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Welcome to Peter Schpeter from Hungary!

Your chosen is enough good, but the one for Raduzhnyy, Russia, OAG airport code RAT, longitude 77°00’ Est and latitude 62°30’ North is better because Venus is closer to MC and Mars is more distant respect the 11/12 cusp. Probably there you will save even the Pluo’s cusp.

Two new five stars reviews to my “Transits and Solar Returns” book on and a my comment.

***** A must have addition to astrology library, February 26, 2010

By Nirvana (New York State)

Thanks to Mr. Discepolo for his very excellent work. Transits and Solar Returns has become one of my favorite astrology books. The author's frank and lively writing style is a much needed break from the watered down psycho-babble of many contemporary astrology writers. The author shares his years of extensive research and expertise in a fresh and honest manner even when it contradicts popular theories. Transits and Solar Returns is a handbook that endeavors to empower the reader to put astrology analysis to practical use. I look forward to more translations of this writer's works to be made available in English.

***** A Classic, February 27, 2010

By P. Russel (Real Name, USA)

This is a breakthrough book by a master astrologer that is destined to become a classic. Straightforward rules and well documented by examples, Ciro Discepolo steps the reader through the basics of solar return analysis. But what makes this book exceptional is the author's understanding and clear communication of prioritization - of looking first to the natal chart and transits that year before selecting a solar return location. For instance, in a year in which Pluto is square to the natal sun by transit and other difficult configurations are present it would be unwise to select a solar return with the return sun in the 10th house. The bipolar nature of planets would likely fall to the side of infamy rather than fame because of the detrimental transits. Under strongly difficult transits a quiet and balanced solar return would be more positive than one that is highly charged. That understanding alone is well worth the price of the book and too sadly absent from some other solar return books.

This text also specifies the meanings of each planet in each house of a solar return and the cautions. For example the sun in the solar return 4th house typically signals residence or real estate concerns in the coming year. However if relevant strongly charged and challenging aspects by transit are also occurring "the overall reading of the simultaneous transits and of the solar return itself is detrimental, this combination may be considered quite dangerous, in fact it may announce your hospitalization..." p. 330.

Ciro Discepolo also maintains a free website for calculating the risk index of any chosen solar return to support the self selection process. [...]
For the serious student of astrology who wishes to use solar returns as a practical tool to improve their life this book is a real treasure.

A my comment to this last review:

I desire to thank you for the today your review to my book that, I think, put in a right light some important points of my will when I decided to write it.

I desire to thank even the other reviewers, women and men that wrote well of my treatise and even men that wrote critically or quasi-critically about it. It is right that everyone can express his judgement.

I thank you even because you inserted, in your review, the link of a my webpage where everyone, even many times in a day, can calculate, for free, the Index of Risk for the Year that is a good help to follow my school of Astrology.

Then I would add, shortly, to your good review, a single item, to precise something that is difficult to believe for many readers that read this argument for the first time. In my February 16th blog I wrote to an African my reader:

"I realize that many rules contained in my English book `Transits and Solar Returns' are difficult to understand, but it depends by several factors. First you have to consider that my studies and my researches, always accompanied by thousands of practical exercises, are contained in about 60 books, but you English readers can read only three of these books. Moreover, even within the book you mentioned, if not read carefully, you cannot understand the meaning of what I mean to express. Let's take an example and we follow the rule that says `when Mars is in the first, in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses of Solar Return, it brings a very bad year, especially on health'. However, not everyone reads carefully that I have written: health, including both in the physical sense and in psychological terms. Once a friend of mine was arguing that he had Mars in the sixth House, in the last Aimed Solar Return, and nothing was happened with his health. And I asked: "What? You have just said to me that your girlfriend left you and you did not want to see anyone for a month! This, according to you, doesn't mean bad health?".

Several other people, sometimes, live for months with sadness or anxiety about an university test that did not go very well or because they fight with a parent or a teacher at university: this is not always suffering and ill health?

We are not always aware of the diseases that plague us. Personally I lost two sisters for cancer. The second of the two was hit by a terrible cancer of the bowel which, according to the doctors, she had grown inside her for about ten years. Finally, last but not least, let me remind that for foreigners readers is difficult to recall, in a book of about 600 pages, something that I repeat in any my Italian book: I never said that every time we had Mars of Solar Return in the first, in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses, we will be suffering from an ulcer or we will suffer for an amputating leg. I have said, however, that whenever we are suffering from an ulcer or an amputated leg there are certainly, in our Solar Return, Mars or the Sun or the Ascendant or a stellium in the first or in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses.

Thank you to All, again, for the good acceptance that you are reserving to my book.
Ciro Discepolo

Thank you for the kind thought to Marguerite de France and best wishes for her recent Aimed Solar Return.

Per Celeste. Grazie sempre delle preziose informazioni.

Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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