domenica 28 febbraio 2010

Welcome Catherine from San Diego, California!

Dear Catherine, I am sorry for your troubles and for your husband troubles. I hope that from today toward future you will improve every year for all. Unfortunately we have some previous damages that we can measure for money, but not for health. Please, read with a lot of attention my explanations. I advice two locations for your husband: Noril’sk, Russia, OAG Airport code NSK, longitude 87°19’ East and latitude 69°19’ North or Fort Reliance, North-West Territories, Canada, OAG Airport code YFL (when, in Canada, the first letter of the code is Y, it means that it is a regular airport), longitude 109°10’ West and latitude 62°43’ North (watch the charts passing the mouse on the pictures and read, on the bottom of the page, the names).

We consider first the Noril’sk option. You say that I went many times in Siberia and I prefer, over all Siberia, in the whole world (except for Okhotsk!) because the journey is cheap, speed, without terrorism, diseases and with a very hospitable people. Mars and Saturn, this year, for your husband, have to stay or in the third or in the ninth House. In Noril’sk we can put them in the ninth House. I had prefer to put Saturn over the around 12° from MC. Usually I put it over 13-14 degrees from MC. I had even to avoid that Mars will be in the eight House because your financial situation is damaged. For this reason I worked on very high latitudes and obtained to avoid Mars in the eight House, Venus in the eight House (good for an improvement for money, a first initial improvement after years of trials) and Pluto on the cusp of the second House that works good together Venus in the eight House.

The other positions are low significative respect the ones now described. I would also have liked to insert totally Pluto in the second House and add a protection for health, but we cannot obtain all in one year (in that zone is quasi-impossible to travel far the airport).

Now we watch the Fort Reliance option. This is a quasi-stupend solution. Jupiter and Uranus closed to MC speaks us of a very good up-grade and of a general renovation on the social-professional situation. Mars is out of the second House. Venus is totally closed to the Ascendant. I did not will it because it is a very great protection for health, but it will bring some affective or sentimental troubles to your husband, probably a health problem with a relative as mother, grandmother or mother in law or a sister, etc. This even because it is necessary to put Saturn in the fourth House. I tried many hours to scan all Canada, USA and South America, inch for inch, but it was impossible to place Venus over 2,5° degrees from the Ascendant. Saturn in the fourth House cam mean even home troubles or an hospitalization: if your husband needs of a surgery, I advice him, a lot, to do it, from 30 to 40 days after next birthday.

Now I write for you the data of a my friend that lives in Moscow and could organize at the best your journey in Russia: Mister Rosario Onorato

Tel: 007 495 5052753
Fax: 007 495 6856856
Mail :

Remember that the moment of the return is: 02.14 PM of June 15th (14th in Canada) of London time.
Best wishes.

Per Paola. La tua domanda non è affatto sciocca, ma, come ho scritto più volte, in merito ai terremoti potrei parlare come l’avventore del bar dello Sport.

Per Giustina. Se tu avessi inserito i dati precisi di nascita e su quale pagina hai fatto i calcoli, magari mandandoci degli screenshots per mostrarci come hai fatto (lo sapevi, per esempio, che c’è una Milano in provincia di Perugina e se scegli quella invece dell’altra i risultati dei calcoli variano?).

Ciò premesso, e parlando in generale, ti farei osservare due cose:

1) Se passando da una città ad un’altra, italiana, l’AS entra nei 2,5 gradi di una cuspide pericolosa, il punteggio cambia di molto.

2) Non è possibile spiegarti le regole con cui funziona l’IPA perché è una delle poche cose che ho secretato all’interno delle mie ricerche, ma se segui le trenta regole (e i successivi 25 punti di spiegazione ulteriore delle ultime edizioni del mio “Transiti e Rivoluzioni Solari”) non potrai sbagliare mai.

A Pia e a Fibalis ha già risposto Niko e credo che sia lui che altri risponderanno anche a Giuseppe M (o Peppino), se vorrà indicare anche l’ora e il luogo di nascita che lo riguardano.

Buona Domenica a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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