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A very very difficult Solar Return

Dear Bloggers,

I’d like to explain you an exercise that I proposed yesterday to search the best Aimed Solar Return for a dear friend of mine, Massimo, born in Naples on April 3rd 1967, at 9.25 PM (no daylight saving time). It is a very difficult and a very interesting exercise. I desire for Massimo the best situation where, possibly, we can power his life for health, love, work-money…

I studied this situation for many hours, but I was not satisfied until, searching and searching, I was able to find a beautiful (I think) solution for him.

Contemporarily I asked to my Italian colleagues and students to study this chart and to write on this blog their advices.

The answer of many bloggers was splendid, indeed.

A lot of people worked for this exercise and every astrologer wrote his suggestions.

Now I analyze them, together you, and after I will write my solution.

Al Rami proposed just a little to west of Brisbane (but he desired to say “to east”). This solution can be Lord Howe Island in Australia that was the first my solution, but it is no good because it is no possible to place the Solar Return Ascendant in the tenth natal House when, in the successive months, Saturn will be opposed to the radix Sun of Massimo: we can obtain a tenth House upset!

Pasquale Iacuvelle proposed 3 locations:

- Istra, near Moscow. Unfortunately there we have a Saturn in the fifth House and, as I wrote before, we are searching the best.

- Port Maturin Rodrigues-Mauritius Islands. This is a quite good solution and I think that if Massimo will be not able to go where I will advise to him, it could become our target. But we have a Mars in the second House and no protections in the 5, 6 and 7 Houses. In my experience I have registered that if we are able to protect a lot, using Venus and Jupiter on the cusps, of the 5th, or of the 6th and 7th Houses, we have chosen a very good ASR. Naturally, if we are able even to place a Jupiter closed to MC we have made bingo!

- Bakhura, Uzbekistan. I was not able to find a location with this name, but we are near Samarkanda and there we have a situation similar the one of Mauritius.

Niko proposed three locations:

- Chicago. It is no possible with Mars on the 7th/8th cusp.

- Nuuk, Greenland. No advisable for Mars in the seventh House (we are searching an excellent solution, remember).

- Reunion. It is similar to Rodrigues Islands, with Mars in the second House e no protections on the 5th, 6th and 7th Houses.

Filippo proposed Salvador de Bahia, but it is impossible because there we should have 3 celestials between the first and the twelfth Houses: very dangerous.

Manu proposed Karachi, Pakistan, o Bakhara (similar). Unfortunately even there we have Mars in the second House and no protections on the 5th, 6th and 7th Houses.

Katia is quite very good! She selected Anadyr in Russia, very similar to my location. It is quite perfect, but not perfect and, over all, it is closed to tourists.

Well, now I will write my solution: the location and the possible way to reach it.

As you can see watching the maps of this page (passing the mouse on them) my suggestion for Massimo is a very little island of the Aleutine Islands, after Adak, Alaska, Usa.

The ASR chart is splendid! (Remember that with 2 click on the image, it will enlarge a lot itself).

We have two cusps!!!

Jupiter is on the 5th/6th cusp: a very good protection for sons, love, wife, sex, entertainment, health, work, work relations.

Venus on the 7th/8th cusp: a very special protection for love, wife, law, people relations, good resolution of old personal or legal wars, a better general audience and sense of friendship from others and even a best protection for money and sex.

Massimo is quite young and has not sickness. We can accept, then, a Saturn in the twelfth House that is not forbidden in my 30 rules, first if is far at last 10 degrees from the Ascendant. Besides we can have a strong health protection from Jupiter in the sixth House. Mars in the tenth House is not particularly dangerous because it pushes to obtain better results for the work and for own emancipation.

The Massimo’s born time is exact because it was wrote, from his father, a precise man, with the annotation even of the 5 minutes.

Now observe the geographical map. We are, first of all, at East and not at West, but enter the Line of change of the day, in the USA zone and not in the Siberia zone. It will help us.

The name of this little island on Microsoft Encarta is: Rat Islands. The Google Earth geographical coordinates are 51°56’54.17” North and 179° 37’12.50” East.

Now we have to examine if this project is a real project or only a virtual one.

I think that it is a real project and now I will explain you the reasons that give to me this as if an achievable project.

Many years ago I sent a my consultant in the Adak Island or in the Nikolski Island, near there. I not remember because I sent hundreds of people in all the Aleutian Islands. In this case I don’t remember if the island was Adak or Nikolski, but it is not important.

The Italian Travel Agency said to him that was not possible to reach that island and him said: “You send me in the closed island to my location. After I will search a solution”.

The information of agency was wrong because there are regular flights for Adak and for Nikolski, from Anchorage, always.

He arrived on Adak or on Nikolski and asked to citizens: does exist a private pilot with a little airplane on this island? They answered “Yes, the man of the Mail Office”.

He spoke with him and accorded to pay 1000,00 dollars to overfly the target island in the exact moment of the Solar Return. And so was made.

Now we have to check only a thing: if the island in object is under the army control, then we have to know how many miles we have to stay far this island. Vice versa I think that this project is really possible and Massimo is working to speak, by phone, with the man of the Mail Office that has this wonderful little airplane.

I will inform you on developments of this project.

Cari Amici,

Relativamente all’esercizio del mio amico Massimo, ho pensato che, essendo interessantissimo sul piano tecnico, andava esteso, come fruibilità, a tutti i nostri amici blogger di ogni parte del mondo che ci seguono continuamente.

Per questo motivo ho scritto la mia relazione direttamente in inglese e non ne possiedo una copia in italiano, ma se voi vi recate su questo link:

incollate tutto il testo inglese o l’url di questa pagina e avrete una discreta traduzione italiana di ciò che ho scritto.

Grazie e complimenti a Tutti per le ricerche fatte.

Welcome Marguerite’s daughter from France!

Do you know that even me was born on July 17th? But many many years before…

Even your next Aimed Solar Return is very difficult because it is no possible to put Mars and Saturn in the same House of Solar Return, except for the third or for the ninth.

I think that the only possible solution for you is a little location in Russia, Kotech (see the chart), 122°54’ East and 66°31’ North, with a splendid Venus on the I/2^ House cusp.

Best wishes.

How to improve, with a Lunar Return, an important professional examination?

Dear Chicca, my compliments for all. I advice you to go, on next April 16th, at 10.07 AM local time, in Hong Kong for a very good Lunar Return. Watch the discount prices of Lufthansa and of Emirates. Last spring I went in Hong Kong paying about 500 euros.

Cara Chicca,

Molti complimenti. Ti consiglio di recarti a Hong Kong (guarda il grafico) il giorno 16 aprile, alle 10.07 ora locale, a Hong Kong.

In bocca al lupo!

Molti cari auguri per Emy che sta per festeggiare il suo compleanno a Bangkok.

Per l’amico di Alberto. Alberto, sei certo di avere postato bene i dati di nascita? A me viene, per Houston, una RSM con quattro astri in sesta e l’AS in prima.

La soluzione giusta è Norfolk, Australia, con un solo inconveniente. Possiamo accettare, credo, questo AS in decima e voi suoi amici dovrete stare solo attenti che con il transito di Nettuno sul Sole non si dia all’oppio.

Lo scrivo per ultimo soltanto perché mi è appena giunta la notizia.

Faccio moltissimi complimenti a Katia e a Maurizio di che hanno appena inaugurato una sezione speciale del loro ultragettonato sito all’Astrologia Attiva. La pagina è a cura di Marco Celada e ha collaborato anche Stefano Mastrosimone a realizzarla.

Qualche aiutino, a livello di consiglio, l’ho dato anche io. In seguito penso che farò qualcosa di più.

Sono certo che questa pagina, nata in un momento celeste assai propizio. Sarà seguitissima, come le altre di questi nostri amici che da un po’ di tempo sono stati “infettati” anche loro dall’Astrologia Attiva e, come avete potuto constatare oggi le stelle di Katia brillano particolarmente anche perché è andata vicinissima a quella che io considero la migliore RSM per Massimo, il prossimo aprile.

Un grosso in bocca al lupo a entrambi!

P.S. Adesso stacco e mi vado a vedere un filmone, tipo “Toro scatenato” del grande Martin Scorsese, altrimenti cado io al tappeto per la fatica di oggi.

Buon pomeriggio a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo  
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