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Astrology Essays: Nirvana (Italian)

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Dear Ciro,

I received today a direct electronic message from my favorite musician in commendation for my work on my album. He is a widely known conspiracy theorist but I am quite sure he is in some way involved with what many refer to as the "Illuminati" or perhaps America's telecommunications-military-surveillance community. If there is such a thing as dream invasion, psychism, I am sure he is capable.

Can you analyze an horary chart for the time of the receipt of his communication to me?
I received the message at 12:38PM, today January 17, 2012. Would he be represented by the 7th house (quesited) or 3rd house (communications) or perhaps another (10th house, the authority).

Your assertion that the 8th house solar return ascendant is not so bad, seems rather true. However, I feel much intrigue, though in good spirit, abounds.

I am interested to know if everything is "above board" between this musician, a possible mentor and boss, and myself.

Very Sincerely,


Dear Michael,
I studied many years ago, for some years, the horary astrology, but - unfortunately - I didn't get convincing results and I abandoned this practice. Therefore it doesn't possible, for me, to answer to your question. If, then you want to know what I think of your synastry, then you should post the complete birth data of your friend. Many wishes.

Dear Ciro,

Can you please, when you'll be back home, suggest a good ASR for my friend (Apr. 12, 1956, 22:00, Jerusalem). thank you, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
I suggest to her to stay in Jerusalem. Best wishes.


Hello Sir,
You had suggested Rost, in Norway for Ravi as a Solar return option for Jan 2013. However I am unable to find the longtitude/latitutde and even where it is in order to figure out how to get there. Can you please give me the information?


Ciao caro Ciro,volevo chiederti,cosa può significare il mio sole in 5 casa radicale,che fà trigono a nettuno in 2 casa e che tutti e due formano un trigono al mio M.C di nascita?La mia data è 4-3-62 nato ad Orvieto alle ore 20:30.Grazie tanto,sei sempre una persona molto speciale.Ciao Patrizio da Orvieto. 

Caro Patrizio: delle ottime potenzialità lavorative suonando. Molti auguri.

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