that ‘thanks’ to the 12th House of SR their shop went bankrupt; creditors pursue them; they are under chemotherapy; or they have discovered that their son takes drugs? I think they would complain rather than showing their gratefulness for your having provoked their ‘spiritual growth’. This is why I believe that the 12th House is the worst of all, but that its detrimental power is almost the same as those of the 1st House and of the 6th House.
This is the point in which you should compare my astrological school with that of any other author, starting from Volguine. Some people in fact talk evil of any House, thus arriving at the conclusion that there is terror everywhere. I believe that my approach is more honest, for I assume precise responsibilities for my method; I rate and classify; and I underline what has to be underlined. First of all, you should try to read the transits and the Solar returns as a whole. Secondly, interpret them according the method of Volguine or of any other author. Then read them following my method. Finally, let me know the percentage of successful forecast that you achieve with each method. I do not demonize the 12th House because I am pessimist. Au contraire, it’s the evil of this House that makes me pessimistic. I can see in practice, not in theory. If I were to make up a list of the events faced by hundreds of people, who asked for my professional help, during a 12th House SR, a whole volume would not be enough. Further, its contents would be X–rated, because they would be more thrilling than pulp fiction. You would meet the 12th House during the worst troubles of your life. It is easy in fact to cast a spell when the 12th House of SR plays a significant role: just forecast trouble, misery, concern in all the fields of one’s life: love, justice, health, finance, bereavement, seclusion and so on. Of course, I tell you as an astrologer speaking to colleague astrologers: you would not express yourself so rudely with people asking for your help. Instead you would use all your tact to reassure them, helping them to face or to neutralize such an event.
But this is not the scope of this book. Those who follow my school called Active Astrology would find further suggestions in my bibliography, e.g. in my volume entitled Il trattato pratico di Rivoluzioni solari. For the time being just keep in mind that if an individual experiences a 12th House SR it would have all sorts of light and heavy trouble. Perhaps in the best event he/she would not be admitted to college; in the worst case one of his/her close relatives would fall ill. The range of all the possible disgraces that may happen to an individual is infinite. The astrologer would hardly be able to detect exactly the sort of trouble. In the majority of cases it would be a sequel of hindrances, but it may also be one single detrimental event. In the latter case it would be even worse for the individual, because the 12th House would not dilute its poison in homeopathic doses: it would release it in one, concentrated and fatal strike. If you learn to recognize this peculiarity, you would not wish such a SR to your worst enemies. People born with the Ascendant in a sign of large Ascension such as Cancer, Leo, Virgo, or Libra, may face such a SR every four year for a very long span of their life. In these cases they would hardly survive it. Remember that the involvement of a House in the map of SR has the same importance whether it’s the Ascendant of SR lying in your natal 12th House, or it’s the Sun of SR or a stellium of SR lying in the 12th House of the map of Solar Return. The same rule applies to all the twelve Houses.
Sometimes, the SR takes place with the Sun placed two or three degrees above the cusp from the 12th and the 11th House. This position is quite risky because most of the birth data are rounded in advance. Many people were in fact born 10 to 15 minutes before their known birth time. So many people undervalue the approaching SR because they are convinced that the Sun lies in the 11th House while it actually lies in the 12th one. They would realize it after twelve months of tribulation, and they would rectify the time of birth consequently.

Obviously, with this position, the stupendous Venus was totally erased!
Now I have studied a very good Aimed Solar Return for next year (please, see at the map): Polyarnj, Yakutiya, Russia. In this situation we have a fantastic Jupiter tight closed to MC and a Venus on the 7/8^ Houses’ cusp!
I think that if you will able to go to Polyarnj, your business will start a lot!

Benvenuta L.G.!
Francesco Waldner era un veggente più che un astrologo. Peter Van Wood era un astrologo molto tecnico e per nulla veggente. Penso che il secondo raggiunse livelli previsionali assai più alti rispetto al primo.
Ci possono essere veggenti anche tra gl’idraulici o le dattilografe.
È certissimo che ciascuno di noi abbia una sua pietra, un suo cristallo, un suo fiore, ecc. Il punto è: conoscete qualcuno che vi abbia dimostrato di essere davvero in grado di decrittare queste corrispondenze? Sempre e non una tantum?

Buona giornata a Tutti
Ciro Discepolo

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