lunedì 29 marzo 2010

Welcome WiscGirl! (From where?)

Welcome WiscGirl!

In my Italian book “Nuovo Trattato Di Astrologia”, Armenia publishing, I wrote a lot about a possible protocol to rectify the birth hour. I explained to my readers that it is not advisable to use the entrances of Saturn in the different Houses because it is necessary to have a lot of evidences departing from an initial hypothesis. For this reason I advises to study the Mars entrances in the Houses for three consecutive years. Naturally, I think, it is even important as we are able to read these transits. I would narrate to you an example. Once upon a time a my student wrote to me for a my guidance. In that morning his hard disk of the office computer got broken and the same thing happened in the afternoon for the hard disk of his home computer. He knew that I founded, many years ago, a correlation between the fourth House and the computer hard disks. He asked to me: “Then is today the entrance of Mars in my fourth House! But it is far from the days that we are studying. In fact I explained to him that even after the entrance of Mars in a House, it is possible, i.e. 30-40 days after, to watch something that we had waiting before. I remembered the situation of that student and I speculated, from some years, an early birth hour. Then I was quasi-sure that the one entrance in object realized itself about 20 days early. I asked: “About last April 3-4th have you made some works in your home?” and he answered: “Yes, but it is not important because I decided these works many months ago!”. And I: “Why is it not important? It is a first test of the entrance of Mars in your fourth House. And, please, tell me even if, in the same days, did you accompanied your father or your mother to the doctor”. “Yes, I accompanied my father to the dentist”. “Well, I think that we have to work very closed to this birth hour!”.

Wanting it is possible even to do some low cost Aimed Lunar Returns placing Mars near a cusp and after a month we can know if it got fall in a House o in the successive House. Remember, the first rule is: “We have to be able to observing some little, but even very annoying puncture of bee.

Molti cari auguri a Massimo Davascio che, con Mara, sta per festeggiare alle Isole Rodrigues il suo compleanno 2010. Attendiamo le foto!

Per Marcello Phoenix. Sì, per telefono Luigi Galli mi aveva anticipato che stava per postare la notizia. Direi niente di nuovo sotto il cielo. Se ricordate bene, l’anno scorso, quando feci il compleanno a Okhotsk, nell’estremo est siberiano, per poter conoscere che ore fossero lì, dovetti telefonare alla mia interprete, alle sue 7 o 8 del mattino e chiederle che ore fossero: diverse altre fonti, anche governative e della compagnia aerea, mi davano un’ora sbagliata. Va da sé che occorre tenersi sempre larghi rispetto a tale eventualità, ma ciò che più conta è che la prova del nove ce la può dare solo una telefonata a un cittadino del luogo.

Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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