sabato 30 gennaio 2010

Welcome Maria from Poland!

Let me remind you of what is written in my books all along: we will not substitute for medical treatment in diseases, but to support them with targeted birthdays and other rules of Active Astrology. To provide the maximum protection in your health, I advise you to go to Ethelda Bay, for your next birthday, British Columbia, Canada, longitude 129 °41' and latitude 53°03' North. Saturn is out of the tenth House and there is a wonderful Venus on Descendant. Obviously if the time of the birth is wrong, this place would not go well, but if I understand right, your boyfriend knows Astrology and can determine it. Otherwise, if you need to keep the Sun farthest from the cusp of the sixth House, you look around Ethelda Bay, but not searching airports.

P.S. One message, on the blog, is sufficient.

Per Alberto. Sì, c’era stato un errore nell’immissione dei dati. Mi allineo perfettamente all’analisi fatta dall’ottimo Pasquale. Potrebbe andare bene anche la soluzione di Manu, ma una congiunzione strettissima al MC è da preferire.

For Julia that asks me: “Dear Ciro,

Regarding your advice for Massimo, did I understand correctly that if Transiting Saturn is opposite the ASR Sun, and the ASR Ascendant is in the 10th H, this can cause a career upset? Would this be so if Jupiter was on the MC?

Thank you, Julie”.

Dear Julie for us the transits are only the ones respect the Natal Chart. In this Case the Sun is in the same position. This rule (page 529, step 6th on my American book) is only for the Ascendant in the tenth House of the Natal Chart. With Jupiter and Venus closed to MC of the Aimed Solar Return we can go easily and well.

Buon weekend a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo
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