domenica 9 gennaio 2011

A New USA Book of Mine for Dating the Events

At this address:

From this moment you can order the book in USA and all over the world and to also receive it in only 2 days (in USA), to a very convenient price. Read from the jacket of the book: 

This book is dedicated to all my English readers. It is not only the result of a separation of certain pages from my book Lunar Returns and Earth Returns, Ricerca ’90 Publishing – an operation that has left in this volume only the pages related to the Lunar Returns. No, it is not. I think that it is something more; something quite important for those wishing to study the subject on which focuses my present work.
I wanted to do different things together, namely:
1) I removed the section on Earth Returns, for not all the Readers showed a real interest in it; and I’ve published this new edition of the text, lowering the cost of the book.
2) I’ve tried to explain further and better what the Lunar Returns are and how they work.
3) I’ve tried to clarify what are the different applications of the Lunar Returns.
4) In relation to one of those applications – the dating of the events within a Solar Return year – I’ve added something that I think will appeal to Readers: the complete discussion of the terrible saga of death in the Gandhi family, widely illustrated with many charts of birth skies (104 new charts and 88 new pages), Solar Returns and Lunar Returns, and further clarified by tables of transits – precisely to explain how you can use the LRs (Lunar Returns) for dating events within a year covered by a specific Solar Return.
I hope my Readers will reward this work of mine, purchasing it and suggesting it to other colleagues. Let me take leave from you by wishing you new amazing, deep dives into the wonderful world of Astrology.

The Dating of the Events is the point of truth that distinguishes a true astrologer from a theoretical astrologer.  

This book is dedicated to all my politically incorrect Colleagues, as me, that call bread the bread and wine the wine, without producing useless theoretical sentences that don't allow a good Predictive Astrology.

Many my thanks go to the two good translators, Luciano Drusetta and Ram Ramakrishna, and to the excellent artist and brotherly friend Pino Valente that gives that magic touch to every book of mine as the unlikely, but suggestive Full Moon on the sky of Positano, in cover of the book. 

A Good Sunday to All.
Ciro Discepolo

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