mercoledì 13 maggio 2009

La distanza Marte/Discendente

For Neena. We said that the Aimed Solar Return of this little girl, in Portland, Main, was not good because the Ascendant of that Solar Return fell in the first House of her Natal Chart. It means, always, health problems, but sometimes health problems can mean over then a single thing. For example the girl can have, during the next months, some little problems of flu: fever, cold, stomach pain, etc. In another way it is possible that the young girl could have some problems of relation with her new friends, this summer. But you are speaking of a kindergarten in Fall 2010: in that period, is not probable a fiancé for her? Usually we have not serious problems for a girl at this age and only if the Solar Returns of her all relatives speak in the same direction, we have to be worry for something of important.

Relatively to your second question, look the graphic. In this map the Descendant is at 5°41’ in Leo and Mars is at 7°25’ in Leo, in the seventh House. We know that a cusp values X degrees +/- 2,5 degrees. Than we have: 7°25’ – 5°41’ = 1°44’. It means that this Mars will work in the seventh House and even in the sixth House, contemporarily. In the same situation we could have with a Mars at 7°25’ in Leo and a Descendant at 4°56’ in Leo (the difference is 2°29’). Instead, if the Descendant was at 4°54’ in Leo, we had a difference of 2°31’ and Mars will work only in the seventh House.

For Angel. I understand your mother troubles, but I think that you have not many reasons to stay worried. First of all I think that we are able to recognize a good day since the morning and the facts are that you have four splendid kids. Secondarily I suppose that your husband has a very good position, in his natal chart, for his sons. Yet E has a good Jupiter in the 12^ House: a very good umbrella for the life’s problems…
A bad stellium in her 11^ House, in opposition to Pluto in the fifth House, I think that doesn’t mean problems with your sons, but, perhaps, with the E’s sons… I think, again, that in your family there are some possible problems with money (eight House, first of all, and not with the death, for the kind of job relatively to your husband). Still: Uranus in Aquarius, in the eight House, can mean, when E will be 100 years old, a her immediately death: for an heart attack? Then I think that you have not many reasons to stay worried and I’d like that you thought that there is a very important atout that you can add to all to defend better your family: the Active Astrology.

Per Chandra. Hai ragione, stiamo costellando molto il simbolo dell’Aquila: che qualche serpente si stia evolvendo?

Per Eli. Delizioso questo racconto: ti fa pensare a qualcuno in particolare?
Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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