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The Airport, in Our Contemporary Life

In the movie The Interpreter (USA, United Kingdom and France, 2005) by Sydney Pollack, the protagonist, Nicole Kidman, asks Sean Penn: “Have you ever been to Africa?”. And the FBI agent: “Many airports, no lions…”.

How many of us are in the same condition? I was, at least, three times in the Tokyo airport, even for nine hours consecutively, waiting for other connection flights, but could I say that I was in Japan?

The same thing for many other cities in the world.

Actually, what is, indeed, an airport, in the imaginary and in the realty of today’s life?

Here are two movies that let us reflect about this topic.

In Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal, USA 2004, Tom Hanks is a citizen of a small ex Soviet  republic who, once arrived at JFK, is informed that his country is without a government and he is stateless in this mega-store that, probably, wants to be, in the great American director’s intentions, a metaphor of the melting pot of cultures, races and religions that cross hastily in every corner of the whole world and try a possible way to total integration (represented in Spielberg’s movie by the happy end of this story with the love between the stateless man and the irresistible flight assistant Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Some more reflections, and in a more complex context, about the airport as an icon of contemporary life is offered us by, instead, Jason Reitman in Up in the Air, USA 2009, starring George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. Clooney is a corporate head-cutter who flies for over 270 days a year to go and fire thousands of people. Unmoved, with a face to slap and with a softly controlled voice, he fires in a moment thousands of people behind whom there are thousands of families and as many stories of devotions towards the same corporation for a very long time, unquestionable professionalism, endless dramas… 

But all this doesn’t interest our executioner that every few minutes draws a black line on a list of names.   

The subject also has a hobby, if we can say so. He philosophizes and he is called everywhere to hold conferences about the “empty rucksack”: go, always, around with an empty rucksack ready to catch new opportunities and without dragging behind the ballast of the past or of any kind of ties.

Everything appears to fit the “logic” of this personage who, to remain in the topic, also has exclusively occasional sexual meetings.

Then one day he meets a woman and…

I don’t desire to reveal the end, which is moreover quite obvious, but I wish, only for a moment, to attract your attention on a particular almost in the movie’s ending. 

Some of the “freshly fired” by one of the seven men in the world with a 10 millions flown miles card, answer to a hypothetical interview and declare that in the tragedy in which they fell down they would certainly have been overwhelmed if they did not have a husband or a wife or a family by their side…

An apology of the family?

I don’t think so or not only or not so easily because for Clooney the idea of the “empty rucksack” becomes firmer again.

Here the airport is a negative metaphor of the concept of individuality in comparison with the concept of the clan, of the family.

For us who believe in Active Astrology it is above all a wonderful place which let our dreams come true or defend ourselves better from head-cutters even if they are charming and seductive like George Clooney.

Anne Marie asks me: 
"Master Ciro,

I hope you are well. I have a few queries for you which have emerged as a result of events which occurred after my latest solar return-specifically what do you regard as more powerful (i) a favourable solar return or the influence of locational astrology (ii) or the 2 are inextricably linked?

In terms of background, I spent my birthday in Islamabad (Pakistan)- most favourable location. Mars and Saturn are in the 3rd house and pluto is in the 6th. In September i went to the Far East- Singapore and got hospitalised for a few days and have experienced some rather unsettling and plutonic experiences on a personal level too. Would you say these events are in line with the ASR with mars saturn or pluto in the VI or do you think that the uranus line which is very strong in Singapore vis a vis my horoscope has somehow become the dominant influence and overpowered the ASR?

I addition, what location would you recommend for my next solar return. You know my priorities :)

All the best for your seminar in Milan- i wish i was there.

Anne Marie".

Dear Anne Marie,
Remember: the ASR wins on all! Your health problems in this Islamabad ASR are to connect to Pluto in the sixth House: you have to give something to it!
Your relocation for Singapore has only a large conjunction Neptune-FC: the fear…
For next birthday I advise you a good ASR: Hong Kong (look at the chart).
Best wishes.

Per Nina. Molti cari auguri a mia cognata che sta trascorrendo il compleanno in un luogo assai lontano e suggestivo. 

Per Michele. No, non temere. Si tratta di casi molto diversi. Tu hai la legge nel sangue che t’infiamma e che ti potrà far diventare un grande avvocato così come Angel è già molto bravo nel suo lavoro e potrebbe diventare un numero uno nel suo campo, senza perdere tempo per la strada con una laurea in legge.

Cara Bianca, è molto probabile che gli stati di coscienza alterati, per Brunella, si identificheranno in una sfrenata voglia di guadagnare e non con rabbia o nevrosi comuni.
Magari lo approfondiremo se me lo riproporrai in un momento in cui io non stia partendo.

Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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