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New Nine English "Pills" of Astrology

Here you can see other nine English “Pills of Astrology” about, over all, the Aimed Lunar Returns and the Aimed Solar Returns. At this address:

Enjoy them!

Ciro Discepolo: Karma and the Aimed Solar Returns.

How can be that one day standing in a place can change the destiny of an entire year?

How you developed your 30 Rules for Aimed Solar Returns and Aimed Lunar Returns?

Why the eleventh House is much more in relation with death than the eighth House?

Why to prefer Venus instead of Jupiter in second and eighth House of Solar Return?

Why Mars is so bad in the first, sixth and twelfth House of Solar Return?

How to improve someone's finances with the Aimed Solar Returns?

How to improve your love relationship with the Aimed Solar Returns?

How to succeed in selling a property with the Aimed Solar Returns?

We receive, and gladly publish:

Saptarishis Astrology Magazine
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a special issue:

An elegant mix of East & West: Diana K. Rosenberg interview & dialogue with Edith Hathaway. (60 pp)  This is an interview not to be missed, and a lively, knowledgeable, and civilized conversation. Diana answers many questions on the Fixed Stars and on her upcoming book on Fixed Stars. The two astrologers discuss and debate how to use Fixed Stars, Mundane astrology, Vedic nakshatras (Lunar mansions) and the two zodiacs. They discuss specifics of charts and planetary combinations, lifting all of this out of the realm of pure theory.  Edith comments on Diana’s Vedic birth chart, interspersed with many autobiographical details from Diana.

The astrological community will treasure this last public conversation with the ailing Diana Rosenberg.  And all will welcome this compelling discussion, revealing how astrologers think, work, reason and talk with each other about people, nations and issues important to everyone.  The article contains Diana’s original illustrations of Fixed Stars, and as always,Saptarishis Astrology provides charts in three formats: Western (tropical), and North and South Indian (Lahiri sidereal).

Originally commissioned by Saptarishis magazine in Jan. 2010, this interview/ article has another 16 pp. we share with ISAR Journal (Journal of the International Society for Astrological Research), both print and On-line versions. See , who are publishing simultaneously. Except for a few pages, that article contains all new material from Diana & Edith.  

Saptarishis Astrology would also like to announce that it is presenting Diana K. Rosenberg with a Life Time Achievement Award for her outstanding work in Fixed Stars Astrology. She will receive the award in New York City July 25, 2010.

You can download the article from

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Per Anonimo Anonimo dalla Svizzera. Perché ti sorprendi? Qualcuno ti aveva suggerito che con gli attuali transiti e mettendo Marte in quinta avresti avuto il migliore anno della tua vita per l’Amore? Confermo che dato il cielo del tuo compleanno non si poteva fare meglio. Non vedo che altro ci sia da capire.
Poi chiedi: “Sarà un’altra storiellina passeggera spacca cuore?”. E come faccio a saperlo? Qui non facciamo le carte.

Per Antonella da CT. Direi che la soluzione Maldive per Giuseppe è davvero cattiva rispetto a quelle che ti ho proposto. In gamba per tuo marito!

For Neena.
You ask:

1.) If father and son do not get along due to natal chart planet placements, would putting a Jupiter in the 4th of the child, improve conditions at home? However this year, Jupiter is conjunct to Uranus, which would put both in the 4th house. Would uranus create a problem? 

May be, if you not go over the 30 rules.

2.) If Venus is conjunct the cusp of 12th, can it give benefits to both 11th and 12th? Is Venus losing its beneficial qualities by being conjunct to 12th house cusp? 3.) Is it safe to put planets conjunct to 12th house cusp? 

Yes Venus helps 11^ and 12^ Houses, but means, even, troubles from a female figure of his family.

4 If Saturn is in the 6th and Jupiter-Uranus in the 12th. Would keeping Venus conjunct the Descendant from 6th, protect the person from the negative effects of Saturn in 6th house? 

No, Saturn and Uranus in dangerous Houses are more “bad” then Venus. The protection is small.

Cara Danila, non puoi farti operare di calcoli alla cistifellea per non applicare un cerotto a un dito… In quarant’anni mi sono piazzato i peggiori astri in nona Casa e in terza Casa e sono sempre partito. Le due RLM che proponevi erano davvero da brivido…

Buona giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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