martedì 4 gennaio 2011

An Interesting New Testimony

I receive, from Canada, a new important testimony; important because the Subject did not know that he was able before his birthday to view this terrible year in front of him.
We welcome Michael in the Active Astrology Family and we hope that this will be the last bad terrible year of his life.

Ciao Ciro!
I just received both the "Transits and Solar Returns" and "Lunar Returns".
There is a vast difference in the approach you take versus Ray Merriman and others on this subject.
In my 2009 solar return which you commented on, I also had my progressed Mercury in square to Neptune in my natal 10th house.  Natally these two planets are in a trine aspect.  Most North American astrologers would say that the Natal trine should soften the progressed square aspect.  This was NOT the case for me.  I was cheated $15,000 from an ex employer, my Father died on April 6, 2010 and I fell and broke my right knee on Oct-24-2009!  Of course my solar return confirmed ALL of the events.  I really didn't need any other information.  Mars in the 12th was lethal.  But opposing Neptune in my 6th....critical!!  Uranus on 8th. very detrimental!
The comment you made in "transits and solar returns" about the majority of placements being dissonent must be correct.  The second law of thermodynamics tells us about a universe that tends to disorder.  We are born, we age and then we die.
Anthony Louis is very close to your approach in his understanding of solar returns.  Ray Merriman is most interested in cycles and predicting market reversals.
But I must ask you.  If the solar return is clear in your mind about your conviction of "demonized" planetary positions, what is your understanding of a person's natal chart realtive to it's planetary positions?
Surely from an experiential point of view you have many associates who can proclaim "la vita e bella"?  Of course the end is certain, but we have what we are born with!



Dear Mordecai,
on this topic I saved,some weeks ago, a my "Pill" of Astrology on YouTube, here:

Per Luigi. Ho piacere che le ultime "Pillole" ti siano piaciute. Eccoti subito accontentato:

Ciro Discepolo - Peter Van Wood e Io - I Parte - Pillole di Astrologia

Cara Laura, scusa l'impertinenza, ma tu credevi che Marte in settima fosse "gratis"?

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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