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What time were the United States of America born?

In the following article a good German colleague of ours, Gerhard Lukert, published on my magazine, Ricerca ’90 number 64, a very interesting research in which he was able to find the exact time of birth of the United States of America.

I translated for you only the first part of it, the pages where he explained why the United States of America were born at about 1 p.m.

When the Constitution of the United States was introduced on June 21th 1788, the old Continental Congress decided that after the elections in November, the new government would meet in New York the first Wednesday of March 1789. However, only few Senators and Parliament’s Members arrived on time, and until April 6th 1788 a quorum was not formed to constitute the Senate. 
That day, in the late morning, John Langdon, Senate’s President, received, opened and counted the electors’ votes, and declared George Washington elected with a unanimous vote President of the United States. As a consequence the Congress’ Secretary Charles Thompson was charged with communicating the result to George Washington, who in those days was staying in his farm in Mount Vernon.
After a very long ride towards South through the Pennsylvania and Virginia woods and fields,  through the rivers of that cold Spring, Thomson, according to his diary, arrived at Mount Vernon at about noon on April 14th 1789.
This historical information is confirmed by a letter of the same day, written by George Washington to the Senate’s President, in which Washington confirmed Thomson’s arrival and promised to leave immediately towards New York.
The letter indicates “about 1 p.m. today” the decisive instant in which George Washington was informed of the election and at the same time he accepted its result – founding and thus making operative the Presidential Institution.
From that moment on there has always been a USA President in charge to represent the people of the United States and to act for it in every government affairs, international or not, according to the constitution. From that time the chain of all presidents has never been interrupted for over 200 years: it has only been changed either by new elections or by resignations (Nixon 1974) or by deaths.    

Benvenuto Francesco Fusca!
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