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A Seminar Of Ciro Discepolo In Washington DC

For the Readers of mine that live in Washington DC:

A my Astrological Seminar about Medical Astrology and Aimed Solar Returns oriented to Medical Astrology, in Washington DC, next Sunday March 31th, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
To register email:

Da oggi riprendo a rispondere personalmente a tutti coloro che ci scrivono e ringrazio, a nome dei blogger, Michele Pellegrini e Giuseppe Al Rami (che deve ancora una risposta all'ottimo Gianni) per avere aiutato i meno esperti (però Gianni è tra i più "anziani" dell'Astrologia Attiva...).
Sarò di nuovo all'estero ai primi di marzo e poi a fine marzo. Se ricordo bene si erano prenotati per questo servizio Roby, Ludovico e Catia. Confermatemi, per favore. Ludovico, intanto fatti spiegare da qualcuno come si postano i grafici da qualche parte e come essi si linkano qui.

Ciao mio Cugino Italiano. Sono Gina. You did a wonderful job sharing your gift in NYC. Your lecture was fascinating and left me wondering where should I be at the time of my next solar return?

What do I need to know about my job, my career, my work, my relationships?

I was born in Teaneck New Jersey on 5/5/1982 at 6:57am.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Gina from New York

Welcome dear cousin Gina from New York!

Dear Gina,

first of all I would like to tell you that you will do a great career in your life. You are already a good lawyer, but in the future will grow more and more in your profession.

Unfortunately, your love life is the area where you will have less joy, although you are a woman beautiful and charming. Unfortunately you have Mars, Saturn and the Moon in the 5th House, the House of Love. The close conjunction between the Moon and Saturn at the time of your birth, I explained so, as you can read below, in my book "The New Guide to Astrology". Read the part that indicates the angle dissonant: this nasty conjunction is similar to the condition of the thirsty who continue to drink and continues to be thirsty. This is a psychological condition: you try to always find someone better, but then you end up losing even good opportunities. When you have this condition in your Natal Chart should never get married and I would advise you to have a life too full of love, but not necessarily aimed to build a fixed relation. I know that these words will not make you pleasure, but we are talking about three stars that are really bad in the 5th House. However, the Active Astrology can help to improve this item in your life. I advise you a psychological help for a better look inside yourself. You could go every year for a birthday targeted and have a good year for Love: but do you think that you may not help the health, career, money and watching only Love? Every year?
I hope that you, despite my bad English, can understand what I'm writing. I'm not writing that you will be without love, but that, probably, you will have always too much love occasions and you may not be good to choose.
For this next birthday you should go to Suva, Fiji Islands, so you'll have a brilliant year for career and emancipation in all directions.
Another very good point of your Natal Chart is friendship: you will always have many people who will help you in life.
Another formidable item of your Natal Chart is the beautiful Mercury, dominant in Gemini: you are intelligent and communicative, but also tell a lot of lies ...
In terms of health pay attention to the thyroid, bronchi and lungs. In old age you will have trouble enough big eyes, but when you will be old, the medicine will be proficient to solve them all.
To enlarge the chart, click on it. See the bottom of this page and read other important information further down what it means to have the Moon conjunct Saturn in the natal chart. A big hug and best wishes.


Harmonic – Moon-Saturn aspects have many values in common with those of Sun-Saturn. The key word that identifies them is rigour. Especially the conjunction gives a sterling character to the native, who tends to behave in a stubborn way. The ego is conditioned by a strong sense of duty that blocks the native’s emotions, checks every little choice and submits it to arbitration of rationalism. Therefore, these people’s moves are limited within narrow tolerances; they appear to be absolutely lacking in resilience and humour. The following are the other keywords of this aspect: seriousness, severity, consistency, method, honesty, frugality, perseverance, loyalty, industriousness, faithfulness. These natives’ wives or mothers are usually serious, admirable women.
Dissonant – As explained in the paragraph about the dissonant aspects of Sun and Saturn, in this case also, all the positive values of the harmonic aspect are maintained, if not strengthened – what changes is the attitude of the native towards them. In fact, in the case of harmonic aspect the individuals tend to live their own qualities in a natural way, while the disharmonious aspect points to their suffering, pathos, and neurosis insofar they consider their own qualities as a responsibility to be fulfilled at any cost. Once again, it is those who live and work together with these people who really benefit from their moral rectitude. Sometimes, if the overall reading of the chart points to it, there may be various types of treachery, but the native remains strictly faithful to his/her own code of conduct. For example, many women or men have this aspect in their birth chart, live in a social environment where adultery is not considered a sin, but on the contrary: it is their very partner who spurs them to neglect morality and live their sexuality freely. On an existential level, this aspect implies a tougher feedback: poor health and slow recovery from illness, frustrating relationship with one’s mother, usually traumatic weaning, adverse emotional life, reduced professional success. This transit also points to melancholy, pessimism, mistrust, low sociability. It is always a factor of inhibition and limitation.
The man of chart #17 (opposition) is a scrupulous, diligent, and responsible individual. His love life is miserable (as it will be explained in the reading of his chart). The lady of chart #36 (conjunction) is a brilliant worker because she is rational and methodical. She gives little room to emotions, which implies much trouble in other fields of her life. The man of chart #39 (conjunction) suffers very much: his Moon is in Cancer, hence it spurs him to live according to his emotions and feeling; but it is also saturnized, i.e. repressed. The opposition of chart #62 points to the excellent quality of the native; while the square of chart #69 represents very well Palmiro Togliatti’s sense of duty.

From the "New Guide to Astrology" by Ciro Discepolo

Commento del picco dell'8 febbraio di AstralDetector relativo all'Italia. 

Come voi tutti sapete bene, AstralDetector, che fino a oggi non ha mai sbagliato una data, in fase di progettazione e test del suo algoritmo, ci diede risultati verificabili al massimo entro 10 giorni, ma - nella stragrande maggioranza dei casi - esso si riferisce a fatti che avvengono 2-3 giorni prima o dopo il picco.

Qui mi sembra addirittura retorico sottolineare che esso è stato in rapporto alla violenta caduta in borsa di pochissimi giorni fa: una nuova ennesima mazzata per l'economia già disastrata del nostro Paese. Per contorno possiamo metterci anche che i due "nemici" (Bersani e Monti) che avevano impostato tutta la campagna elettorale sulla loro impossibilità di stringere alleanze reciproche, negli ultimi due giorni hanno dichiarato, invece, che la cosa è fattibile. Di qui vedo molto più coerente il comunista Vendola che non finge di essere altro e che almeno è più serio degli altri in questo stomachevole teatrino in cui si gioca alle promesse elettorali inverse al programma elettorale presentato all'inizio della campagna per il prossimo voto.

Naturalmente il picco dell'8 febbraio potrà agire ancora nei prossimi giorni.

Ci aggiorneremo sul prossimo picco previsto da AstralDetector: il 9 Marzo 2013.

Solo su

Per Tutti. Non è una notizia importante, ma vi invito a leggerla perché potrà spiegare, a qualcuno, il perché di un certo rumore di fondo che disturba, da qualche anno, l’Astrologia:

For Everybody. It is not an important news, but I invite you to read it because it can explain, to someone, the why of a certain noise leading that disturbs, from a few years, the astrology:

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo


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