lunedì 15 marzo 2010

Welcome Mystic Mimi from Miami!

Welcome Mystic River and we are together you in this difficult moment. Unfortunately the sky, in the day of your next birthday, is low useful to help us for your health, but we have to fight strongly because this is the meaning of Active Astrology!

The situation, in technical terms, is difficult because, when we want paint an excellent chart of Aimed Solar Return, aimed for health, we place Venus or Jupiter in the sixth or in the first House, first of all.

Next October 10th, Venus will be very closed to Mars and Jupiter to Uranus.

I was able to find two possible locations for you and we have to hope foremost in two things: that you will have not metastasis in the next months and that your birthday time is very precise.

My first advice is for Coorabie, Australia (see the chart passing the mouse on the pictures and enlarges them with one click), where we put a wonderful Venus on the 6/7 Houses cusp, probably the most astrological aid for health. Mars is in the seventh House over 2,5 degrees from the Descendant.

Which problems can we have? If you was born few minutes early we will not lose Venus in the sixth House, but we will have the Sun in the sixth House: very bad for health.

If you was born few minutes after, you will have Mars in the 2,5 degrees distance from the Descendant and from the sixth House: very bad for health.

The second possible option is Aaenget, Norway, longitude 14°14’ East and latitude 66°19’ North.

The ASR Ascendant is in the fifth House and it is good. All the bad stellium is in the ninth House and even this is a good solution, with Saturn very far respect the MC. Pluto is in the second House and not in the first. I would have preferred to place Venus and Mars in the tenth House, but it is not possible. However Venus is a 10/11 cusp!

Be attention: at that latitude, even only a mile change the chart and then, if you will be in Aaenget, you have to stay precise to 14°14’E and to 66°19’N.

Now I write as a journalist and not an astrologer. I think that people have to know some important things relatively our fight against tumours.

Since some years the World Health Organization suggests, a lot, to the people that are fighting a tumour, to add, to the specific chemotherapies for a specific sickness, even some therapies of the “alternative medicine”, as homeopathy, acupuncture, shat-su massages, pet-therapy and many others.

Some important doctors suggest two things, in particular.

- The Nobel Prize for Medicine, doctor Linus Pauling, was hit from a cancer. He studied the action to use the C vitamin to contrast this terrible sickness. He advised to take 10 grams (grams and not milligrams) of sodium ascorbate once time in a day (he knew that after about 6 hours there are not traces of C vitamin in our blood). In this way he was able to stop his sickness and he died at the 93 years age. He never spoke to cure the cancer with this protocol, but only to stop the sickness.

- Many information on this protocol you will able to find in the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, in these pages:

- A group of oncologists and homeopathic doctors work, since many years, to use the Vischio Iscador to fight some cancers: not cure, but stop (they write), in the Lukas Klinik of Basilea, German Switzerland, and you will able to search many documents on the web on this matter.

We bloggers, in this space, send to you best wishes!

Per Giuseppe Galeota. Sì, l’avevo capito. Io ti dicevo soltanto che le probabilità di vincita, per i motivi che ti ho spiegato, sono comunque bassissime. Ma tu dici: “Crepi l’astrologo!” e ti auguro di vincere soldi a palate!

For Eva. I think that you don’t have fear for an Ascendant in the seventh House of an ASR: it is true that it will give you some fights and contrasts with your partner or some even problems with law, but, many many times these problems are not heavy.

The Oshkosh solution is worst: remember that, often, it is the end of a situation.

Minneapolis could is possible, but you will lose the 11/12 Venus cusp.

To help marriage we have not to chose an ASR with an Ascendant in the seventh House, but a Venus or a Jupiter in the seventh House.

From today we have the “Astrologia Attiva” logo, that we are registering. People that desire to use it, can ask to me to do it ( and if I will accept, it will be necessary to write under this:

“A Ciro Discepolo logo,”

I thank Katia and Maurizio for the assistance to create this very nice logo.

Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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