mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Una "Pillola" sul libro di Jung "Risposta a Giobbe"

Ciro Discepolo - Il Libro di Jung "Risposta a Giobbe" - I Parte - "Pillole" di Astrologia

Per Gabri che chiede: "Può essere che il momento cruciale avverrà quando il saturno di transito tra un anno o poco più si congiungerà a giove al FC?".

Sì, può essere, ma non è detto che sarà così. 

For Mordecai, from Israel, that asks: "I hope i'm doing it right. I'd like to know if I have my radix Asc in the 10th hs of SR. but have also sun in 12 hs of SR and Venus and Mars in 1st hs. How will it ballance??
Also,does your system works foe companies and countries?
Thanks, Mordecai".

Dear Mordecai, we have to look separately the graphic radix and that of Solar Return. There is an only point that is considered in relationship to both the papers of the sky: where the Ascendant of Solar Return falls in comparison to the radix Houses.  
Theoretically the system of the Aimeds Solar Returns could work also for the societies and for the nations. For example, when it is reborn united Germany, it was born in Berlin and, in that instant, a different Solar Return was born in Berlin and not in Bonn. The same could be worth for a society: we could be made to revive a company, contemplating well place and time to change it Solar Return of that year. But could we do this every year?  
Many regards.

Per Angelino59: ti consiglio di leggere un meraviglioso libro su Keplero, "La notte di Keplero", di John Banville, Guanda editore.

Buona Giornata a Tutti.
Ciro Discepolo

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