mercoledì 29 luglio 2009

Lunar Returns for Jacksonville or for Rishiri?

For Neena. No, Neena, the location that I advised to you is Sable Island and not Sable River. If you input a latitude of 43°56’N and a longitude of 60°01’W, airport code YSA, you obtain the same chart of mine and I repeat that it is very good for the problems of your uncle.
In your first post you wrote 4.20 PM and not 4.30 PM.
However the Aimed Solar Return for Kushiro is not possible because Saturn is very closed to Mid Heaven: you can put, in some situations, Venus and Saturn in the fifth House, but never in the tenth House.
Saturn in the tenth House produce a very bad back step in your life, even a fall that hardly you can erase in the future.
Saturn, for the very important discoveries in astrology named “Gauquelin zones” cannot accost itself less than 12° degrees at the right of MC (in the ninth House).
The next Lunar Return for your uncle is not possible for Jacksonville, Florida, because you had 3 planets in the first House, like to say an Ascendant in the 12ª House and because the Sun would be on the DS: in the seventh House and in the sixth House (very dangerous). No, a possible Lunar Return for him, to improve his daughter situation could be the Aimed Lunar Return for Rishiri (see the map), Japan, with Jupiter in the fifth House, but I advise against hardly this solution because it comes against my rules for an Aimed Lunar Return (first of all, it has to be near and cheap because his value is many times less a Solar Return). For this reason I wrote, in by books dedicated to Lunar Returns, that it is preferable to plan only some Aimed Lunar Returns in a year or, even, no one Aimed Lunar Return.

Per Francesca. Certo, se carichiamo di significati una Casa, dobbiamo attenderci che la stessa sara molto attiva, forse troppo attiva, durante l’anno. Ma quasi sempre è ciò che desideriamo, per esempio se piazziamo AS e Saturno in quarta Casa, per impegnarci fino all’estremo nell’acquisto o nella ristrutturazione di un immobile. Secondo il mio parere non sono queste le cose da temere, ma le scelte tecnicamente e assolutamente sbagliate.
Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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