sabato 2 ottobre 2010

How do you count on the Internet?

You have to know some rules to use Google or Yahoo or MSN, etc., if you want to explore some specific universes even in Astrology.
Let me start from an astrological research.
We, for example, desire to know how many documents exist for a specific matter: all about the famous astrologers.
We consider, first of all, Google. None knows the Google  calculation algorithm. If we ask a name, the Google search engine compare how many books were written by the subject, in how many languages, with which important publishers, how many conferences he held in prestigious  Universities and seminars and conferences he held in equally prestigious cultural centres, how many people enter his website every day, how many people write, every day, about him and his work, etc.
Well, now we consider some astrologers, starting from the bottom of the list to the top.
First of all.  Actually I think that it is right to have a USA-centric Weltanschauung because the USA are the first in economy, in politics, in the scientific world. Then, for us Italians, it is necessary to operate a “trick” for asking Google as if we were typing from New York or Los Angeles and not from Florence or Milan. The “trick” is:

Having added “/ncr”, the most prestigious search engine understands that we want to search from the USA point of view.

Then we proceed with some names:

If we ask about a very unknown or non-existing astrologer:

maurizio tonino (using the quotes in the search window), we obtain 84 results.

Then we check with “fabio borghini”: 1430 results.

And so:

marco pesatori”: 3550 (this number is quite pumped up because he works more in horoscopy than in Astrology, on a popular magazine).

lisa morpurgo”: 4830.

"nicholas campion": 6560.

"andré barbault": 7630. Actually he is the Greatest of All! But, unfortunately, his books have never been translated in English and he is not much known in the Anglo-Saxon world (in my opinion English speaking people still miss very much not reading his books). 

"bernadette brady": 8460.

charles e. o. carter”: 16000.

"noel tyl": 16200.

"stephen arroyo": 20700.

julia parker”: 33300. Please, note, that our colleague is also an actress, a model, a TV host and then her score is higher.

"robert hand": 38900.

"derek parker": 47600. Also he, like his wife Julia, is a writer and a broadcaster: a popular TV personage.

"liz greene": 60300.

dane rudhyar”: 61700.

ciro discepolo”: 64400.

I think that we have to check also if we find a confirmation in other search engines, for example.

If we search solar returns (without quotes) in, we will find my name, among 51,600 millions of results, at the first, second, third, fourth, seventh, eighth and ninth position.

Instead, if we search, evolutive astrology or karmic astrology or psychological astrology, we don’t find, with a similar great relevance, the names of my prestigious colleagues.

And, moreover, if we search in, we find a similar result that we don’t obtain with the other important names in astrology:

All that to establish that the Google numbers are not of fantasy, but they regard  the real multiple links of every name with the books, the conferences, the seminars, etc.

Note: Data collected on October 2nd 2010, at 11.09 A.M.

Yesterday, my dear friend professor Claudine GALTIERI, called, for me, André Barbault: he is in a good health and send his best regards to all Italian and not Italian friends of the whole world.

Benvenuta Silvia Burdin!
Sfortunatamente, date le poche ore a nostra disposizione prima del tuo compleanno e dovendo scartare Cine e Russia dove occorrerebbe un visto non ottenibile in così poco tempo, non mi sento di consigliarti una RSM che, a questo punto, sarebbe mirata solo dall’urgenza.
Se l’anno prossimo ti deciderai per tempo, saremo lieti di aiutarti.
Molti auguri.

Per Tutti. Se a Milano avanzerà un po' di tempo, vi parlerò anche - e brevemente - di Van Wood e delle sue ricerche sui gradi zodiacali singoli. 

Buon weekend a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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